European Review of Private Law

Volume 25 (2017)

'Revealing Underlying Tensions: Contracts and Other Dialogues', Matthias E. Storme, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'Das Kindeswohl im spanischen Familienrecht. Eine vergleichende Analyse mit dem US-Recht', José Manuel De Torres Perea, Issue 1, pp. 3–23
'How to Make the Best of Mandatory Information Requirements in Consumer Law', Martien Schaub, Issue 1, pp. 25–44
'Who Has the Last Word?', Marc Loth, Issue 1, pp. 45–69
'Should the Implied Term Concerning Quality Be Generalized? Present and Future of the Principle of Conformity in Europe', Francisco De Elizalde, Issue 1, pp. 71–107
'A Comparative Analysis of the Frustration Rule: Possibility of Reconciliation Between Hong Kong-English ‘Hands-off Approach’ and German ‘Interventionist Mechanism’', Gordon Chung, Issue 1, pp. 109–142
'Legal Education Under Fire', Sabino Cassese, Issue 1, pp. 143–149
'Fixing European Law Schools', Arthur Dyevre, Issue 1, pp. 151–168
'Penalty Clauses and the Recent Decisions by the UK Supreme Court in Cavendish v. Makdessi & ParkingEye v.Beavis', Harriët N. Schelhaas, Issue 1, pp. 169–172
'Case Note England and Wales, UKSC 4 November 2015, Cavendish Square Holdings BV v. Makdessi; ParkingEye Ltd v. Beavis', Paula Giliker, Issue 1, pp. 173–180
'Belgique – A propos des clauses pénales qui ne peuvent être pénales', Françoise Auvray, Sanne Jansen, Issue 1, pp. 181–195
'German Case Note on the Penalty Clause Decisions of the UK Supreme Court', Florian Faust, Issue 1, pp. 197–207
'The UK Supreme Court Cases on Penalty Clause Cases from a Dutch Perspective', Harriët N. Schelhaas, Issue 1, pp. 209–217
'French Case Note on the Penalty Clause Decisions of the UK Supreme Court', Michel Cannarsa, Issue 1, pp. 219–225
'The New English Law on Penalty Clauses: An Italian Perspective', Francesco Paolo Patti, Issue 1, pp. 227–240
'Swedish Case Note on the Penalty Clause Decisions by the UK Supreme Court', Christina Ramberg, Issue 1, pp. 241–253
'A Polish Perspective on Liquidated Damages and the Fairness of Contract: Comment on Cavendish Square Holdings BV v. Makdessi and ParkingEye Ltd v. Beavis', Ewa Bagińska, Paulina Ślufińska, Issue 1, pp. 255–266
'Concluding Comparative Remarks in Relation to UK Supreme Court Cases on Penalty Clauses', Harriët N. Schelhaas, Issue 1, pp. 267–271
'World Tort Law Society’s Conference on Product Liability on 17th September 2015 in Vienna', Eva Ondreasova, Issue 1, pp. 273–289
'List of Contributors', Issue 1, pp. 291–293

'Die juristische Zeitschrift als Kurator', André Janssen, Issue 2, pp. 295–296
'The European Court of Justice and the Comparative Law Method', Koen Lenaerts, Issue 2, pp. 297–311
'Save the ‘Mittelstand’: How German Courts Protect Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises from Unfair Terms', Matthias Lehmann, Johannes Ungerer, Issue 2, pp. 313–336
'Agency and Principal Dealing Under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) I & II', Danny Busch, Issue 2, pp. 337–362
'The Potential Implementation of Collective Arbitration in Europe', Ana Montesinos García, Issue 2, pp. 363–385
'Dispute Resolution in Telecommunications: A Commitment to Out-of-Court', Marta Cantero Gamito, Issue 2, pp. 387–420
'Retention of Title or the Transfer of Ownership in a Slideway: Ownership in Adultery?', Vincent Sagaert, Dorothy Gruyaert, Issue 2, pp. 421–439
'„Nichtgeborene Kinder des Liberalismus“? – Zivilgesetzgebung im Mitteleuropa der Zwischenkriegszeit', Raphaela Etzold, Issue 2, pp. 441–450
'Conference Report: ‘Abuse of Law’ in Prague, Czech Republic, 20–21 October 2016', Andreas Frössel, Issue 2, pp. 451–458
'Larry A. DiMatteo, International Sales Law - A Global Challenge', Frank Spohnheimer, Issue 2, pp. 459–467
'Larry A. DiMatteo, André Janssen, Ulrich Magnus, Reiner Schulze, International Sales Law: Contract, Principles & Practice', Navin G. Ahuja, Issue 2, pp. 469–475
'Remus Valsan (ed.), Trust and Patrimonies', J.M. Milo, Issue 2, pp. 477–480
'List of Contributors', Issue 2, pp. 481–482

'Coping with Diversity and EU Private Law', Matthias E. Storme, Issue 3, pp. 483–484
'Who’s Afraid of Comparative Law? The (Side) Effects of Unification of Private International Law in Europe', Giesela Rühl, Issue 3, pp. 485–521
'A Model for the Use of the European Certificate of Succession for Property Registration', Elise Goossens, Issue 3, pp. 523–551
'Consequences of the European Succession Regulation in European Property Law', Celia Martínez-Escribano, Issue 3, pp. 553–574
'The Principles of Effectiveness, Proportionality and Dissuasiveness in the Enforcement of EU Consumer Law: The Impact of a Triad on the Choice of Civil Remedies and Administrative Sanctions', Fabrizio Cafaggi, Paola Iamiceli, Issue 3, pp. 575–618
'Public Law by Contract: The Reluctant Creation of Private Markets for Welfare Service', Ole Hansen, Issue 3, pp. 619–649
'Personalizing EU Private Law: From Disclosures to Nudges and Mandates', Philipp Hacker, Issue 3, pp. 651–677
'Book Review: EU Fundamental Rights and Private Law, edited by Bettina Heiderhoff, Sebastian Lohsse & Reiner Schulze. (EU Grundrechte und Privatrecht) (Nomos Baden-Baden 2016)', Mel Kenny, Issue 3, pp. 679–682
'Conference on ‘Integration and International Dispute Resolution in Small States’', Petra Butler, Issue 3, pp. 683–689
'Contracts for the Supply of Digital Content: Regulatory Challenges and Gaps (Münster 27–28 October 2016)', Monika Namysłowska, Agnieszka Jabłonowska, Issue 3, pp. 691–694
'List of Contributors', Issue 3, pp. 695–696

'Das digitale Erbe eines Menschen', André Janssen, Issue 4, pp. 697–699
'Concurrent Claims in Contract and Tort: A Comparative Perspective', Ruben De Graaff, Issue 4, pp. 701–726
'Abuse of Principles of Creditor Autonomy in Insolvency Proceedings', Tomáš Troup, Andreas Frössel, Issue 4, pp. 727–763
'Default Interest Rates in International Transaction: Analyses of Private Law Application', Eyvindur G. Gunnarsson, Issue 4, pp. 765–788
'Mixing Legal Systems in Europe; the Role of Common Law Transplants (Polish Law Example)', Beata Gessel-Kalinowska Vel Kalisz, Issue 4, pp. 789–812
'Book Review: The Transformation of Enforcement: European Economic Law in a Global Perspective, edited by H.-W. Micklitz & U.A. Wechsler. (Hart Publishing. 2016.)', Olha O. Cherednychenko, Issue 4, pp. 813–819
'Book Review: Research Handbook on EU Consumer and Contract Law, edited by Christian Twigg-Flesner. (Cheltenham (UK) and Northampton (US): Edward Elgar Publishing Limited. 2016.)', Cristina Poncibò, Issue 4, pp. 821–829
'68. Deutsch-Niederländische Juristenkonferenz vom 7. bis 9. Oktober 2016 in Leiden und Noordwijk (NL)', Thera Dieleman, Issue 4, pp. 831–834
'Report on the Inaugural International Conference of the Groningen Centre for European Financial Services Law (CGEFSL) ‘Towards Sustainable Financial Services in the EU: Making Sense of the Trend’', Olha O. Cherednychenko, Issue 4, pp. 835–853
'List of Contributors', Issue 4, pp. 855–856

'Testing the Central Role of Contract Law', Matthias E. Storme, Issue 5, pp. 857–857
'Contractual Networks in Construction Services: A Dutch Building Block?', Stéphanie Van Gulijk, Issue 5, pp. 859–880
'The Principle of Passing on in EU Competition Law in the Aftermath of the Damages Directive', Marco Botta, Issue 5, pp. 881–907
'The Unexpected Change of Circumstances Under American and Spanish Contract Law: Different Concepts, Different Methodology, Similar Outcomes', Jorge Castiñeira Jerez, Issue 5, pp. 909–940
'Sham Trusts: A Comparative Study', Luca Ettore Perriello, Issue 5, pp. 941–965
'The Duty of Disclosure in the PEICL: A Scandinavian Perspective', Harald Benestad Anderssen, Issue 5, pp. 967–987
'Book Review: Evidence In Contemporary Civil Procedure, by C.H. van Rhee und A. Uzelac (Hrsg.). (Intersentia, Antwerpen, 2015)', Wannes Vandenbussche, Issue 5, pp. 989–991
'Book Review: European Contract Law and the Digital Single Market, edited by A. De Franceschi. (Intersentia. 2016)', Marta Cantero, Issue 5, pp. 993–996
'Book Review: Defences in Contract, edited by Andrew Dyson, James Goudkamp & Frederick Wilmot-Smith. (Oxford: Hart. 2017)', Gordon Chung, Issue 5, pp. 997–1000
'Book Review: European Contract Law and the Digital Single Market, edited by Alberto de Franceschi. (Antwerp: Intersentia. 2016.)', Paula Giliker, Issue 5, pp. 1001–1003
'List of Contributors', Issue 5, pp. 1005–1005

'Editorial', André Janssen, Issue 6, pp. 1007–1007
'The Cross-Border Continuity of Names in the European Union', Silvia Marino, Issue 6, pp. 1009–1030
'Do Fundamental Rights Conflict with Private Law?', David Ramos Munoz, Issue 6, pp. 1031–1084
'Presentation of the Case', Florence G’sell, Issue 6, pp. 1085–1086
'Italian Case Note on Heneghan', Nadia Coggiola, Issue 6, pp. 1087–1095
'Asbestos Exposure at the Workplace, Smoking Habits & Lung Cancer: Dutch Reflections on Employer Liability', J.M. Emaus, Issue 6, pp. 1097–1108
'Alternative Causation Under French Law', Florence G’Sell, Issue 6, pp. 1109–1115
'From Salamander’s Wool to Lethal Dust: Asbestos Liability Under Spanish Law in Light of Heneghan', Albert Ruda, Issue 6, pp. 1117–1133
'Mesothelioma Cases Under German Law: A ‘Glass Bead Game’', Thomas Thiede, Issue 6, pp. 1135–1140
'Alternative Causation in Asbestos Cases under Belgian Law', Wannes Vandenbussche, Issue 6, pp. 1141–1151
'Research Center of Innovation between China and Europe Conference: The Current Reform of Chinese Civil Law', Pirmin Herz, Issue 6, pp. 1153–1157
'Book Review: European Law and National Private Law by A. Hartkamp', Stefan Somers, Issue 6, pp. 1159–1160
'List of Contributors', Issue 6, pp. 1161–1162
'Index 2016 Article Index', Issue 6, pp. 1163–1167
'Index 2016 Subject Index', Issue 6, pp. 1169–1185
'Index 2017 Article Index', Issue 6, pp. 1187–1192
'Index 2017 Subject Index', Issue 6, pp. 1193–1208

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