European Review of Private Law

Volume 20 (2012)

'There Is Nothing Like European Private Law 20 Years Later', Matthias Storme, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'General Report: Complexity of Transnational Sources', Silvia Ferreri, Issue 1, pp. 3–50
'Austrian Report', Bea Verschraegen, Issue 1, pp. 51–80
'Canadian Report', Helge Dedek, Alexandra Carbone, Issue 1, pp. 81–100
'German Report', Eva-Maria Kieninger, Karin Linhart, Issue 1, pp. 101–122
'Hungarian Report', Georgina Suto Burger, Issue 1, pp. 123–137
'Japanese Report', Tetsuo Morishita, Issue 1, pp. 139–151
'Dutch Report: Coherence and Fragmentation of Private Law', Jan Smits, Issue 1, pp. 153–167
'OHADA Report', Salvatore Mancuso, Issue 1, pp. 169–183
'Swiss Report', Andreas Fötschl, Issue 1, pp. 185–193
'How to Opt into the Common European Sales Law? Brief Comments on the Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation', Martijn Hesselink, Issue 1, pp. 195–211
'Full Harmonization in European Private Law: A Two-Track Concept', Vanessa Mak, Issue 1, pp. 213–235
'The Foundations of Private Law in a Multilevel Structure: Balancing, Distribution of Lawmaking Power, and Other Constitutional Issues', Matthias Storme, Issue 1, pp. 237–253
'Anmerkung zu EuGH C-65/09 (Gebr. WeberGmbH/Wittmer) u. C-87/09 (Putz/Medianess Electronics GmbH) v. 16. 6. 2011', Bernhard Krebe, Issue 1, pp. 255–261
'List of Contributors', Issue 1, pp. 263–264
'Article Index', Issue 1, pp. 265–270
'Subject Index', Issue 1, pp. 271–287

'Principles and the Law', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 2, pp. 289–294
'Principles in Private Law: From Luxury to Necessity – Multi-layered Legal Systems and the Generative Force of Principles', Carla Sieburgh, Issue 2, pp. 295–312
'What's a Principle?', Patrick Morvan, Issue 2, pp. 313–322
'Hedgehogs in Luxembourg? A Dworkinian Reading of the CJEU's Case Law on Principles of Private Law and Some Doubts of the Fox', Chantal Mak, Issue 2, pp. 323–345
'Principles of European Criminal Law: Jurisdiction, Choice of Forum, and the Legality Principle in the Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice', Michiel Luchtman, Issue 2, pp. 347–379
'General Principles of Law in Administrative Law under European Influence', Rob Widdershoven, Milan Remac, Issue 2, pp. 381–407
'Human Rights as Regulae Iuris: An Inquiry into the Dialectics of Legality versus Legitimacy', Bas De Gaay Fortman, Issue 2, pp. 409–424
'The Changing Role of Principles in the European Multilayered Legal Order: Conference Report of the Symposium ‘Principles and the Law’, Utrecht University, 25 May 2011', Nik De Boer, Léon Dijkman, Sarah Van Kampen, Issue 2, pp. 425–434
'Transposition of the New Consumer Credit Directive in Estonia', Karin Sein, Issue 2, pp. 435–446
'The Web Host's Privilege of Limited Liability: Its Application to Operators of Commentary Rooms', Janno Lahe, Karmen Turk, Issue 2, pp. 447–472
'A European Perspective on Data Processing Consent through the Reconceptualization of European Data Protection's Looking Glass after the Lisbon Treaty: Taking Rights Seriously', Federico Ferretti, Issue 2, pp. 473–506
'Scattered Damages: A Comparative Law Study About the Enforcement Deficit of Low-Value Damages and the Class Action Approach', Basil Cupa, Issue 2, pp. 507–539
'Conquering the Legal World: The Use of English in Foreign Courts', Christopher Bisping, Issue 2, pp. 541–570
'Case Note on OGH 4 Ob 8/11x: Introduction', Barbara C. Steininger, Issue 2, pp. 571–572
'Austrian Perspective on OGH 4 Ob 8/11x', Barbara C. Steininger, Issue 2, pp. 573–580
'English Perspective on OGH 4 Ob 8/11x', Colm Peter Mcgrath, Issue 2, pp. 581–589
'German Perspective on OGH 4 Ob 8/11x', Thomas Thiede, Issue 2, pp. 591–596
'Norwegian Perspective on OGH 4 Ob 8/11x', Anne Marie Frøseth Anfinsen, Issue 2, pp. 597–602
'Polish Perspective on OGH 4 Ob 8/11x', Katarzyna Ludwichowska-Redo, Issue 2, pp. 603–607
'Spanish Perspective on OGH 4 Ob 8/11x', Jordi Ribot, Issue 2, pp. 609–627
'French Perspective on OGH 4 Ob 8/11x – Compensation for Emotional Distress? Human Sentiments Challenging Tort Law Principles', Julien Dubarry, Issue 2, pp. 629–638
'Concluding Remarks', Barbara C. Steininger, Issue 2, pp. 639–641
'Global Challenges of International Sales Law – Tagungsbericht zur Konferenz vom 11.-12. November 2011 in Gainesville, Florida, USA', Alexandra Seifert, Issue 2, pp. 643–648
'Conference Report: ‘The Proposed Common European Sales Law: Have the Right Choices Been Made?’ in Brussels, Belgium, 9 December 2011', William Bull, Issue 2, pp. 649–653
'Book Review: The Foundations of European Private Law, edited by R. Brownsword, H.W. Micklitz, L. Niglia & S. Weatherill. (Hart, Oxford 2011)', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 2, pp. 655–656
'Book Review: Ein einheitliches europäisches Kaufrecht?/Eine Analyse des Vorschlags der Kommission, edited by M. Schmidt-Kessel. (Sellier, München 2012)', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 2, pp. 657–657
'List of Contributors', Issue 2, pp. 659–660

'Vorwort des Herausgebers Diskriminierungsschutz und Europäisches Vertragsrecht', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 3, pp. 661–666
'200 Jahre Allgemeines Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch – Das ABGB im Wandel der Zeit', Georg E. Kodek, Issue 3, pp. 667–684
'Das ABGB – Rechtseinheit für Zentraleuropa', Thomas Olechowski, Issue 3, pp. 685–709
'Internationalisierung der Vertragskultur an Hand von Unternehmenskauf- und Finanzierungsverträgen', Clemens Hasenauer, Issue 3, pp. 711–738
'“Kautelarjurisprudenz” – Possibilities and Limitations of Drafting Contracts in Austria', Raimund Bollenberger, Issue 3, pp. 739–747
'Allgemeines Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (ABGB) und Europäisches Privatrecht', Christiane Wendehorst, Issue 3, pp. 749–767
'Certainty of Property: Numerus Clausus or the Rule with No Name?', Peter Sparkes, Issue 3, pp. 769–804
'Freedom of Movement, Horizontal Effect, and Freedom of Contract', Gareth Davies, Issue 3, pp. 805–827
'Fault or Risk? A Comparative Study on the Liability for Damage Caused by Trees', Günter Weick, Issue 3, pp. 829–850
'The Cause of Member State Liability', Marjeta Tomulic Vehovec, Issue 3, pp. 851–880
'B.HÄCKER, Consequences of Impaired Consent Transfers, Mohr Siebeck 2009', John Macleod, Issue 3, pp. 881–882
'Book Review: Private law/national – global – comparative, Festschrift für Ingeborg Schwenzer zum 60. Geburtstag, 2 vols, edited by Festschrift Schwenzer (Andrea Büchler, Markus Müller-Chen. (Bern: Stämpfli, 2011)', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 3, pp. 883–887
'The UNIDROIT Principles 2010: Towards a ‘Global’ Law of International Commercial Contracts (17–18 February 2012)', Viola Heutger, Issue 3, pp. 889–897

'In necessariis unitas vel diversitas?', Matthias E. Storme, Issue 4, pp. 901–903
'Der spanische Schuldrechtsmodernisierungsentwurf im Lichte europäischer', Gregor Christandl, Issue 4, pp. 905–912
'The Aim for Complete Uniformity in EU Private Law: An Obstacle to Further Harmonization', Anne De Vries, Issue 4, pp. 913–931
'Research Exceptions in EU Copyright Law', Madeleine De Cock Buning, Lucky Belder, Roeland De Bruin, Issue 4, pp. 933–960
'Credit Advice', Tanja Jørgensen, Issue 4, pp. 961–988
'The Province of Subrogation Determined: Some Corrections—A Functional Analysis of the Guarantor's Right to Derivative Recourse, Comprising a Critique of the Restitutionary Thesis', Johann Andreas Dieckmann, Issue 4, pp. 989–1043
'Managing Legal Diversity in the EU: The Case of Subject-Specific Conflicts Rules', Ulla Liukkunen, Issue 4, pp. 1045–1073
'Private International Law and Registered Relationships: An EU Perspective', Martina Melcher, Issue 4, pp. 1075–1096
'The Battle for the Consumer: On the Relation between the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the EU Directives on Consumer Sales', Björn Sandvik, Issue 4, pp. 1097–1118
'European Private Law at the Crossroads: The Proposed European Sales Law', Maren Heidemann, Issue 4, pp. 1119–1138
'Wind Power, Ownership, and Neighbours', Kåre Lilleholt, Issue 4, pp. 1139–1147
'Turbulence over Wind Turbines: Res Communis under the Spotlights', François Barrière, Issue 4, pp. 1149–1157
'Norwegian Supreme Court: Norsk Retstidenda 2011', William Norris, Issue 4, pp. 1159–1163
'A Case Note from a Dutch Perspective', Sjef Van Erp, Issue 4, pp. 1165–1170
'Conference Report: ‘20 Years of CISG in the Netherlands’, Amsterdam, 20 April 2012', Lisanne Van Baren, Alina Trofymenko, Issue 4, pp. 1171–1178
'List of Contributors', Issue 4, pp. 1179–1180

'The Impact of Multilingualism on the Harmonization of European Public Law', Barbara Pozzo, Issue 5/6, pp. 1181–1183
'Multilingualism and the Harmonization of European Private Law: Problems and Perspectives', Barbara Pozzo, Issue 5/6, pp. 1185–1198
'Du bilinguisme juridique dans le monde antique', Cosimo Cascione, Carla Masi Doria, Issue 5/6, pp. 1199–1214
'EU Legal English: Common Law, Civil Law, or a New Genre?', Colin Robertson, Issue 5/6, pp. 1215–1239
'Interpreting Multilingual EU Law: What Role for Legal Translation?', Sieglinde E. Pommer, Issue 5/6, pp. 1241–1254
'Same Words, Different Meanings', Silvia Ferreri, Issue 5/6, pp. 1255–1264
'Legal Categories and Legal Terms in the Path towards a European Private Law: The Experiment of the DCFR', Carlo Marchetti, Issue 5/6, pp. 1265–1276
'La transposition des directives en droit français: maîtrise des mots, maîtrise sur les mots', Marie-Laure Mathieu, Issue 5/6, pp. 1277–1304
'The Impact of the Terminology of the European Directives on Consumer Rights on the Spanish Law: The Construction of a New Legal Language', Natalia Álvarez Lata, Issue 5/6, pp. 1305–1324
'The Impact of EU Law on Belgian Consumer Law Terminology', Caroline Cauffman, Issue 5/6, pp. 1325–1351
'Legal Terminology: One Reason for Frictions between German and European Consumer Laws', Peter Rott, Issue 5/6, pp. 1353–1367
'The (Non-) impact of Harmonizing Measures on English Legal Terminology', Christian Twigg-Flesner, Issue 5/6, pp. 1369–1378
'Conference Report: ‘Private Law in Multilingual Contexts’ in Glasgow, 6 June 2012', Eric Clive, Issue 5/6, pp. 1379–1381
'Literature Review on European Multilingualism', Valentina Jacometti, Issue 5/6, pp. 1383–1387
'List of Contributors', Issue 5/6, pp. 1389–1390
'Article Index', Issue 5/6, pp. 1391–1396
'Subject Index', Issue 5/6, pp. 1397–1422

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