Global Trade and Customs Journal

Volume 11 (2016)

'An Appreciation of John Jackson', Charles De Jager, Issue 1, pp. 2–2
'Proposal for Improved Access to Investigation Files in EU Trade Defence Instrument Proceedings', Folkert Graafsma, Yves Melin, Stuart Newman, James Searles, Issue 1, pp. 3–14
'The EU and Turkey: Privileged Partner or More?', Serdar Baskin, Juni Vermulst, Issue 1, pp. 15–22
'Evolution of Classified Administration of Enterprises and the Harmonization of AEO System in Chinese Customs Reform', Qing-Yun Jiang, Issue 1, pp. 23–30
'Robert Ireland, WCO Research Unit', John B. Brew, Issue 1, pp. 31–33
'Book Review: European Union Customs Code, by Tom Walsh. (Kluwer Law International, Alphen aan den Rijn, 2015)', Michael Lux, Issue 1, pp. 34–39

'Why the EU Anti-dumping Practice to Adjust Inputs Costs in Situations Where Such Costs Are ‘Artificially Low’ Is Legitimate and Justified', Gerard Depayre, Issue 2, pp. 42–45
'Cross-Border Intellectual Property Rights in Digital Data: The Legal Framework in Europe and the United States in the Light of ClearCorrect v. US International Trade Commission', Bruno G. Simões, Issue 2, pp. 46–56
'The World Ranking of Trade Statistics Accuracy', Shintaro Hamanaka, Aiken Tafgar, Ronaldo Ico, Issue 2, pp. 57–61
'The Non-discrimination Principle and VAT: Rules of Thumb for Trade and Tax Policy-Makers', Miguel A. Rodriguez Cuadros, Issue 2, pp. 62–70
'‘The Day the Music Died’: The Curious Case of Peru-Agricultural Products', Akhil Raina, Issue 2, pp. 71–85

'Users in EU Trade Defence Investigations: How to Better Take their Interests into Account, and the New Role of Member States as User Champions after Comitology', Yves Melin, Issue 3, pp. 88–121
'Tracing GATT-Minus Provisions on Export Restrictions in Regional Trade Agreements', Weiwei Zhang, Issue 3, pp. 122–133
'Market Integration through WTO Law and Questions of Democracy: The Case of Ethiopia’s Accession to the WTO', Legesse Tigabu Mengie, Issue 3, pp. 134–139
'Canada’s Sanctions Regime Regarding Iran: How Much has Changed in a Post-Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Regulated Market?', Clifford R. Sosnow, Issue 3, pp. 140–145

'Guest Editor’s Introduction – TPP Country Comparison', Clifford Sosnow, Issue 4, pp. 148–148
'Trans-Pacific Partnership', Gary N Horlick, Issue 4, pp. 149–152
'A U.S. Perspective on TPP: Prosperity through Market Access, Plus Many New Areas to Debate', Corey L. Norton, Issue 4, pp. 153–156
'TPP and Investor-State Dispute Settlement: An Intertwined Spectrum of Options for Investors?', Mariana Pendás, Eduardo Mathison, Issue 4, pp. 157–164
'The Trans-Pacific Partnership Tobacco Carve-Out Precedent', Robert Ireland, Issue 4, pp. 165–169
'The Australian TPP Experience – The Same but Different', Andrew Hudson, Issue 4, pp. 170–174
'New Zealand and the TPP', Ian Gault, Andy Glenie, Issue 4, pp. 175–177
'Impact of the TPP on Trade and Investment in Vietnam', Stefano Pellegrino, Mark Fraser, Issue 4, pp. 178–181
'Trans-Pacific Partnership and Singapore – Not Just Another Free Trade Agreement', Kala Anandarajah, Issue 4, pp. 182–184
'The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Malaysia', Kuok Yew Chen, Tracy Wong, Issue 4, pp. 185–187
'Possible Trans-Pacific Partnership Implications for Chilean International Trade', Rafael Vergara, Matías Vergara, Patricio Laporta, Issue 4, pp. 188–191
'TPP Opportunities for Peruvian Exporters and Importers: Some Ideas to Optimize the Supply Chain of Products and Some Thoughts about the Agreement', Miguel Adolfo Rodriguez Cuadros, Issue 4, pp. 192–197
'The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Mexico’s Perspective and Expectations', Turenna Ramirez Ortiz, Issue 4, pp. 198–202
'Trans-Pacific Partnership: Key Takeaways on Canada', Clifford Sosnow, Leslie Milton, Issue 4, pp. 203–209

'Normal Value in Anti-Dumping Proceedings against China Post-2016: Are Some Animals Less Equal Than Others?', Edwin Vermulst, Juhi Dion Sud, Simon J. Evenett, Issue 5, pp. 212–228
'Interpreting Paragraph 15 of China’s Accession Protocol in Light of the Working Party Report', Li Zhenghao, Issue 5, pp. 229–237
'U.S. Trade Preferences Extension Act (TPEA) of 2015 Could Lead to Increased Use of “Particular Market Situation” in Calculating Normal Value in Anti-Dumping Cases', Matthew R. Nicely, Brian Gatta, Issue 5, pp. 238–243
'More on Why Granting China Market Economy Status after December 2016 Is Contingent upon Whether China Has in Fact Transitioned into a Market Economy', Jorge Miranda, Issue 5, pp. 244–250

'WTO and Rule of Law in China: A View Based on Personal Experience', Yang Guohua, Issue 6, pp. 252–258
'FTA Origin Preference Claims: The Shift to Self-Certification', Kazuyoshi Torigoe, Issue 6, pp. 259–266
'Settling the Debate of Animal Welfare, Public Morals and Trade: In the Light of the EC-Seal Products Case', Anand Swaroop Das, Anand Vardhan Narayan, Issue 6, pp. 267–279
'Can a WTO Member Restrict or Regulate the Importation of E-Waste?', Celeste Brown, Issue 6, pp. 280–283
'Free Zones, Foreign Ownership and Tax Incentives for Foreign Direct Investment in Qatar', Jon Truby, Arnaud Cywie, Issue 6, pp. 284–287

'Customs Sanctions Harmonization in Europe: Why the Commission Is Taking the Wrong Approach', Arnoud Willems, Nikolaos Theodorakis, Issue 7/8, pp. 290–295
'Why the European Union Must Dump So-called ‘Non-market Economy’ Methodologies and Adjustments in Its Anti-dumping Investigations', Stepanie Noel, Issue 7/8, pp. 296–305
'A Comment on Vermulst’s Article on China in Anti-dumping Proceedings after December 2016', Jorge Miranda, Issue 7/8, pp. 306–313
'A Short Guide to Contracting in International Trade', Nashat Mahmoud Abdalla Jaradt, Issue 7/8, pp. 314–319
'Perspectives for the World Trade System: From Multilateral Integration to Free Trade Agreements?', Frank Altemöller, Issue 7/8, pp. 320–327
'Global Trade Governance: WTO Accountability to Local Stakeholders', Legesse Tigabu Mengie, Issue 7/8, pp. 328–331
'Illegal Transnational Trading of Biodiversity and Wildlife Materials from Sri Lanka and the Countermeasures', Abdul Wahid Mohamed Azam, Muneeb M. Musthafa, Faiz MMT Marikar, KMG Gehan Jayasuriya, Issue 7/8, pp. 332–342
'Litigating Intellectual Property Issues in Investor-State Dispute Settlement: A Jurisdictional Conflict', Pratyush Nath Upreti, Issue 7/8, pp. 343–351
'Book Review: Uniformity of Customs Administration in the European Union, Kathrin Limbach. (Oxford and Portland, OR: Hart Publishing. 2015)', Pablo Muñiz, Issue 7/8, pp. 352–353

'The TBT Agreement: Where Did It Come from and Where Is It Going?', Cherise M. Valles, Issue 9, pp. 356–359
'The Interpretation of ‘Treatment No Less Favourable’ Under Article III:4 of the GATT 1994 and Article 2.1 of the TBT Agreement: A Comparative Analysis', Maria Alcover, Ana María Garcés, Issue 9, pp. 360–368
'Article 2.2 of the TBT Agreement: More Complicated than Necessary?', Alejandro Sanchez, Karyn Sandra Aneno, Issue 9, pp. 369–377
'From ‘Standard-Takers’ to ‘Standard-Makers’: Developing Countries and Least-Developed Countries’ Perspectives in the Harmonization of Technical Regulations Through International Standards', Vitaliy Pogoretskyy, Tatiana Yanguas, Issue 9, pp. 378–387
'The Question of Private Standards in World Trade Organization Law', Laichea Chea, Fernando Piérola, Issue 9, pp. 388–395
'Sealing Off Asbestos: The Appellate Body’s Interpretation and Application of the ‘Product Characteristics’ Criterion Within the Definition of a ‘Technical Regulation’ in the TBT Agreement', Jan Bohanes, Kholofelo Kugler, Maria Graciela Base, Issue 9, pp. 396–405

'The Status and Effect of WTO Law Before EU Courts', Eric Pickett, Michael Lux, Issue 10, pp. 408–429
'The European Union’s Options for China Dumping Methodology After 11 December 2016', James Searles, Issue 10, pp. 430–439
'‘Representations and Warranties’ in Sale and Purchase Agreements : The Italian Perspective', Gregorio Salatino, Issue 10, pp. 440–446
'Implementation of the ‘Shift in Burden of Proof’ Approach to Interpreting Paragraph 15 of China’s Protocol of Accession', Jorge Miranda, Issue 10, pp. 447–453
'Book Review: Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization, by Parag Khanna. (Random House. 2016)', Stephen Creskoff, Issue 10, pp. 454–455

ISSUE 11/12
'TEN IV: Foreword', Edwin Vermulst, Issue 11/12, pp. 459–460
'Anti-Circumvention in the Multilateral System: Plus ça Change', Jesse Kreier, Seref Coskun, Hiromi Yano, Issue 11/12, pp. 461–472
'Anti-Circumvention of Anti-Dumping Measures: Law and Practice of Argentina', Paola Arnolt, Issue 11/12, pp. 473–478
'Anti-Circumvention of Anti-Dumping Measures: Law and Practice of Ten World Trade Organization Members – Australia', Daniel Moulis, Issue 11/12, pp. 479–486
'Circumvention of Anti-Dumping Measures: Law and Practice of Brazil', Ana Caetano, Issue 11/12, pp. 487–498
'Circumvention of Anti-Dumping Measures: Law and Practice of the European Union', Edwin Vermulst, Issue 11/12, pp. 499–507
'Circumvention of Anti-Dumping Measures: Law and Practice of India', Juhi Dion Sud, Issue 11/12, pp. 508–514
'Anti-Circumvention of Anti-Dumping Measures: Mexico', Gustavo A. Uruchurtu, Issue 11/12, pp. 515–520
'Circumvention of Anti-Dumping Measures: Law and Practice of South Africa', Thinus Jacobsz, Issue 11/12, pp. 521–527
'Circumvention of Anti-Dumping Measures: Law and Practice of Turkey', Serdar Baskın, Issue 11/12, pp. 528–535
'Anti-Circumvention of Anti-Dumping Measures: Law and Practice of the United States', Margaret Spicer, Peggy Clarke, Gary Horlick, Issue 11/12, pp. 536–541
'Anti-Circumvention: A Comparison', Folkert Graafsma, Joris Cornelis, Issue 11/12, pp. 542–558
'Replacing the Non-Market Economy Methodology: Is the European Union’s Alternative Approach Justified Under the World Trade Organization Anti-Dumping Agreement?', Stéphanie Noël, Weihuan Zhou, Issue 11/12, pp. 559–567
'An Appeal for Targeted Regulatory Protection of Human Rights in the European Union’s External Trade Relations in Light of Front Polisario', Nicolaj Alexander Kuplewatzky, Issue 11/12, pp. 568–579
'The US Prohibition on Imports Made with Forced Labour: The New Law Is a ‘Force’ to Be Reckoned With', Sandra L. Bell, Issue 11/12, pp. 580–583
'Article Index', Issue 11/12, pp. 584–587

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