Global Trade and Customs Journal

Volume 10 (2015)

'Embargo as a Trade Defense against an Embargo: The WTO Compatibility of the Russian Ban on Imports from the EU', Eric Pickett, Michael Lux, Issue 1, pp. 2–41
'A Future for Multilateralism?: New Regionalism, Counter-Multilateralism and Perspectives for the World Trade System after the Bali Ministerial Conference', Frank Altemöller, Issue 1, pp. 42–53
'Unwritten Measures: Reflections on the Panel Reports in Argentina – Measures Affecting the Importation of Goods', Hugo Romero, Fernando Piérola, Issue 1, pp. 54–58

'India, Food Security, and the Bali Ministerial: Interviews with Trade Policy Experts in India', James J. Nedumpara, Adhiti Gupta, Bujji Babu M, Issue 2, pp. 60–68
'Sanctions and the Supply Chain', Lasse Vuola, Issue 2, pp. 69–72
'Revisiting the Conflict Minerals Rule', Alex Brackett, Estelle Levin, Yves Melin, Issue 2, pp. 73–86
'Gray Becomes Black and White: Exploring Options for U.S. Businesses in Wake of the Kirtsaeng Decision', Laura Fraedrich, Chase Kaniecki, Diego Ortega, Issue 2, pp. 87–94

'The Confiscation by Equivalent in Customs Matters in Belgium', Patricio Diaz Gavier, Issue 3, pp. 96–98
'Herding Smart Cats: Applying Export Controls on Intangible Transfers of Technology in UK Universities', Richard Tauwhare, Issue 3, pp. 99–104
'Can a Gender-Sensitive Approach to WTO Regulation Enhance Women’s Contribution to the Global Economy?', Nellie Munin, Issue 3, pp. 105–117
'‘The WTO Legality of the Withdrawal of Tariff Preferences Based on Human Rights Violations: The Case of the EU GSP in Cambodia’', Sara Núñez Évora, Issue 3, pp. 118–128

'Appellate Body Report in China: Rare Earths – Addressing Violations of WTO-Plus Obligations', Cherise M. Valles, Issue 4, pp. 130–135
'A Customs Union without Harmonized Sanctions: Time for Change?', Timothy Lyons, Issue 4, pp. 136–142
'General Rule 5(b) for the Interpretation of the Tariff', Patricio Diaz Gavier, Issue 4, pp. 143–148
'An APO System in EU Trade Defence Investigations: No Guts, No Glory', Edwin Vermulst, Christofer Fjellner, Issue 4, pp. 149–152
'The Quest for Finding the Balance between Transparency and Confidentiality in EU Trade Defence Cases', Derk Bienen, Issue 4, pp. 153–158
'Administrative Protective Orders in Taiwan Trade Remedy Proceedings', Doris Lin, Kaiwei Chan, Issue 4, pp. 159–160
'Additional Insights on APO Practice and Procedure in Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duty Proceedings in Canada, Mexico and the United States', Darrel Pearson, Jessica Horwitz, Adrian B. Vazquez, Patrick J. Togni, Issue 4, pp. 161–170

'Changes in the Treatment of Trademark Royalties in EU Customs Law: The Example of 3D Printing', Arnoud Willems, David Leys, Issue 5, pp. 172–175
'Much Ado About ‘Nothing’: 2016, China and Market Economy Status', Bernard O’Connor, Issue 5, pp. 176–180
'Customs Agency Enforcement of IPRs in an FTZ', Yiwu Sun, Issue 5, pp. 181–188
'Notification of the GCC to the WTO as a Customs Union: The Whys and Hows', Bashar H. Malkawi, Issue 5, pp. 189–192

'Intra-EU BITs and EU Law: What to Learn from the Micula Battle', Avv. Davide Rovetta, Avv. Maurizio Gambardella, Issue 6, pp. 194–197
'Judicial Review of CITT Preliminary Determinations of Injury: Is It Possible?', Reagan Walker, Issue 6, pp. 198–206
'Mirror Analysis: Customs Risk Analysis and Fraud Detection', Thomas Cantens, Issue 6, pp. 207–216
'WTO Implications of China’s Food Security Policy', Carolina Palma, Issue 6, pp. 217–227
'AEO Programmes Worldwide: From MRAs to a General AEO Agreement?!', Carsten Weerth, Issue 6, pp. 228–230
'Book Review: Martin Davies & David Snyder, International Transactions in Goods, Global Sales in Comparative Context, Oxford University Press, 2014', Michael Lux, Issue 6, pp. 231–231

'Practical Aspects of Sanctions and Embargoes: A Comparative View', Issue 7/8, pp. 234–249
'An Overview of EU Sanctions Case Law', Lorenzo Di Masi, Maurizio Gambardella, Davide Rovetta, Issue 7/8, pp. 250–257
'Leadership and Management Development: Meeting the Challenges of Economic Integration', Frank Altemöller, Issue 7/8, pp. 258–266
'EU Competence in Foreign Direct Investment: Will the EU Court of Justice End the Controversy?', David Leys, Issue 7/8, pp. 267–272
'The Fourth Wave of FTAs in 2015–2016?', Shintaro Hamanaka, Issue 7/8, pp. 273–278
'Book Review: Edmond McGovern, EU Anti-Dumping and Trade Defence Law and Practice (Globefield Press, Topsham, Exeter), 2008', Michael Lux, Issue 7/8, pp. 279–280

'Assessment of ‘Material Injury’ and ‘Causation’: Recent Developments in Australia', Weihuan Zhou, Issue 9, pp. 282–290
'Re-constructing Dispute Settlement Mechanism in Trade and Investment Agreements: Key Considerations for the PACER Plus Negotiating Parties', Yenkong Ngangjoh-Hodu, Issue 9, pp. 291–307
'To Cumulate or Not to Cumulate: That Is the Question', Adarsh Ramanujan, Issue 9, pp. 308–322
'The WTO Compatibility of the Indian AI Import Ban', Niharika Dhall, Issue 9, pp. 323–326
'Book Review: Edmond McGovern, International Trade Regulation, Globefield Press, 2015', Laura Fraedrich, Issue 9, pp. 327–328

'COO Dispute Settlement through Tax Court in Indonesia', Budi Nugroho, Muhamad Hikmah, Issue 10, pp. 330–337
'Solving the Conflict Minerals Puzzle', Elena Vyboldina, Issue 10, pp. 338–345
'The ITA II: Successful Trade Liberalization', Aaron Marx, Issue 10, pp. 346–354
'A New World of Causation in Safeguards: Application of the ‘But for’ Test', Pratik Tayal, Issue 10, pp. 355–363
'Book Review: Corruption – Economic Analysis and International Law, by Marco Arnone & Leonardo S. Borlini. (Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, USA, Edward Elgar, 2014)', Federico Lupo-Pasini, Issue 10, pp. 364–365

ISSUE 11/12
'Preferential Origin Disputes: Is the Good Faith Defence under EU Law Being Eroded?', Pablo Muñiz, Issue 11/12, pp. 368–379
'Bounty Hunter Reward System: A Necessary Management Evil? – A Case Study of Sri Lanka Customs', M.R. Rajmohan, Issue 11/12, pp. 380–391
'Strengthening the Fight against Customs Fraud in the EU: New European Parliament and Council Regulation Amending Regulation 515/1997', Yannis Xenakis, Issue 11/12, pp. 392–401
'Causation in Trade Remedy Actions: Problems with the ‘But for’ Test', James J. Nedumpara, Issue 11/12, pp. 402–406
'The Customs Valuation Treatment of Advertisement with regard to Imported Goods', Pablo González Bianchi, Juan David Barbosa Mariño, Issue 11/12, pp. 407–416
'Fraud Risks in Customs Bonded Warehouses in Tunisia', Lotfi Ayadi, Gaël Raballand, Golvine de Rochambeau, Issue 11/12, pp. 417–425
'Pakistan’s Trade Performance in Two Decades of the WTO Regime: Implications for the Future', Mehnaz Bhaur, Issue 11/12, pp. 426–436
'Article Index', Issue 11/12, pp. 437–439

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