European Foreign Affairs Review

Volume 9 (2004)

'The EU after Cancun: Can the Leopard Change its Spots?', Jacob Kol, L. Alan Winters, Issue 1, pp. 1–25
'From Lomé to Cotonou: Business as Usual?', Olufemi Babarinde, Gerrit Faber, Issue 1, pp. 27–47
'From Civilian Power to Military Actor: The EU’s Resistable Transformation', Adrian Treacher, Issue 1, pp. 49–66
'The Fifteen and the Accession States in the UN General Assembly: What Future for European Foreign Policy in the Coming Together of the ‘Old’ and the ‘New’ Europe?', Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués, Issue 1, pp. 67–92
'The European Union and Western Sahara', Jordi Vaquer i Fanés, Issue 1, pp. 93–113
'The European Parliament and the China–Taiwan Issue: An Empirical Approach', Yuchun Lan, Issue 1, pp. 115–140
'Documents – Common Actions and Positions Adopted During 2003 by the Council of the European Union in the Framework of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (as at 31 December 2003)', Issue 1, pp. 141–148
'Book Review: Security Policy Reorientation in Peripheral Europe: A Comparative-Perspectivist Approach, by Kjell Engelbrekt. (Ashgate, Aldershot, 2002)', Clive Archer, Issue 1, pp. 149–150
'Book Review: EU Expansion to the East: Prospects and Problems, edited by Hilary Ingham and Mike Ingham. (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2002)', Alan Mayhew, Issue 1, pp. 150–152
'Book Review: NATO for a New Century: Atlanticism and European Security, edited by Carl Hodge. (Praeger, Westport, 2002)', Wyn Rees, Issue 1, pp. 152–153
'Book Review: Peace with Justice? War Crimes and Accountability in the Former Yugoslavia, by P.R. Williams and M.P. Scharf. (Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham, MD, 2002)', Andrew Rigby, Issue 1, pp. 153–154

'In-Between Seats: The Participation of the European Union in International Organizations', Inge Govaere, Jeroen Capiau, An Vermeersch, Issue 2, pp. 155–187
'The Limits of European Community Competence for Defence', Martin Trybus, Issue 2, pp. 189–217
'The Rocky Road to Europe: The EU’s Stabilisation and Association Process for the Western Balkans and the Principle of Conditionality', Christian Pippan, Issue 2, pp. 219–245
'The EU–Russia Security Partnership: Why the Opportunity was Missed', Tuomas Forsberg, Issue 2, pp. 247–267
'Multilateral Competition Policy and Transatlantic Compromise', Chad Damro, Issue 2, pp. 269–287
'Book Review: Theory and Reform in the European Union, by Dimitris N. Chryssochoou, Michael J. Tsinisizelis, Stelios Stavridis and Kostas Ifanti. (2nd edn, MUP, Manchester, 2003)', Paul Riseborough, Issue 2, pp. 289–290
'Book Review: The Challenge of Military Reform in Postcommunist Europe: Building Professional Armed Forces, edited by Anthony Forster, Timothy Edmunds and Andrew Cottey. (Palgrave-Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2002)', Stuart Croft, Issue 2, pp. 290–292
'Book Review: Transforming the European Nation-State: Dynamics of Internationalization, by Kjell Goldmann. (Sage Publishers, London, 2001)', Robert Dover, Issue 2, pp. 292–294
'Book Review: Europe and Globalization, edited by Henryk Kierzkowski. (Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2002)', Alison M. S. Watson, Issue 2, pp. 294–295
'Book Review: Norms and Nannies: The Impact of International Organizations on the Central and East European States, edited by Ronald H. Linden. (Rowman and Littlefield, Oxford, 2002)', Marton Benedek, Issue 2, pp. 295–297
'Book Review: Widening the European Union: The Politics of Institutional Change and Reform, edited by Bernard Steunenberg. (Routledge, London, 2002)', Ulrich Sedelmeier, Issue 2, pp. 297–299
'Book Review: Euro-Mediterranean Integration: The Mediterranean’s European Challenge, Volume III, edited by Peter G. Xuereb. (European Documentation and Research Centre, University of Malta, Msida, 2002)', Alexander Kazamias, Issue 2, pp. 299–301
'Book Review: Europe Unbound: Enlarging and Reshaping the Boundaries of the European Union, edited by Jan Zielonka. (Routledge, London, 2002)', Philippa Sherrington, Issue 2, pp. 301–302

'Trade and Peace: A Classic Retold in Russian', Flemming Splidsboel Hansen, Issue 3, pp. 303–322
'The European Central Bank’s External Relations with Third Countries and the IMF', Der-Chin Horng, Issue 3, pp. 323–346
'The EU’s Three-level Game in Dealing with Neighbours', Helmut Hubel, Issue 3, pp. 347–362
'What Went Wrong in Cancun? A Principal-Agent View on the EU’s Rationale Towards the Doha Development Round', Bart Kerremans, Issue 3, pp. 363–393
'The EU as an International Actor in the Domain of Justice and Home Affairs', Jörg Monar, Issue 3, pp. 395–415
'Understanding the Atlanticist–Europeanist Divide in the CFSP: Comparing Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands', Bernhard Stahl, Henning Boekle, Jörg Nadoll, Anna Jóhannesdóttir, Issue 3, pp. 417–441
'Book Review: Turkey and the EU: An Awkward Candidate for EU Membership?, by Harun Arikan. (Ashgate, Aldershot, 2003)', Jeff Timson, Issue 3, pp. 443–445
'Book Review: Agricultural Policy Reform: Politics and Process in the EU and US in the 1990s, by Wayne Moyer and Tim Josling. (Ashgate, Aldershot, 2002)', Rob Ackrill, Issue 3, pp. 445–447
'Book Review: The Engines of European Integration: Delegation, Agency and Agenda Setting in the EU, by Mark Pollack. (OUP, Oxford, 2003)', Ian Bache, Issue 3, pp. 447–448
'Book Review: The European Union and East Asia: Interregional Linkages in a Changing Global System, edited by Peter W. Preston and Julie Gilson. (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2001)', Neil Renwick, Issue 3, pp. 449–450
'Book Review: Limiting Institutions? The Challenge of Eurasian Security Governance, by James Sperling, Sean Kay and S. Victor Papacosma. (Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2003)', Neil Winn, Issue 3, pp. 450–452
'Book Review: EU Enlargement versus Social Europe? The Uncertain Future of the European Social Model, by Daniel C. Vaughan-Whitehead. (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2003)', Stuart Philip, Issue 3, pp. 452–454

'Guest Editorial: The EU after the Agreement on a Constitutional Treaty', Dietrich von Kyaw, Issue 4, pp. 455–458
'The European Security Strategy in a Comparative Framework: Does it Make for Secure Alliances in a Better World?', Simon Duke, Issue 4, pp. 459–481
'The European Draft Constitutional Treaty and the Future of the European Defence Initiative: A Question of Flexibility', Jolyon Howorth, Issue 4, pp. 483–508
'Able and Willing? Assessing the EU’s Capacity for Military Action', Sven Biscop, Issue 4, pp. 509–527
'Financing ESDP Military Operations', David Scannell, Issue 4, pp. 529–549
'EU Intervention in Ethno-political Conflicts: The Cases of Cyprus and Serbia-Montenegro', Nathalie Tocci, Issue 4, pp. 551–573
'Book Review: EU Development Cooperation: From Model to Symbol, edited by Karin Arts and Anna K. Dickson. (Manchester University Press, Manchester and New York, 2004)', Jan Orbie, Issue 4, pp. 575–576
'Book Review: Britain and Europe since 1945: Historiographical Perspectives on Integration, by Oliver Daddow. (Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2004)', Alasdair Blair, Issue 4, pp. 576–577
'Book Review: Ireland, Neutrality and European Security Integration, by Róisín Doherty. (Ashgate, Aldershot, 2002)', Matt Cannon, Issue 4, pp. 578–579
'Book Review: European Union Enlargement: Law and Socio-Economic Changes, edited by Nanette Neuwahl. (Les éditions thémis, Montréal, 2004)', Robin C. A. White, Issue 4, pp. 579–581
'Book Review: François Mitterrand: A Very French President, by Ronald Tiersky. (Rowan and Littlefield, Lanham, MD, 2002)', Helen Drake, Issue 4, pp. 581–583
'Index to Volume 9', Issue 4, pp. 585–595

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