European Review of Private Law

Volume 26 (2018)

'Twenty-Five Years, Nearly as Many Perspectives on Private Law', Matthias E. Storme, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'The Validity of Knock-for-Knock Clauses in Comparative Perspective', Sylvie Cécile Cavaleri, Issue 1, pp. 3–29
'Debating Personality Rights Protection in China: A Comparative Outlook', Chen Lei, Issue 1, pp. 31–55
'Remedies for Damage Caused by Vaccines: A Comparative Study of Four European Legal Systems', Eleonora Rajneri, Jean-Sébastien Borghetti, Duncan Fairgrieve, Peter Rott, Issue 1, pp. 57–95
'The Unified Patent Court as Part of a New European Patent Landscape: Wholesale Harmonization or Experiment in Legal Pluralism?', Léon Dijkman, Cato Van Paddenburgh, Issue 1, pp. 97–117
'Full Harmonization, Consumer Protection and Products Liability: A Fresh Reading of the Case Law of the ECJ', Thomas Verheyen, Issue 1, pp. 119–140
'Habitual Workplace. ECJ Grounds Ryanair over Aircrew’s Contracts', Michiel Poesen, Issue 1, pp. 141–150
'Book Review: Rules and Principles in European Contract Law edited by Jacobien Rutgers & Pietro Sirena', Sanne Jansen, Issue 1, pp. 151–156
'Book Review: Contract Governance: Dimensions in Law & Interdisciplinary Research edited by Jan M. Smits, Contract Law: A Comparative Introduction and Stefan Grundmann, Florian Möslein & Karl Riesenhuber', Marta Infantino, Issue 1, pp. 157–163
'Book Review: Four Men in a Lift by J.H. Nieuwenhuis, Cornerstones of Tort Law', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 1, pp. 165–166
'List of Contributors', Issue 1, pp. 167–168

'Editorial 2/2018', André Janssen, Issue 2, pp. 169–169
'Monitoring Consumer ADR Quality in the EU: A Critical Perspective', Alexandre Biard, Issue 2, pp. 171–195
'Quelles réponses à la décadence des actions possessoires? Une analyse comparative des droits français, belge et italien', Johan Van de Voorde, Sirio Zolea, Issue 2, pp. 197–226
'Patel v Mirza und die Illegality-Doktrin im Vergleich zum deutschen Recht', Jakob Gleim, Issue 2, pp. 227–244
'Restitution of Performance Under an Illegal Contract: A Belgian Perspective on Patel v. Mirza', Jeroen Delvoie, Steven Declercq, Issue 2, pp. 245–254
'The Denial of Restitution Under Italian Law: A Perspective on Patel v. Mirza', Francesco Paolo Patti, Issue 2, pp. 255–263
'Les restitutions consécutives à l’annulation du contrat illicite Brèves réflexions sur le droit français réformé des contrats à partir de l’arrêt Patel c. Mirza', Samuel Fulli-Lemaire, Issue 2, pp. 265–271
'Restitution Under an Illegal Contract: A Scots Law Perspective on Patel v. Mirza', Obiora Ezike, John Macleod, Issue 2, pp. 273–281
'Book Review: Comparative Property Law. Global Perspectives, in Research Handbooks in Comparative Law Series, edited by M. Graziadei & L. Smith.', Johan Van de Voorde, Issue 2, pp. 283–285
'Book Review: Gert Brüggemeier: Tort Law in The European Union', Anna Maria Mancaleoni, Issue 2, pp. 287–292
'List of Contributors', Issue 2, pp. 293–294

'In Search of Less Categorical Laws (Editorial)', Matthias E. Storme, Issue 3, pp. 295–295
'Personalization of Information Duties Challenges for Big Data Approach', Katarzyna Poludniak-Gierz, Issue 3, pp. 297–309
'Rediscovering the Principle of Comity in English Private International Law', Thomas Schultz, Jason Mitchenson, Issue 3, pp. 311–340
'Schockschaden und Hinterbliebenengeld nach deutschem Recht und Angehörigenschmerzensgeld nach türkischem Recht', İpek Çevik, Issue 3, pp. 341–369
'The Law and Economics of Cyber Insurance Contracts: A Case Study', Bernold Nieuwesteeg, Louis Visscher, Bob de Waard, Issue 3, pp. 371–420
'The (Legal) Qualification of the Embryo and Its Utilization for Scientific Research Purposes Under the European Multilevel Protection System of Fundamental Rights', Daniele D’Alvia, Angelo Viglianisi Ferraro, Issue 3, pp. 421–443
'Book Review: The Choice of Law Contract, by Maria Hook', Navin G. Ahuja, Issue 3, pp. 445–448
'Book Review: Contract Law: A Comparative Introduction, edited by Jan Smits', Gordon Chung, Issue 3, pp. 449–451
'Book Review: Over onwettigheid, onzedelijkheid en terugvordering – Een rechtshistorisch en rechtsvergelijkend onderzoek naar de toelaatbaarheid van vorderingen uit onverschuldigde betaling na de uitvoering van een nietige overeenkomst, by Tobias Jonkers', Jacques du Plessis, Issue 3, pp. 453–459
'List of Contributors', Issue 3, pp. 461–462

'Marcel Storme 1930–2018', Ewoud Hondius, Issue 4, pp. 463–465
'Compensation for Drug-Related Injuries', Matti Urho, Issue 4, pp. 467–513
'Breach of Contract and Damages for Non-Pecuniary Loss', Katarzyna Kryla-Cudna, Issue 4, pp. 515–535
'Jurisdiction Clauses in International Premarital Agreements: A Comparison Between the US and the European System', Beatriz Añoveros Terradas, Issue 4, pp. 537–577
'Book Review: Primary EU Law and Private Law Concepts; Private Law and the Internal Market, edited by Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, Carla Sieburgh', Jean-Sylvestre Bergé, Issue 4, pp. 579–580
'Book Review: European Contract Law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, edited by Hugh Collins', Luca Ettore Perriello, Issue 4, pp. 581–586
'Book Review: Property Law Perspectives III, edited by A. Apers, S. Bouly, E. Dewitte & D. Gruyaert', Elsabé van der Sijde, Issue 4, pp. 587–591
'List of Contributors', Issue 4, pp. 593–593

'Die unterschätzte Strahlkraft des europäischen Rechts im 21. Jahrhundert', André Janssen, Issue 5, pp. 595–596
'Policy, Politics and Aesthetics in Non-American Private Law: A Comparative Study of Contract Performance Interruption', Pascal Mcdougall, Issue 5, pp. 597–634
'Ensuring Data Protection by Private Law Contract Monitoring: A Legal and Value-Based Approach', Stéphanie Van Gulijk, Joris Hulstijn, Issue 5, pp. 635–659
'The Enforcement of Foreign Decisions Concerning Punitive Damages', Barbara Pozzo, Michel Cannarsa, Cedric Vanleenhove, Lotte Meurkens, André Janssen, Natalia Alvarez Lata, Issue 5, pp. 661–702
'Position Paper on the Fitness Check of EU Consumer Law', A.L.B. Colombi Ciacchi, CH. Hodges, B. Van Leeuwen, V. Mak, H.-W. Micklitz, I. Rueda, E.A.G. Van Schagen, S. Weatherill, Issue 5, pp. 703–705
'Conference Report on ‘Digital Revolution: Data Protection, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Products, BlockchainTechnology and Virtual Currencies. Challenges for Law in Practice’', Francesc Fradera, Issue 5, pp. 707–712
'Book Review: Proof of Causation in Tort Law, by Sandy Steel', Claudio Lombardi, Issue 5, pp. 713–715
'Book Review: The Impact of the Mortgage Credit Directive in Europe, edited by M. Anderson & E. Arroyo Amayuelas.', Johan Vannerom, Issue 5, pp. 717–718
'Book Review: English and European Perspectives on Contract and Commercial Law. Essays in Honour of Hugh Beale, edited by L. Gullifer & S. Vogenauer', Francesco Paolo Patti, Issue 5, pp. 719–723
'List of Contributors', Issue 5, pp. 725–726

'Editorial: Preface', Michel Cannarsa, Issue 6, pp. 727–729
'The Legal Meaning of Smart Contracts', Riccardo De Caria, Issue 6, pp. 731–751
'The Formation of Blockchain-based Smart Contracts in the Light of Contract Law', Mateja Durovic, André Janssen, Issue 6, pp. 753–771
'Interpretation of Contracts and Smart Contracts: Smart Interpretation or Interpretation of Smart Contracts?', Michel Cannarsa, Issue 6, pp. 773–785
'Force Majeure and Excuses in Smart Contracts', Eric Tjong Tjin Tai, Issue 6, pp. 787–804
'Quandary of Smart Contracts and Remedies: The Role of Contract Law and Self-Help Remedies', Larry A. Dimatteo, Cristina Poncibó, Issue 6, pp. 805–824
'Blockchain & Data Protection … and Why They Are Not on a Collision Course', Lokke Moerel, Issue 6, pp. 825–851
'Electronic Platforms: Openness, Transparency & Privacy Issues', Eliza Mik, Issue 6, pp. 853–870
'Contract Law and Smart Contracts: Property and Security Rights Issues', Louis-Daniel Muka Tshibende, Issue 6, pp. 871–883
'Smart Contracts as the (new) Power of the Powerless? The Stakes for Consumers', Oscar Borgogno, Issue 6, pp. 885–902
'Digital Platforms: Regulation and Liability in the EU Law', Piotr Tereszkiewicz, Issue 6, pp. 903–920
'Will Innovative Technology Result in Innovative Legal Frameworks? – Smart Contracts in China', Jia Wang, Chen Lei, Issue 6, pp. 921–942
'Smart Contracts: A Synoposis', Linda Tissaoui, Joyling Liu, Dan M. Marcotte, Issue 6, pp. 943–949
'‘Recht – Finanzen – Digitalisierung’ Philipps-Universität Marburg, 6 July 2018', Christopher Rennig, Issue 6, pp. 951–954
'Young Property Lawyers Forum 2018', Alisdair Macpherson, Issue 6, pp. 955–957
'List of Contributors', Issue 6, pp. 959–960
'Article Index', Issue 6, pp. 961–965
'Subject Index', Issue 6, pp. 967–976

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