European Review of Private Law

Volume 21 (2013)

'Common European Sales Law: If It Does Not Help, It Won't Harm Either(?)', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 1, pp. 1–12
'Regulatory Competition through Choice of Contract Law and Choice of Forum in Europe: Theory and Evidence', Stefan Vogenauer, Issue 1, pp. 13–78
'Pre-contractual Good Faith and the Common European Sales Law: A Compromise Too Far?', Paula Giliker, Issue 1, pp. 79–104
'Commercial Sales: The Common European Sales Law Compared to the Vienna Sales Convention', Marco B.M. Loos, Harriët Schelhaas, Issue 1, pp. 105–130
'Related Services in the Commission Proposal for a Common European Sales Law', Martin Illmer, Issue 1, pp. 131–204
'Kerpow! The United Kingdom Courts, West Tankers, and the Arbitration ‘Exception’ in the Brussels I Regulation', Geert Van Calster, Issue 1, pp. 205–220
'Much Ado about Cookies: The European Debate on the New Provisions of the ePrivacy Directive regarding Cookies', Joasia Luzak, Issue 1, pp. 221–245
'Consumer Arbitration and European Private Law: A Seminal Consumer Arbitration Model Law for Europe', Maud Piers, Issue 1, pp. 247–288
'The Temporal Scope of the Rome II Regulation after Homawoo', Barbara Den Tandt, Marianne Verhulst, Issue 1, pp. 289–300
'Causation Conundrums Introduction to the Annotations to Sienkiewicz v. Greif (UK) Ltd', Miquel Martín-Casals, Issue 1, pp. 301–311
'Causation in Mesothelioma Cases from the Point of View of Czech Law', Luboś Tichý, Issue 1, pp. 313–318
'Asbestos-Related Diseases in German Law', Gerhard Wagner, Issue 1, pp. 319–329
'Causation in Mesothelioma Cases in the Italian Courts', Nadia Coggiola, Issue 1, pp. 331–339
'Taxonomy of Asbestos Litigation in the Netherlands: Duelling with Causal Uncertainty', Sam Merab Samii, Anne Keirse, Issue 1, pp. 341–370
'Wind Power under Hungarian Private Law: A Case Note (Norsk Retstidenda 2011)', Ferenc Szilágyi, Issue 1, pp. 371–386
'Conference Report: ‘Competition in International Sales Law – Perspectives on Choice’, Held in Maastricht, the Netherlands, on 15 June 2012', Mark Kawakami, Issue 1, pp. 387–395
'Rethinking Smits’ Mind and Method', Merlin Majoor, Issue 1, pp. 397–404
'N. COGGIOLA, Alla Ricerca delle cause – Uno studio sulla responsabilità per i danni da amianto, Quaderni del Dipartimento di Scienze Giuridiche dell’Università di Torino, Nuova Serie, No. 19 (Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, Naples 2011)', Michel Cannarsa, Issue 1, pp. 405–407
'Book Review: Marital Agreements and Private Autonomy in Comparative Perspective, edited by J.M. SCHERPE. (Hart, Oxford 2012)', Issue 1, pp. 409–412
'Liber Amicorum Ole Lando, DJØF, Copenhagen 2012', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 1, pp. 413–415

'Latin America Goes PECL', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 2, pp. 419–421
'Enforcing Bilateral Promises: A Comparative Law and Economics Perspective', Francesco Parisi, Marta Cenini, Barbara Luppi, Issue 2, pp. 423–450
'Procedural Aspects of European Consumer Protection Law and the Case Law of the CJEU from the Perspective of Insurance Law', Verica Trstenjak, Issue 2, pp. 451–478
'United We Stand, Divided We Fall?: Collective Redress in the EU', Kai Purnhagen, Issue 2, pp. 479–506
'Finland and the European Civil Code: A Case for Convergence?', Leo Järvinen, Issue 2, pp. 507–571
'Transfer of Ownership by Unilateral Juridical Act', Janne Kaisto, Tapani Lohi, Issue 2, pp. 573–586
'DES Daughters Cases: Cour de Cassation 24 September 2009 and 24 January 2010 and CA Paris 26 October 2012', Florence G’sell, Issue 2, pp. 587–590
'Liability for Defective Pharmaceutical Products: The Italian Perspective', Claudia di Marzo, Issue 2, pp. 591–598
'The Dutch DES Case: Joint Liability', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 2, pp. 599–604
'Defective Drugs and Alternative Causation: An English Perspective on Cass. 1ère civ., 24 September 2009, No 08-16305 and Cass. 1ère civ., 28 January 2010, No 08-18837', Colm Peter Mcgrath, Issue 2, pp. 605–616
'Defective Pharmaceuticals and Indeterminate Tortfeasors: A German Law Perspective on DES-Daughters Scenarios', Thomas Thiede, Issue 2, pp. 617–623
'The DES Daughters in Spain: Liability for Damage Caused by the Exposure to a Defective Drug in Utero', Albert Ruda, Issue 2, pp. 625–642
'Information Duties in the Internet Era: Case Note on Content Services Ltd v. Bundesarbeitkammer', Cãtãlina Goaţa, Issue 2, pp. 643–659
'M. Eroglu, Multinational Enterprises and Tort Liabilities (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham 2008)', Stephanie Bijlmakers, Issue 2, pp. 661–664
'U. Magnus(ed.), CISG vs. Regional Sales Law Unification: With a Focus on the New Common European Sales Law (Sellier European Law Publishers, Munich 2012)', Eric Clive, Issue 2, pp. 665–669
'Conference Report – ‘Quel Dommage?: Controversial Notions of Damage in Europe’, Conference Held in Lausanne, Switzerland, 5 & 6 October 2012', Philippe Avramov, Issue 2, pp. 671–679
'List of Contributors', Issue 2, pp. 681–682

'Editorial: On the Use of Foreign Law', Matthias E. Storme, Issue 3, pp. 683–685
'Is It Legitimate and Beneficial for Judges to Use Comparative Law?', Thomas Kadner Graziano, Issue 3, pp. 687–716
'The Adjustment of Long-Term Supply Contracts: Experience from German Gas Price Case Law', Peter Rott, Issue 3, pp. 717–745
'Fresh Start or Stalemate? European Consumer Insolvency Law Reform and the Politics of Household Debt', Joseph Spooner, Issue 3, pp. 747–794
'Household Credit, Indebtedness, and Insolvency', Annina H. Persson, Ann-Sofie Henrikson, Karin Lundström, Issue 3, pp. 795–814
'Debt Management Pays Off! - A Research on the Cost and Benefits of Debt Management in the Netherlands', Nadja Jungmann, Marc Anderson, Issue 3, pp. 815–822
'The Abstraction Principle: A Pillar of the Future Estonian Intellectual Property Law?', Thomas Hoffmann, Aleksei Kelli, Age Värv, Issue 3, pp. 823–842
'The Purpose and Coherence of the Rules on Good Faith Acquisition and Acquisitive Prescription in the Draft Common Frame of Reference: A Tale of Two Gatekeepers', Arthur Salomons, Issue 3, pp. 843–862
'Conference Report: Pragmatic Issues in Legal Translation', Lucia Morra, Barbara Pasa, Issue 3, pp. 863–865
'Report of the 17th Ius Commune Conference, Amsterdam, 29–30 November 2012', Rodrigo Momberg, Issue 3, pp. 867–870
'The Law Commissions’ 2012 Issues Paper on Unfair Terms: Subverting the System of ‘Europeanized’ Private Law?', Mel Kenny, Issue 3, pp. 871–891
'N. Jansen, The Making of Legal Authority: Non-legislative Codifications in Historical and Comparative Perspective', Paul J. Du Plessis, Issue 3, pp. 893–894
'List of Contributors', Issue 3, pp. 895–896

'Recodification of Private Law: Central and Eastern Europe Set the Tone', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 4, pp. 897–906
'Why Europe Needs a Civil Code', Hugh Collins, Issue 4, pp. 907–922
'Risk and Strict Liability: The Distinct Examples of Germany, the United States, and Russia', Gert Brüggemeier, Issue 4, pp. 923–957
'The Impact of the Comparative Method on Lithuanian Private Law', Simona Selelionytė-Drukteinienė, Vaidas Jurkevičius, Thomas Kadner Graziano, Issue 4, pp. 959–990
'Convergence and Unification of Nineteenth Century European Commercial Sales Law', Janwillem Oosterhuis, Issue 4, pp. 991–1007
'The Protection of Ownership of Goods in the DCFR: An ‘Exclusion Strategy’ at the Core of European Property Law?', Francesco Mezzanotte, Issue 4, pp. 1009–1036
'Introduction to Jones v. Kaney', Issue 4, pp. 1037–1038
'An Austrian Perspective on Jones v. Kaney', Ernst Karner, Issue 4, pp. 1039–1042
'La responsabilité de l’expert en droit belge: une évidence pas si évidente en pratique?', Stefan Rutten, Issue 4, pp. 1043–1050
'The Liability of an Expert in Czech Law', Jiří Hrádek, Issue 4, pp. 1051–1063
'The End of Expert Witnesses Immunity', Colm Peter Mcgrath, Issue 4, pp. 1065–1080
'Civil Liability of Court-Appointed Experts in German Law', Thomas Thiede, Issue 4, pp. 1081–1089
'The Liability of the Expert Witness: A Deep Discrepancy between Law in Books and Law in Action in the Italian Legal System', Rossella Cerchia, Issue 4, pp. 1091–1104
'Civil Liability of Expert Witnesses in the Netherlands: A Case Note to the UKSC Judgment in Jones v. Kaney', Albert Verheij, Daniël Overgaauw, Issue 4, pp. 1105–1116
'Civil Liability of Expert Witnesses in Spain', Pedro Del Olmo, Issue 4, pp. 1117–1126
'Comparative Commentary on Jones v. Kaney', Colm Peter Mcgrath, Issue 4, pp. 1127–1132
'Thomas Kadner Graziano, Comparative Contract Law, Cases, Materials and Exercises (2009) Hugh Beale, Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson, Jacobien Rutgers, Denis Tallon & Stefan Vogenauer, Cases, Materials and Text on Contract Law: Ius Commune Casebooks for the Common Law of Europe (2010)', Ole Lando, Issue 4, pp. 1133–1138
'Bryan Horrigan, Corporate Social Responsibility in the 21st Century: Debates, Models and Practices across Government, Law and Business (2010)', Ivano Alogna, Issue 4, pp. 1139–1144
'From Here to Eternity: The Proposal for a Regulation on a Common European Sales Law (CESL) Reiner Schulze (ed.), Common European Sales Law (CESL) — Commentary (2012), EUR 189', Ruben De Graaff, Yvo Rampersad, Pieter De Tavernier, Jeroen Van Der Weide, Issue 4, pp. 1145–1155
'List of Contributors', Issue 4, pp. 1157–1158

'The Privatization of European Law and Constitutionalization of Private Law: Two Sides of the Same Coin', Gary Low, Elise Muir, Issue 5/6, pp. 1159–1164
'A Method to Substantively Guide the Involvement of EU Law in Private Law Matters', Carla Sieburgh, Issue 5/6, pp. 1165–1188
'The One and the Many: Translating Insights from Constitutional Pluralism to European Contract Law Theory', Chantal Mak, Issue 5/6, pp. 1189–1210
'Freedom of Contract in Free Movement Law: Balancing Rights and Principles in European Public and Private Law', Harm Schepel, Issue 5/6, pp. 1211–1229
'The Transformative Function of EU Equality Law', Elise Muir, Issue 5/6, pp. 1231–1253
'Adjusting EU Consumer Protection Mechanisms to the Needs of Private Actors: Collaborative Consumer Protection and the Ex Ante Avoidance of Conflict', Mark T. Kawakami, Issue 5/6, pp. 1255–1276
'The Delivery Requirement in So-called Consensual Transfer Systems', Julie Del Corral, Issue 5/6, pp. 1277–1297
'The Interpretation Philosophy of Secured Transaction Law Conventions', N. Orkun Akseli, Issue 5/6, pp. 1299–1318
'Belgian Perspective on Rainy Sky S.A. and Others (Appellants) v. Kookmin Bank (Respondent)', Johanna Waelkens, Issue 5/6, pp. 1319–1357
'Conference Report, 12th Annual Conference on European Tort Law, 4 April to 6 April 2013, Vienna, Austria', Thomas Thiede, Andrew Bell, Issue 5/6, pp. 1359–1369
'List of Contributors', Issue 5/6, pp. 1371–1372
'Article Index', Issue 5/6, pp. 1373–1378
'Subject Index', Issue 5/6, pp. 1379–1409

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