European Review of Private Law

Volume 19 (2011)

'Exercises in Legal Pharmacology', Matthias E. Storme, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'Treu und Glauben als Rechtsgrundlage für die Änderung von Arbeitsverträgen', Aline Van Bever, Nicola Gundt, Issue 1, pp. 3–24
'Standards of Protection: In Search of the ‘Average Consumer’ of EU Law in the Proposal for a Consumer Rights Directive', Vanessa Mak, Issue 1, pp. 25–42
'Orchestrating Sub-prime Consumer Protection in Retail Banking: Abbey National in the Context of Europeanized Private Law', Mel Kenny, Issue 1, pp. 43–69
'The PEICL and the Duty of Disclosure', Yvonne Delfos-Roy, Issue 1, pp. 71–86
'Liability for Environmental Pollution within the Framework of the New Chinese Tort Law', Barbara Pozzo, Lebing Wang, Issue 1, pp. 87–99
'The Duty to Renegotiate an International Sales Contract under CISG in Case of Hardship and the Use of the Unidroit Principles', Julie Dewez, Christina Ramberg, Rodrigo Momberg Uribe, Rémy Cabrillac, Lis Paula San Miguel Pradera, Issue 1, pp. 101–154
'Style Guide', Issue 1, pp. 155–160
'List of Contributors', Issue 1, pp. 161–162

'The Proposal for a Directive on Consumer Rights: The Emperor’s New Clothes?', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 2, pp. 163–166
'Die Grenzen der Primärleistungsplicht im Europäischen Vertragsrecht', Michael Stürner, Issue 2, pp. 167–185
'Qu’est-ce que sont les ‘lois de police’? – Une querelle franco-allemande après la communautarisation de la Convention de Rome', Jan-Jaap Kuipers , Sara Migliorini, Issue 2, pp. 187–207
'Family (Self-)Governance at the Boundaries of a Privatized Family Law – A Belgian Exploration', Frederik Swennen, Issue 2, pp. 209–223
'Legal Cultures and Legal Transplants in Germany', André Janssen, Reiner Schulze, Issue 2, pp. 225–256
'Storing Sperm in Scotland: A Risky Business?', Sue Farran, Issue 2, pp. 257–274
'Commentaire de l’article de Sue Farran du point de vue du droit français', Florence Bellivier, Issue 2, pp. 275–281
'Die Vernichtung von eingefrorenem Sperma als Rechtsproblem', Christian Banert, Issue 2, pp. 283–290
'Challenging the Concepts of Damage in Tort Law with Shock Injury', Philip Mielnicki, Issue 2, pp. 291–307
'The Law on Sperm: Liability of Sperm Banks in Belgium', Emily Nordin, Sarah Panis, Issue 2, pp. 309–322
'J. BASEDOW, K.J. HOPT, & R. ZIMMERMANN (hrsg.), Handwörterbuch des Europäischen Privatrechts, 2 Bände (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2009)', Stefano Troiano, Issue 2, pp. 323–331
'Comment enseigner le droit privé (romain) en Europe? ‘L’enseignement du droit romain en Europe aujourd’hui’ (Trento, 12–13 Novembre 2010)', Jean-François Gerkens, Issue 2, pp. 333–339
'List of Contributors', Issue 2, pp. 341–342

'Fatal Attraction', Matthias E. Storme, Issue 3/4, pp. 343–344
'The Unique Charm of the Common Law', Sarah Worthington, Issue 3/4, pp. 345–361
'German Case Note', Alexandra Seifert, Issue 3/4, pp. 363–371
'Belgian Case Note', Sanne Jansen, Issue 3/4, pp. 372–393
'French Case Note', Béatrice Jaluzot, Issue 3/4, pp. 394–402
'Italian Case Note', Francesco Paolo Patti, Issue 3/4, pp. 403–412
'Polish Case Note', Katarzyna Michałowska, Issue 3/4, pp. 413–418
'Spanish Case Note', Francisco J. Infante-Ruiz, Issue 3/4, pp. 419–430
'Swiss Case Note', Caroline Kindler, Issue 3/4, pp. 431–440
'J. Dalhuisen, Dalhuisen on Transnational Comparative, Commercial, Financial and Trade Law, vol. 1-3 (4th edn Hart, Oxford, Portland 2010), Introduction – The New Lex Mercatoria and its Sources (vol.1); Contract and Movable Property Law (vol.2); Financial Products, Financial Services and Financial Regulation (vol.3) ', Maren Heidemann, Issue 3/4, pp. 441–445
'Aldo Frignani/Marco Torsello, Il contratto internazionale – diritto comparato e prassi commerciale, 2. Auflage (Padova: Cedam, 2010), 1027 Seiten, EUR 110 (zugleich Band zwölf des von Francesco Galgano herausgegebenen Werkes ‘‘Trattato di diritto commerciale e di diritto pubblico dell’economia’’)', André Janssen, Issue 3/4, pp. 447–450
'Book Review: Punitive Damages: Common Law and Civil Law Perspectives, Springer, Wien, by Helmut Koziol & Vanessa Wilcox. (New York 2009)', Luboš Tichý, Issue 3/4, pp. 451–456
'A European Optional Contract Law: Policy Choices', Sanne Jansen, Issue 3/4, pp. 457–470
'Recent Developments in European Private Law: The Influence of European Consumer Law on National Legal Systems', Maciej Zachariasiewicz, Issue 3/4, pp. 471–480
'List of Contributors', Issue 3/4, pp. 481–482

'Towards a European Palandt', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 5, pp. 483–488
'Liability for Failure to Supply a Specific Item: From a Non-Roman Rule to a Virtually Universal Success Story', Jean-François Gerkens, Issue 5, pp. 489–504
'Innovating Financial Law in Early Modern Europe: Transfers of Commercial Paper and Recourse Liability in Legislation and Ius Commune (Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries)', Dave De Ruysscher, Issue 5, pp. 505–518
'France, Germany and the United Kingdom’s Divergent Interpretations of Directives 86/653 and 93/13s’ Exclusionary Provisions: An Overlooked Threat to Coherence?', Séverine Saintier, Issue 5, pp. 519–544
'The Legal Basis for a European Optional Instrument', Jan-Jaap Kuipers, Issue 5, pp. 545–564
'Selecting the Best Instrument for European Contract Law', Marie-José Van Der Heijden, Anne Keirse, Issue 5, pp. 565–578
'Towards a European System of Property Law', Héctor Simón Moreno, Issue 5, pp. 579–611
'Public Filing with Regard to Non-possessory Security Rights in Tangible Assets as Contemplated by the DCFR: Of No Benefit to Unsecured (Trade) Creditors', Dewi Hamwijk, Issue 5, pp. 613–629
'Same-Sex Marriage, Same-Sex Cohabitation, and Same-Sex Families around the World: Why ‘Same’ Is So Different Book reviews/Comptes rendus/Buchbesprechungen', Macarena Saez, Issue 5, pp. 631–668
'Cosmopolitanism and the Private Law Text', Larry A. Dimatteo, Issue 5, pp. 669–686
'Conference Report: The First Conference of the Societa’ Italiana per la Ricerca nel diritto Comparato (SIRD) on ‘The New Frontiers of Comparative Law’ held in Milano', Nadia Coggiola, Issue 5, pp. 687–688
'Conference Report, 2ème Forum de Trans Europe Experts (TEE), « Les enjeux juridiques européens », 1er avril 2011, Paris.', Chiara Perfumi, Issue 5, pp. 689–691
'Trans-Europe Experts in Europe', Judith Rochfeld, Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson, Issue 5, pp. 693–695
'The Future of the European Insolvency Regulation', Rufus F. Abeln, Tom G. Abeln, Issue 5, pp. 697–706
'List of Contributors', Issue 5, pp. 707–708

'Towards an Optional Common European Sales Law', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 6, pp. 709–715
'Comments and Questions Relating to the European Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation on a Common European Sales Law', Ole Lando, Issue 6, pp. 717–728
'The Regulation of Digital Content Contracts in the Optional Instrument of Contract Law', Lucie Guibault, Natali Helberger, Marco Loos, Chantal Mak, Issue 6, pp. 729–758
'The ‘Non-sense’ of Pre-contractual Information Duties in Case of Non-concluded Contracts', Chiara Cravetto, Barbara Pasa, Issue 6, pp. 759–785
'B2B Information Duties in the Feasibility Study: Analysis of Article 23', Annick De Boeck, Issue 6, pp. 787–797
'Disgorgement Damages for Breach of Pre-contractual Obligation and Contract', Erik Monsen, Issue 6, pp. 799–815
'The Feasibility Study’s Rules on Contract Interpretation', Robert Hardy, Issue 6, pp. 817–833
'Unfaire Vertragsbestimmungen', Thomas Pfeiffer, Issue 6, pp. 835–853
'‘Don’t Find Fault, Find a Remedy’', Tâm Dang Vu, Sanne Jansen, Ilse Samoy, Issue 6, pp. 855–872
'The Optional Common European Sales Law: Better Buyer’s Remedies for Seller’s Non-performance in Sales of Goods?', Régine Feltkamp, Frédéric Vanbossele, Issue 6, pp. 873–905
'The Seller’s Right to Cure in the CISG and the Common European Sales Law', Sonja Kruisinga, Issue 6, pp. 907–919
'Passing of Risk and the Risk of Mystification: Some Drafting Issues', Kare Lilleholt, Issue 6, pp. 921–929
'Why It Is Ill-Advised to Translate Consequential Damage by Dommage Indirect', Jacques Herbots, Issue 6, pp. 931–949
'Why the Proposed Optional Common European Sales Law Has Not, But Should Have, Abandoned the Principle of All or Nothing: A Guide to How to Sanction the Duty to Mitigate the Loss', Anne Keirse, Issue 6, pp. 951–976
'The Rules about Restitution in the Proposal on a Common European Sales Law', Pietro Sirena, Issue 6, pp. 977–1000
'Conflicts among Creditors in the Regulation of Security Interests under the Draft Common Frame of Reference a View from Spanish Law', Ángel Carrasco Perera, Karolina Lyczkowska, Issue 6, pp. 1001–1021
'Reiner Schulze & Jules Stuyck (Hrsg.), Towards a European Contract Law (München: Sellier, 2011), 279 Seiten', Winfried Tilmann, Issue 6, pp. 1023–1025
'Book Review: The Making of Chinese Condominium Law: A Comparative Perspective with American and South African Condominium Laws, by Lei Chen. (Intersentia, 2010)', Rebecka Zinser, Issue 6, pp. 1027–1028
'Conference Report: ‘Towards a European Contract Law’ in Leuven, Belgium, 3 June 2011', Chiara Cravetto, Issue 6, pp. 1029–1031
'Presentation of the Book, Towards an Optional European Contract Law, Brussels, 21 September 2001', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 6, pp. 1033–1034
'Conference Report: Annual Conference on European Tort Law', Marlene Steininger, Vanessa Wilcox, Issue 6, pp. 1035–1040
'List of Contributors', Issue 6, pp. 1041–1043

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