European Review of Private Law

Volume 24 (2016)

'Editorial: Special Edition on Access to Justice and Consumer ADR', Chris Willett, Issue 1, pp. 1–5
'Alternative Dispute Resolution in the EU: Regulatory Challenges', Eva Storskrubb, Issue 1, pp. 7–31
'Consumer Access to Justice: The Role of the ADR Directive and the Member States', Andrea Fejős, Chris Willett, Issue 1, pp. 33–60
'Enforcing Consumer Rights through ADR at the Detriment of Consumer Law', Marco B.M. Loos, Issue 1, pp. 61–79
'The ADR Directive: Designed to Fail? A Hole-Ridden Stairway to Consumer Justice', Joasia Luzak, Issue 1, pp. 81–101
'Effectiveness of the ADR Directive: Standard of Average Consumer and Exceptions', Eva Théocharidi, Issue 1, pp. 103–116
'Releasing the Potential for a Value-Based Consumer Arbitration under the Consumer ADR Directive', Youseph Farah, Leonardo V.P. De Oliveira, Issue 1, pp. 117–141
'Claims Management Services: An Alternative to ADR?', Peter Rott, Issue 1, pp. 143–159
'List of Contributors', Issue 1, pp. 161–162
'Article Index', Issue 1, pp. 163–167
'Subject Index', Issue 1, pp. 169–186

'Editorial: Let’s Appropriate and Cross-Fertilize', Matthias E. Storme, Issue 2, pp. 187–188
'New Rules on Liability for Inheritance Debts in Poland: Road to a Single European Law?', Mariusz Załucki, Issue 2, pp. 189–202
'Kinship Bonds and Emotional Ties: Lack of a Family Relationship as Ground for Disinheritance', Esther Arroyo I Amayuelas, Esther Farnós Amorós, Issue 2, pp. 203–222
'Online Platforms as Providers of Transnational Payments Law', Agnieszka Janczuk-Gorywoda, Issue 2, pp. 223–251
'Alternative Litigation Funding and the Italian Perspective', Gian Marco Solas, Issue 2, pp. 253–270
'‘Consumers, by Definition, Include Us All’ . . . But Not for Every Transaction', Evelyne Terryn, Issue 2, pp. 271–286
'The Future of Contract Law in Latin America', Pedro Rubim Borges Fortes, Issue 2, pp. 287–296
'Nudge 2.0: The Future of Behavioural Analysis of Law in Europe and Beyond', Philipp Hacker, Issue 2, pp. 297–322
'List of Contributors', Issue 2, pp. 323–324

'Acknowledgements', Carla Sieburgh, Reinhard Zimmermann, Issue 3/4, pp. 325–325
'Arthur Hartkamp: Scholar, Colleague, Friend', Carla Sieburgh, Reinhard Zimmermann, Issue 3/4, pp. 327–329
'General Principles of European Private Law and Interest Analysis: Some Reflections in the Light of Mangold and Audiolux', Jürgen Basedow, Issue 3/4, pp. 331–351
'Penalty Clauses in English Law', Hugh Beale, Issue 3/4, pp. 353–372
'La complémentarité du droit national, international et européen: Perspectives pour les individus', Jean-Sylvestre Bergé, Issue 3/4, pp. 373–391
'Les objectifs de l’harmonisation du droit des contrats – Deux projets OHADA et les Principes OHADAC: objectifs contrastés', Marcel Fontaine, Issue 3/4, pp. 393–408
'‘Towards’ a Private Law Embedded in Social Theory: Eine Skizze', Stefan Grundmann, Issue 3/4, pp. 409–423
'The Justice Dimensions of the Relationship between Fundamental Rights and Private Law', Martijn W. Hesselink, Issue 3/4, pp. 425–455
'Unfair Contract Terms and the Consumer: ECJ Case Law, Foreign Literature, and Their Impact on Dutch Law', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 3/4, pp. 457–472
'A European Civil Code and National Private Law: Lessons from History', Corjo J.H. Jansen, Issue 3/4, pp. 473–488
'Indirect Representation According to the Draft Common Frame of Reference', Sebastian C.J.J. Kortmann, Issue 3/4, pp. 489–500
'Unification of Patrimonial Laws Governing International Trade', Ole Lando, Issue 3/4, pp. 501–512
'Parental Liability for Cartel Infringements Committed by Wholly Owned Subsidiaries: Is the Approach of the European Court of Justice in Akzo Nobel also Relevant in a Private-Law Context?', Roel Van Leuken, Issue 3/4, pp. 513–527
'Unilateral Promises: Scots Law Compared with the PECL and the DCFR', Hector L. Macqueen, Issue 3/4, pp. 529–551
'The Obligation on Dutch and Italian Courts to Apply EU Law of Their Own Motion', Anna Maria Mancaleoni, Issue 3/4, pp. 553–578
'Überlegungen zu dem schwierigen Verhältnis von EU-Privatrecht und nationalem Privatrecht', Hans-W. Micklitz, Issue 3/4, pp. 579–600
'The Belgian Civil Code: How to Restore its Central Position in Modern Private Law?', Frederik Peeraer, Ilse Samoy, Issue 3/4, pp. 601–617
'Product Liability and Beyond: An Exercise in ‘Gap-Filling’', Norbert Reich, Issue 3/4, pp. 619–643
'The Attribution of Acts: Towards a Principled Assessment under EU and National Private Law', Carla Sieburgh, Issue 3/4, pp. 645–671
'Horizontal Direct/Indirect Effect or Direct/Indirect Horizontal Effect: What’s in a Name?', Christiaan Timmermans, Issue 3/4, pp. 673–685
'Die Verjährung – von den Principles of European Contract Law bis zum Entwurf eines Gemeinsamen Europäischen Kaufrechts: Textstufen transnationaler Modellregeln', Reinhard Zimmermann, Issue 3/4, pp. 687–726
'List of Contributors', Issue 3/4, pp. 727–729

'Brexit: Der Herzinfarkt der Europäischen Union', André Janssen, Issue 5, pp. 731–732
'English as Common Legal Language: Its Expansion and the Effects on Civil Law and Common Law Lawyers', Martina Künnecke, Issue 5, pp. 733–757
'Consumer Insolvency Law in Estonia and Norway: Comparative Aspects', Urmas Volens, Kåre Lilleholt, Issue 5, pp. 759–789
'In the Name of Effective Consumer Protection and Public Policy!', Marie Jull Sørensen, Issue 5, pp. 791–822
'Liability in the Medical Sector: The ‘Breast-Taking’ Consequences of the Poly Implant Prothèse Case', Jan De Bruyne, Cedric Vanleenhove, Issue 5, pp. 823–854
'Harmonization of Civil Procedure: Can the European Union Learn from Swiss Experiences?', Anna Wallerman, Issue 5, pp. 855–876
'The Walls Have Fallen, Run for the Keep: Insolvency Law as the New Company Law for Third Parties', Gillis Lindemans, Issue 5, pp. 877–891
'The Young Property Lawyers Forum Colloquium 2015', Elsabé Van Der Sijde, Issue 5, pp. 893–896
'Conference: ‘Perspectives on Chinese Contract Law’', Chengyuan Wang, Issue 5, pp. 897–901
'Religion, Werte und Recht', Malte Kramme, Isabel Gläser, Carmen Langhanke, Shane Mcnamee, Grzegorz Russek, Maximilian Schlüter, Issue 5, pp. 903–911
'Leandro Tripodi: Towards a New CISG', Olaf Meyer, Issue 5, pp. 913–915
'Matthew Dyson (ed.): Comparing Tort and Crime: Learning from Across and Within Legal Systems', Marta Infantino, Issue 5, pp. 917–922
'List of Contributors', Issue 5, pp. 923–925

'Introduction', Luboš Tichý, Issue 6, pp. 927–928
'Trust in Quebec and Czech Law: Autonomous Patrimonies?', Alexandra Popovici, Issue 6, pp. 929–950
'Trusts and Ownership: A Common Law Perspective', William Swadling, Issue 6, pp. 951–972
'Dutch Trusts and Trust-Like Arrangements', Wino J.M. van Veen, Hjalmar M.C. Duin, Issue 6, pp. 973–993
'Trust as a Legislative Challenge: Bipolar Relation vs Quasi-Corporate Status? – Basic Trust Models in Legal Practice, Theory, and Legislation', Karsten Schmidt, Issue 6, pp. 995–1010
'The Rule in Saunders v. Vautier and the Czech Trust Law', Vladimír Ambruz, Issue 6, pp. 1011–1029
'The Duties of Trustees in Comparative Perspective', Lionel Smith, Issue 6, pp. 1031–1052
'Fiduciary Arrangements in Civil Law Countries: Framing the Trustee’s Role and Duties', Corrado Malberti, Issue 6, pp. 1053–1074
'Position of a Trustee: The Capacity to Be a Trustee and a Trustee’s Duty of Care', Lucie Josková, Issue 6, pp. 1075–1090
'Trusts as Vehicles for Investment', Rainer Kulms, Issue 6, pp. 1091–1118
'The Risk of ‘Misusing’ Trusts: Some Lessons from the Italian Experience', Alexandra Braun, Issue 6, pp. 1119–1139
'Guardians of the Charitable Realm: Charitable Trust Supervision Practice and Procedure in the Common Law World', Oonagh B. Breen, Issue 6, pp. 1141–1164
'Recognition of a Trust as a Specific Problem in Private International Law', Luboš Tichý, Issue 6, pp. 1165–1188
'Different Types of Trust from an Ownership Aspect', István Sándor , Issue 6, pp. 1189–1216
'15th Annual Conference on European Tort Law', Andrew J. Bell, Issue 6, pp. 1217–1236
'New Hungarian Civil Procedure Act and the Development of European Rules of Civil Procedure', Tamás Szabados, Issue 6, pp. 1237–1243
'‘Uniform Rules for European Contract Law? A Critical Assessment’', Isué Natalia Vargas-Brand, Issue 6, pp. 1245–1250
'List of Contributors', Issue 6, pp. 1251–1253

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