Global Trade and Customs Journal

Volume 1 (2006)

'Further Liberalization of Trade in Chemicals - Can the DDA Deliver? A Summary of the Chemical Industry’s Positions on the Doha Development Agenda', Reinhard Quick, Issue 1, pp. 1–20
'The Customs Response to the 21st Century', Kunio Mikuriya, Issue 1, pp. 21–28
'The WTO Independent Entity on Preshipment Inspection Receives its First Case for Review', Janet Chakarian-Renouf, Issue 1, pp. 29–38
'A Place for Customs in the WTO: A Practical Look at the Doha Trade Facilitation Negotiations', Michael Lux, John Malone, Issue 1, pp. 39–48
'Market Economy Status for Ukraine in Antidumping Cases in the United States and European Union', John Maloney, Gary Horlick, Issue 1, pp. 49–50
'European Commission Proposes First Ever Compulsory Country of Origin Marking Rules for Imported Goods', Lourdes Catrain, Delphine Voillemot, Issue 1, pp. 51–52

'Proposal for a Modernized Community Customs Code: Reconciling Technical Progress with Simpler Law in the Interest of Increasing Competitiveness in the EU', Michael Lux, Pierre-Jacques Larrieu, Issue 2, pp. 53–71
'Drafting Rules of Origin for Development: Lessons Learned Beyond Conventional Wisdom and Misunderstandings', Stefano Inama, Issue 2, pp. 73–82
'The European Emissions Trading Directive: The End of the Beginning, the Beginning of the End or Somewhere in Between?', Laura Atlee, Simon Van Cutsem, Issue 2, pp. 83–99
'Tariff Classification Regulations in the EC: Legal Remedies and Concurrent Jurisdiction', Davide Rovetta, Issue 2, pp. 101–106

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