European Foreign Affairs Review

Volume 7 (2002)

'Monetary Sovereignty over the Euro and External Relations of the Euro Area: Competences, Procedures and Practice', Christoph W. Herrmann, Issue 1, pp. 1–24
'The Interpretation of Mixed Agreements under the Preliminary Reference Procedure', Panos Koutrakos, Issue 1, pp. 25–52
'EU Development Cooperation at a Crossroads: The Cotonou Agreement of 23 June 2000 and the Principle of Good Governance', Peter Hilpold, Issue 1, pp. 53–72
'Mission Impossible: Supranationality and National Legal Autonomy in the EEA Agreement', Hans Petter Graver, Issue 1, pp. 73–90
'Putting the Turkish EU Candidacy into Context', Gamze Avci, Issue 1, pp. 91–110
'The Role of the EU as an Economic Actor within the WTO', Richard Senti, Issue 1, pp. 111–117
'Documents Section', Issue 1, pp. 119–123
'Dusan Sidjanski, The Federal Future of Europe: From the European Community to the European Union', Neil Winn, Issue 1, pp. 125–126
'Richard Bellamy and Alex Warleigh (eds), Citizenship and Goverance in the European Union', John Hoffman, Issue 1, pp. 126–128
'Marc Maresceau and Erwan Lannon (eds), The EU's Enlargement and Mediterranean Strategies — A Comparative Analysis', Elena Maria Peresso, Issue 1, pp. 128–130
'Lars-Erik Cederman (ed.), Constructing Europe's Identity: The External Dimension', Michael Newman, Issue 1, pp. 130–132

'The Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM): The Importance of the Fourth ASEM Summit in the Light of 11 September', Michael Reiterer, Issue 2, pp. 133–152
'CESDP and the EU Response to 11 September: Identifying the Weakest Link', Simon Duke, Issue 2, pp. 153–169
'The Baltic States on the Road to EU Accession: Opportunities and Challenges', Peter Van Elsuwege, Issue 2, pp. 171–192
'The European Parliament and the WTO: Positions and Initiatives', Peter Bender, Issue 2, pp. 193–208
'The EU's Decision-Making Process in the Common Foreign and Security Policy: The Case of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia', Claire Piana, Issue 2, pp. 209–226
'Jög Monar and Wolfgang Wessels (eds), The European Union after the Treaty of Amsterdam', Roger Morgan, Issue 2, pp. 227–228
'Kenneth Dyson, The Politics of the Euro-Zone: Stability or Breakdown?', Alasdair Blair, Issue 2, pp. 228–230
'Ben Tonra, The Europeanisation of National Foreign Policy: Dutch, Danish, and Irish Foreign Policy in the European Union', Ben Soetendorp, Issue 2, pp. 230–232
'Ahmed Aghrout, From Preferential Status to Partnership. The Euro-Maghreb Relationship', Tobias Schumacher, Issue 2, pp. 232–234

'The External Aspects of EU Competition Policy', Mario Monti, Issue 3, pp. 235–240
'Competition Agencies in a Market-Based Global Economy', Timothy J. Muris, Issue 3, pp. 241–249
'The CFSP and the Leila/Perejil Island Incident: The Nemesis of Solidarity and Leadership', Jörg Monar, Issue 3, pp. 251–255
'The New CFSP and ESDP Decision-Making System of the European Union', Gisela Müller-Brandeck-Bocquet, Issue 3, pp. 257–282
'The EU's Involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process: The Building of a Visible International Identity', Ben Soetendorp, Issue 3, pp. 283–295
'Enhanced Cooperation in the Treaty of Nice and Flexibility in the Common Foreign and Security Policy', Thomas Jaeger, Issue 3, pp. 297–316
'The Attacks of 11 September: EU-US Cooperation Against Terrorism in the Field of Justice and Home Affairs', Dorine Dubois, Issue 3, pp. 317–335
'The EU's Role in Conflict Resolution: Lessons from Northern Ireland', Trevor Salmon, Issue 3, pp. 337–358
'Patrick McCarthy (ed.), France-Germany in the Twenty-First Century', Adrian Hyde-Price, Issue 3, pp. 359–360
'Ann Lewis (ed.), The EU and Ukraine: Neighbours, Friends, Partners?', Kataryna Wolczuk, Issue 3, pp. 360–361
'Stuart Croft, Andrew Dorman, Wyn Rees and Matthew Uttley, Britain and Defence 1945-2000: A Policy Re-evaluation', Martin A. Smith, Issue 3, pp. 361–363

'Guest Editorial: Strengthening Europe’s Role in World Affairs: Foreign Policy, Security and Immigration', David Hannay, Issue 4, pp. 365–368
'A New Institutional Balance for European Foreign Policy?', Ingolf Pernice, Daniel Thym, Issue 4, pp. 369–400
'Reforming European Foreign Aid: Development Cooperation as an Element of Foreign Policy', Carlos Santiso, Issue 4, pp. 401–422
'The New Security Threats in Europe: Theory and Evidence', Emil Kirchner, James Sperling, Issue 4, pp. 423–452
'From Weakness to Power with the ESDP?', Reinhardt Rummel, Issue 4, pp. 453–471
'In Search of a Strategic Concept for the ESDP', Sven Biscop, Issue 4, pp. 473–490
'EU–MERCOSUR Interregionalism: Facing Up to the South American Crisis and the Emerging Free Trade Area of the Americas', Sebastian Santander, Issue 4, pp. 491–505
'Book Review: Establishing the Supremacy of European Law: The Making of an International Rule of Law in Europe, by Karen J. Alter. (OUP, Oxford, 2001)', Andrea Biondi, Issue 4, pp. 507–508
'Book Review: Extending European cooperation: The European Union and the ‘new’ international trade agenda, Alasdair R. Young . (Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2002)', Alasdair Blair, Issue 4, pp. 508–510
'Book Review: Changing Military Doctrine: Presidents and Military Power in Fifth Republic France, 1958–2000, by Sten Rynning. (Praeger, Westport CT, 2002)', Adrian Treacher, Issue 4, pp. 510–511
'Index to Volume 7', Issue 4, pp. 513–519

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