European Review of Private Law

Volume 22 (2014)

'Towards a New Swiss Law of Obligations: BEWÄHRTES IST ZU BEHALTEN – NEUEM IST RAUM ZU SCHAFFEN', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 1, pp. 1–12
'Interpretation of Contracts in International Commercial Arbitration: Diversity on More than One Level', Giuditta Cordero-Moss, Issue 1, pp. 13–35
'Public Supervision over Private Relationships: Towards European Supervision Private Law?', Olha O. Cherednychenko, Issue 1, pp. 37–67
'The Hidden Potential of Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs) in the Private Law Acquis', Esther Van Schagen, Issue 1, pp. 69–87
'Liability for Defective Immovable Property: The Hammock Case in a Comparative Perspective', Fokko T. Oldenhuis, Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi, Adam Mccann, Issue 1, pp. 89–92
'Belgium', Aloïs Van Oevelen, Issue 1, pp. 93–100
'England and Wales', Francesco Giglio, Issue 1, pp. 101–110
'France', H. Kenfack, Issue 1, pp. 111–114
'Germany', Christine Godt, Issue 1, pp. 115–118
'Ireland', Adam Mccann, Issue 1, pp. 119–129
'Italy', Giovanni Comandé, Luca Nocco, Issue 1, pp. 131–141
'Joint Possessors Claim against Each Other for Damages Arising from Defective Parts of Their Property? The Dutch Supreme Court Decision in Hammock', Fokko T. Oldenhuis, Issue 1, pp. 143–152
'How Would ‘Hammock-Like’ Cases Be Dealt with in Seven European Jurisdictions? Comparative Observations', Adam Mccann, Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi, Fokko T. Oldenhuis, Issue 1, pp. 153–156
'The Fifth Conference of the Commission on European Family Law', Jacqueline Gray, Pablo Quinzá Redondo, Issue 1, pp. 157–164
'The Internal Market and the Consumer: Has EU Consumer Law Come of Age?', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 1, pp. 165–167
'The Interface between Intellectual Property, Human Rights, and Competition', Allard Ringnalda, Issue 1, pp. 169–181
'The Law of Succession: Testamentary Freedom. European Perspectives, edited by M. Anderson and E. Arroyo i Amayuelas', Joëlle Long, Issue 1, pp. 183–186
'Book Review: La revisión de las normas europeas y nacionales de protección de los consumidores: más allá de la Directiva sobre derechos de los consumidores y del Instrumento Opcional sobre un derecho europeo de la compraventa de octubre de 2011, by Cámara Lapuente, Sergio (dir.), Arroyo Amayuelas, Esther (coord.).', Barbara Pasa, Issue 1, pp. 187–190
'List of Contributors', Issue 1, pp. 191–193

'Fifty Years Tijdschrift Voor Privaatrecht', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 2, pp. 195–199
'The Impact of Primary EU Law on Private Law Relationships: Horizontal Direct Effect under the Free Movement of Goods and Services', Paul Verbruggen, Issue 2, pp. 201–216
'UK Supreme Court Decision on Lehman Brothers Client Money: Equity or Lottery?', Dorothy Gruyaert, Sander Van Loock, Issue 2, pp. 217–249
'L’interdépendance contractuelle Case Notes', Ilse Samoy, Issue 2, pp. 251–252
'L’interdépendance contractuelle dans une opération incluant une location financière. A propos de deux arrêts de chambre mixte de la Cour de cassation', Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson, Issue 2, pp. 253–260
'A Belgian Perspective on the Judgments of the French Cour de Cassation of 17 May 2013', Tâm Dang Vu, Issue 2, pp. 261–282
'L’interdépendance contractuelle in Dutch Law', Sanne Van Dongen, Issue 2, pp. 283–291
'Die Entscheidungen der Cour de Cassation vom 17. Mai 2013 aus deutscher Perspektive', Friederike Dorn, Issue 2, pp. 293–311
'Conference on Croatia and European Private Law, 31st October 2013', Viola Heutger, Issue 2, pp. 313–315
'Thomas Lundmark, Charting the Divide Between Common and Civil Law', Ingeborg Schwenzer, Issue 2, pp. 317–319
'Digital Libraries: Reconciling Copyright Law and Cultural Heritage Policy.', Allard Ringnalda, Issue 2, pp. 321–338
'List of Contributors', Issue 2, pp. 339–340

'Editorial/Éditorial/Redaktionell', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 3, pp. 341–344
'Consent in Licenses of Personality Rights', Thibault Gisclard, Issue 3, pp. 345–370
'Unforeseen Circumstances, Hardship, Impossibility and Force Majeure under German Contract Law', Philip Ridder, Marc-Philippe Weller, Issue 3, pp. 371–391
'The Interrelation of Transparency and Availability of Collateral: German and Belgian Laws of Non-possessory Security Interests', Alexander Morell, Frederic Helsen, Issue 3, pp. 393–438
'Third-Party Litigation Funding: Current State of Affairs and Prospects for Its Further Development in Spain', Oliver Cojo Manuel, Issue 3, pp. 439–468
'Conference Report: ‘The Citizen in European Private Law: Norm-Setting, Enforcement and Choice’, Conference Held in Maastricht, The Netherlands, 18 October 2013', Damla Cavusoglu, Lotte Meurkens, Issue 3, pp. 469–479
'List of Contributors', Issue 3, pp. 481–482

'Editorial: Postclassical Lawyering?', Matthias E. Storme, Issue 4, pp. 483–484
'The Consumer Interest and Data Protection under EU Competition Law: The Case of the Retail Financial Services Sector', Federico Ferretti, Issue 4, pp. 485–512
'Mandatorily Protected: The Consumer in the European Conflict of Laws', Christopher Bisping, Issue 4, pp. 513–544
'Early Termination of Consumer Contracts for the Leasing of Cars under Estonian and Norwegian Laws', Piia Kalamees, Kåre Lilleholt, Issue 4, pp. 545–558
'Rapport du colloque : Marge d’appréciation du juge national dans le cadre du renvoi préjudiciel, dialogue des juges et balance des intérêts', Cecile Pellegrini, Issue 4, pp. 559–576
'Conference Report: ‘Empirical Perspectives on the Law of Contracts’, Ius Commune Conference, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 28 November 2013', Liuhu Luo, Janwillem (Pim) Oosterhuis, Issue 4, pp. 577–582
'Wolfgang Faber and Brigitta Lurger (eds), National Reports on the Transfer of Movables in Europe. Volume 5: Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Finland, and Spain (2011); Volume 6: The Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Latvia (Munich: Sellier European Law Publishers, 2011)', J.M. Milo, Issue 4, pp. 583–586
'Marco Martino: Rezension zu Jessica Schmidt, Der Vertragsschluss – Ein Vergleich zwischen dem deutschen, französischen, englischen Recht und dem CESL (Mohr Siebeck,Tübingen, 2013)', Marco Martino, Issue 4, pp. 587–589
'Cotter, Anne-Marie Mooney, „Pregnant Pause, An International Legal Analysis of Maternity Discrimination“ (Ashgate Publishing Limited, Farnham, Surrey, England, 2010)', A.U. Schimansky, Issue 4, pp. 591–596
'Geneviève Helleringer and Kai Purnhagen (eds), Towards a European Legal Culture (Baden-Baden/München/Oxford: C.H. Beck/Hart/Nomos, 2014)', Kåre Lilleholt, Issue 4, pp. 597–599
'List of Contributors', Issue 4, pp. 601–602

'Editorial', Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi, Issue 5, pp. 603–603
'Public Policy Exceptions in European Private Law: A New Research Project', Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi, Issue 5, pp. 605–610
'Interpretation of the General Clauses ‘Public Policy’ and ‘Good Morals’ in European Contract Law', Salvatore Patti, Issue 5, pp. 611–617
'Conformity of Goods, the Network Society, and the Ethical Consumer', Hugh Collins, Issue 5, pp. 619–640
'Policy Interventions via Contract Interpretation', Lorenz Kaehler, Issue 5, pp. 641–662
'Public Regulation, Contract Law, and the Protection of the Weaker Party: Some Lessons from the Field of Financial Services', Olha O. Cherednychenko, Issue 5, pp. 663–683
'Refusal to Deal, Abuse of Right and Competition Law in Electronic Markets and Digital Communities', Teresa Rodríguez De Las Heras Ballell, Issue 5, pp. 685–702
'Contracts Contrary to Public Policy under English Law and Dutch Law: The Case of Agreements Affecting Matrimony', Zeeshan Mansoor, Issue 5, pp. 703–727
'The CJEU on Trial: Economic Mobility and Social Justice', Adam Mccann, Issue 5, pp. 729–767
'The Disabling of the EC Disability Regulation: Stott v. Thomas Cook Tour Operators Ltd in the Light of the Exclusivity Doctrine', Ingrid Koning, Issue 5, pp. 769–786
'13th Annual Conference on European Tort Law', Andrew Bell, Thomas Thiede, Issue 5, pp. 787–806
'Eveline Ramaekers, European Union Property Law. From Fragments to a System', Florian Eichel, Issue 5, pp. 807–810
'List of Contributors', Issue 5, pp. 811–812

'Editorial: Cherry-Picking Vultures and Other Speculations', Matthias E. Storme, Issue 6, pp. 813–814
'Leases as an Alternative to Homeownership in Europe. Some Key Legal Aspects', Sergio Nasarre Aznar, Issue 6, pp. 815–846
'Speculation on the Operation of Succession Regulation 650/2012: Tales of the Unexpected', Elizabeth B. Crawford, Janeen M. Carruthers, Issue 6, pp. 847–878
'Cross-Fertilization between Swiss and Turkish Tort Laws', Christoph Müller, Olivier Riske, Issue 6, pp. 879–899
'Can EU Consumer Law Benefit from Behavioural Insights? An Analysis of the Unfair Practices Directive', Anne-Lise Sibony, Issue 6, pp. 901–941
'Das deutsche Modellgesetz für Geistiges Eigentum (GGE) - Wissenschaftlicher und gesetzgeberischer Bedarf auch für die Europäische Union?', Hans-Jürgen Ahrens, Issue 6, pp. 943–953
'Goodwill Compensation after Termination of a Franchise Contract: Comparative Perspectives on Cour de Cassation 23 October 2012 (No. 11-21.978)', Ton Hartlief, Joke Baeck, Issue 6, pp. 955–959
'A Belgian Perspective on Cour de Cassation 23 October 2012', Joke Baeck, Issue 6, pp. 961–970
'Estonian Perspective on Cour de Cassation 23 October 2012 (No. 11-12.978)', Karin Sein, Age Värv, Issue 6, pp. 971–978
'A German Perspective on the Concurrence of Claims in Contract and Unjust Enrichment (Case Note on Cour de Cassation 23 October 2012)', Hinrich Doege, Issue 6, pp. 979–1004
'A Common Law Perspective on the Concurrence of Claims in Contract and Unjust Enrichment', Niamh Connolly, Issue 6, pp. 1005–1028
'Loss of Clientele: No Room for a Claim for Restitution of an Unjustified Enrichment under Italian Law', Elena Bargelli, Issue 6, pp. 1029–1037
'Cellcorps v. ETE. A Dutch Perspective', Eltjo J.H. Schrage, Issue 6, pp. 1039–1053
'A DCFR Perspective on the Plight of the Franchisee', Stephen Swann, Issue 6, pp. 1055–1063
'Compensation for the Loss of Small Chances in (Belgian and French) Tort Law', Britt Weyts, Issue 6, pp. 1065–1068
'Delphine Pannatier-Kessler, Le droit de suite et sa reconnaissance selon la Convention de la Haye sur les trusts. Tracing en droit civil Suisse', Jm Milo, Issue 6, pp. 1069–1072
'H.-W. Micklitz, N. Reich, P. Rott & K. Tonner, European Consumer Law (Ius Communutatis Series 5, 2nd edn)', M.B.M. Loos, Issue 6, pp. 1073–1074
'List of Contributors', Issue 6, pp. 1075–1076
'Article Index', Issue 6, pp. 1077–1082
'Subject Index', Issue 6, pp. 1083–1100

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