International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 28 (2012)

'Editorial', Mia Rönnmar, Issue 1, pp. 1–3
'Trade Unions, Lisbon, and Europe 2020: From Dream to Nightmare', Richard Hyman, Issue 1, pp. 5–28
'Employment Agencies: International Norms and Developments in South Africa', Stefan van Eck, Issue 1, pp. 29–44
'Discrimination against Mothers Is the Strongest Form of Workplace Gender Discrimination: Lessons from US Caregiver Discrimination Law', Stephanie Bornstein, Joan C.Williams, Genevieve R. Painter, Issue 1, pp. 45–62
'Global Care Chains: Transnational Migrant Care Workers', Judy Fudge, Issue 1, pp. 63–69
'Teaching Labour Law in a Common Law Jurisdiction', Joellen Riley, Issue 1, pp. 71–79
'The Evolution of Doctoral Research Programmes: The Italian Case of the Doctorate in Labour Relations', Luigi Golzio, Issue 1, pp. 81–108

'Editorial', Mia Rönnmar, Issue 2, pp. 109–111
'In Memoriam–Bill Wedderburn', Alan C. Neal, Issue 2, pp. 113–114
'‘Democratic’ Pre-conditions for Strike Action: A Comparative Study of Australian and UK Labour Legislation', Shae McCrystal, Tonia Novitz, Issue 2, pp. 115–146
'Forced Labour and Migrant Berry Pickers in Sweden', Charles Woolfson, Petra Herzfeld Olsson, Christer Thörnqvist, Issue 2, pp. 147–176
'Transnational Temporary Agency Work: How Much Equality Does the Equal Treatment Principle Provide?', Monika Schlachter, Issue 2, pp. 177–197
'Recasting Greek Industrial Relations: Internal Devaluation in Light of the Economic Crisis and European Integration', Christos A. Ioannou, Issue 2, pp. 199–222
'Having the Right Attitude: Cooperation Skills and Labour Law', Jenny Julén Votinius, Issue 2, pp. 223–248
'Industrial Relations Systems, Innovation, and Economic Performance: Uncovering Myth and Reality from a Dutch Point of View', Jan Kees Looise, Nicole Torka, Stefan Zagelmeyer, Issue 2, pp. 249–276

'Editorial', Mia Rönnmar, Issue 3, pp. 277–278
'Balancing Fundamental Social Rights and Economic Freedoms: Can the Monti II Initiative Solve the EU Dilemma?', Niklas Bruun, Andreas Bücker, Filip Dorssemont, Issue 3, pp. 279–306
'EU Citizenship: Access to Social Benefits in Other EU Member States', Frans Pennings, Issue 3, pp. 307–333
'Russian Employment Protection: Analysis from the Perspective of EU Flexicurity Policy', Nikita Lyutov, Issue 3, pp. 335–363
'The Criminalization of Sexual Harassment in the Nigerian Workplace: Is it an Adequate Response?', Adejoke Omolola Oyewunmi, Issue 3, pp. 365–394

'Multinationals and National Industrial Relations in Times of Crisis: The Case of FIAT', Iacopo Senatori, Issue 4, pp. 169–488
'Editorial', Mia Rönnmar, Issue 4, pp. 395–396
'The Dialogue between Canada and the ILO on Freedom of Association: What Remains after Fraser?', Maude Choko, Issue 4, pp. 397–419
'Regulating Working Time in Times of Crisis: Flexibility, Gender and the Case of Long Hours in Poland', Ania Zbyszewska, Issue 4, pp. 421–441
'Swedish Employment Protection in Times of Flexicurity Policies and Economic Crisis', Mia Rönnmar, Ann Numhauser-Henning, Issue 4, pp. 443–467
'Enforcing (EU) Non-discrimination Law: Mutual Learning between British and Italian Labour Law?', Dagmar Schiek, Issue 4, pp. 489–511
'List of Abbreviations', Issue 4, pp. 513–514
'Article Index', Issue 4, pp. 515–517
'Subject Index', Issue 4, pp. 519–532

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