Global Trade and Customs Journal

Volume 14 (2019)

'On Fissionable Cows and the Limits to the WTO Security Exceptions', George-Dian Balan, Issue 1, pp. 2–10
'Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters', Hao Wu, Issue 1, pp. 11–16
'The Criminal Provisions of German and UK Export Control and Sanctions Law', Malte Wilke, Hinrich Rüping, Issue 1, pp. 17–30
'Interpreting WTO Rules in Times of Contestation (Part 2): A Proposed Interpretation of Article XXI(b)ii–iii of the GATT 1994 in the Light of the Vienna Convention of the Law of the Treaties', Gustavo Adolfo Guarin Duque, Issue 1, pp. 31–44

'Trader Participation in the EU Customs Decision-Making Process: Is There Room for Improvement?', Pablo Muñiz , Issue 2, pp. 46–55
'How Many Barriers Should a Steeple Chase Have? Will the EU’s Proposed Regulation on Screening of Foreign Direct Investments Add yet More Delaying Barriers When Getting a Merger Deal through the Clearance Gate, and Other Considerations.', Giani Pandey, Davide Rovetta, Agnieszka Smiatacz, Issue 2, pp. 56–65
'Food Origin Marking in the European Union: Not a Piece of Cake', Enea Fochesato, Issue 2, pp. 66–72
'Customs Valuation and Import VAT', Thomas Bieber, Issue 2, pp. 73–79
'Interpreting WTO Rules in Times of Contestation (Part 3) ‘Could the United States Justify Its Tariffs on Aluminium and Steel Invoking Article XXI(b) of the GATT?’', Gustavo Adolfo Guarin Duque, Issue 2, pp. 80–89

'The Court of Justice of the European Union’s Judgment on Mutagenesis and International Trade: A Case of GMO, Mutagenesis and International Trade: A Case of GMO, Mutagenesis and International Trade: A Case of GMO, Mutatis Mutandis?', Ignacio Carreño, Tobias Dolle, Issue 3, pp. 91–101
'Addressing Tensions and Avoiding Disputes: Specific Trade Concerns in the TBT Committee', Kateryna Holzer, Issue 3, pp. 102–116
'The Limits of FTAs in the Chemical Sector: Is a Sector Agreement the Solution?', Arnoud Willems, Jenya Grigorova, Issue 3, pp. 117–134

'Revolutionizing Global Supply Chains One Block at a Time: Growing International Trade with Blockchain: Are International Rules Up to the Task?', Tracey Epps, Blake Carey, Tess Upperton, Issue 4, pp. 136–145
'Convergence on the Calculation Methodology for Drafting Rules of Origin in FTAs Using the Ad Valorem Criterion', Stefano Inama, Pramila Crivell, Issue 4, pp. 146–153
'Customs and Humanitarian Logistics', Andrew Grainger, Jamie M. Rundle, Saad Raafay Ahsen, Issue 4, pp. 154–168
'The WTO Appellate Body: Are There Any Viable Solutions?', Alex Ansong, Issue 4, pp. 169–178
'The Effects of CETA on the Continuous Implementation of the Precautionary Principle within the European Union', Martin Wolfgang Zankl, Issue 4, pp. 179–198

'The Belt and Road Initiative at the Crossroads', Pratyush Nath Upreti, Issue 5, pp. 200–202
'‘OBOR’ an Internationalized Initiative for Integrated Development', Kishor Uprety, Issue 5, pp. 203–210
'The Legal Challenges and Legal Safeguards for the Belt and Road Initiative', Liao Li, Issue 5, pp. 211–221
'China’s Governance Approach to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Relations, Partnership, and Law', Jiangyu Wang, Issue 5, pp. 222–228
'Discussion on Enhancing the Legal Cooperation of PPP Projects on the Platform of Belt and Road Initiative', Shuang Liang, Issue 5, pp. 229–237
'Legal and Economic Aspects of Chinese ‘Belt & Road Initiative’ Investments into Europe via the Netherlands', M. Bart Kasteleijn, Issue 5, pp. 238–243
'China, ‘Belt and Road’ and Intellectual Property Cooperation', Peter K. Yu, Issue 5, pp. 244–250
'Holes in the Silk: Investor Protection under China’s Belt and Road Initiative', Bryan Mercurio, Dini Sejko, Issue 5, pp. 251–258
'Navigating the Currents of Belt and Road Initiative: Perspectives on Least Developed Countries', Tejeshwi Nath Bhattarai, Pratyush Nath Upreti, Issue 5, pp. 259–266

'Accountability in Antidumping: The Silent Death of Lisbon', Arnoud Willems, Anamaria Jinaru, Alessandra Moroni, Issue 6, pp. 268–277
'The New NAFTA: A First Look', Gary Horlick, Issue 6, pp. 278–280
'WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation (TFA): General Rules on Simplification, Harmonization and Modernization of Administrative Procedures', Sara Armella, Issue 6, pp. 281–286
'Lack of Certification of the WTO Goods Schedules of the United Kingdom: A Way for Frictionless Trade Under No-Deal Brexit?', Jin Woo Kim, Issue 6, pp. 287–296
'Case Study on Fraud in Export Credit Insurance for Export Financing Against Account Receivables', Sang Man Kim, Issue 6, pp. 297–302
'Contemporary Challenges for China and Ukraine and Perspectives for Overcoming these Challenges', Yuriy I. Danko, Nadiya P. Reznik, Issue 6, pp. 303–307
'Jordan Imports and Tariff Regimes: A Revisit', Bashar H. Malkawi, Issue 6, pp. 308–318
'Book review: EU Customs Law, by Timothy Lyons. (3d ed. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2018.)', Issue 6, pp. 319–321

'India in the International Economic Order: Issues and Perspectives', James J. Nedumpara, Issue 7/8, pp. 323–324
'India’s Position in the International Economic Order', Veena Jha, Pankhuri Bansal, Vipin Kumar, Issue 7/8, pp. 325–335
'Challenges Facing Developing Countries in the International Trading System', V. S. Seshadri, Issue 7/8, pp. 336–342
'Trade Disputes and the Agriculture Policies in the Developing World: Time to Clawback the Development Space under the WTO', James J. Nedumpara, Prakhar Bhardwaj, Issue 7/8, pp. 343–351
'Beyond Rules and Agreements: Reading the Tea Leaves', R. V. Anuradha, Issue 7/8, pp. 352–358
'Multilateralism and E-commerce: Assessing India’s Position', Sanjay Notani, Ambarish Sathianathan, Parthsarathi Jha, Issue 7/8, pp. 359–365
'Standard of Review in Investment Arbitrations and India’s Approach Towards Addressing the Legitimacy Crisis', Rohini Singh Sisodia, Ranjeev Khatana, Issue 7/8, pp. 366–371
'The Present and the Future of the Indian BIT Programme: Throw the Bathwater, but Keep the Baby', Prabhash Ranjan, Issue 7/8, pp. 372–375
'Designing an FTA Strategy: The Red Flags to Avoid and the Options to Win: A Negotiator’s Perspective', Ajay Srivastava, Issue 7/8, pp. 376–382
'Government Procurement Outside the GPA: A Developing Country View', Sandeep Thomas Chandy, Anupal Dasgupta, Issue 7/8, pp. 383–390
'Mercantalist Concerns in US GSP Law: Termination of GSP Benefits to India', Satwik Shekhar, Sparsha Janardhan, Issue 7/8, pp. 391–397
'India and the Multilateral Trading System Today: Interviews with Trade Policy Experts in India', James J. Nedumpara, Prakhar Bharadwaj, Issue 7/8, pp. 398–405

'Anti-dumping Off the Rails: The European Union’s Practice to Alleged Input Dumping', Moritz Wüstenberg, Issue 9, pp. 407–416
'EU’s New Anti-dumping Methodology and the End of the Non-market Economy Dispute?', Stéphanie Noël, Weihuan Zhou, Issue 9, pp. 417–424
'Navigating the New CFIUS: Reflections on FIRRMA and the Pilot Programme', Laura Fraedrich, Chase Kaniecki, Diego Ortega, John Cheretis, Issue 9, pp. 425–428
'The Compatibility of Arab Laws and Modern International Trends with the Freedom of Parties to Choose the Law Applicable to International Trade Contracts', Ziad Al Enizi, Ramzi Madi, Issue 9, pp. 429–438

'Customs Origin: A Review of Non-Preferential Rules of Origin in International Trades', Yves Melin, Issue 10, pp. 440–441
'The Origin of Goods in International Trade, an Often Misunderstood Concept Which Is However an Important Trade Issue', Attaché Marc Wegnez, Issue 10, pp. 442–450
'Non-preferential Customs Origin Under EU Law', Yves Melin, Dan Arnold, Issue 10, pp. 451–457
'Non-Preferential Origin and ‘Made in Italy’', Tiziana Satta, Issue 10, pp. 458–461
'The Digitalization of the Issuing Process of Certificates of Origin in the Netherlands and Belgium: Is a 100% Digitalization Rate Possible and How? Why Issuing Certificates of Origin Electronically Does Not Equal Electronic Certificates of Origin?', Christophe Coulie, Martin van der Weide, Issue 10, pp. 462–466
'Harmonization of Non-Preferential Rules of Origin', Mette Werdelin Azzam, Issue 10, pp. 467–469
'Certification of Origin', Mette Werdelin Azzam, Issue 10, pp. 470–472
'Radioscopy of the Non-Preferential Origin in the Tunisian Customs Legislation', Mohamed Abdallah, Issue 10, pp. 473–478
'The Practical Implications of AEO on Preferential Origin Certification', Sherif Erfan, Issue 10, pp. 479–481

ISSUE 11/12
'Twenty-Five Years of Reasonable Care Under US Customs Law', Michael R. Smiszek, Issue 11/12, pp. 483–493
'When There Is No Line Between Your Data Protection and Data of Your Company: The Application of GDPR to Customs Law in C-496/17 Deutsche Post AG v. Hauptzollamt Köln Case', Giani Pandey, Davide Rovetta, Agnieszka Smiatacz, Issue 11/12, pp. 494–502
'An EU-US Trade Agreement on Industrial Goods: A Preliminary Evaluation From an EU Perspective', Jan A. Micallef, Issue 11/12, pp. 503–512
'Stare Decisis in the WTO Dispute Settlement Procedure: A Response to the Trump Administration’s Criticism', Sebastian Beckerle, Issue 11/12, pp. 513–516
'Measuring the Gender-Responsiveness of Free Trade Agreements: Using a Self-Evaluation Maturity Framework', Amrita Bahri, Issue 11/12, pp. 517–527
'China and the Emerging Powers in International Trade Relations: The Future of the Multilateral Trade System, the Role of Free Trade Agreements and New Unilateralism', Frank Altemöller, Issue 11/12, pp. 528–536
'The Role of Consumer Protection in the Relations Between Asia and the European Union', Pallavi Kishore, Issue 11/12, pp. 537–552
'Trade in Nanotechnology: Can the WTO Provide an Objective Balance Between the Risks and Benefits?', Mohsen Abdollahi, Shahriar Kazemi Azar, Issue 11/12, pp. 553–562
'Article Index', Issue 11/12, pp. 563–565

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