International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 29 (2013)

'Guest Editorial', Marius Olivier, Issue 1, pp. 1–6
'International Labour Standards: A Complex Public-Private Policy Mix', Manfred Weiss, Issue 1, pp. 7–19
'International Labour and Social Security Standards: A Developing Country Critique', Marius Olivier, Issue 1, pp. 21–38
'The Still Complex Relationship between the ILO and the EU: The Example of Anti-Discrimination Law', Achim Seifert, Issue 1, pp. 39–63
'Social Security, Gender and Legal Plurality: Challenges to Harmonization in the Southern African Development Community', Ngeyi Ruth Kanyongolo, Issue 1, pp. 65–82
'The Failure of the Minimum Age Convention to Eradicate Child Labour in Developing Countries, with Particular Reference to the Southern African Development Community', Karin Calitz, Issue 1, pp. 83–103
'Retirement Reform in South Africa: The Influence of International Social Security Standards and Human Rights Instruments', Kitty Malherbe, Issue 1, pp. 105–128

'Editorial', Mia Rönnmar, Issue 2, pp. 129–129
'Guest Editorial', William Brown, Chang Kai, Issue 2, pp. 131–132
'Legitimacy and the Legal Regulation of Strikes in China: A Case Study of the Nanhai Honda Strike', Chang Kai, Issue 2, pp. 133–143
'Myth and Reality of the Right to Strike as a ‘Fundamental Labour Right’', Keith D. Ewing, Issue 2, pp. 145–165
'A Potential Roadmap towards Workplace Fairness in China: With Some Lessons from the US Experience', Thomas A. Kochan, Arnold M. Zack, Issue 2, pp. 167–184
'The Ending of Unauthorized Strikes in the West: Some Policy Implications for China', William Brown, Issue 2, pp. 185–198
'Crisis in the ILO Supervisory System: Dispute over the Right to Strike', Lee Swepston, Issue 2, pp. 199–218
'Employee Know-How, Non-compete Clauses and Job Mobility across Civil and Common Law Systems', William Van Caenegem, Issue 2, pp. 219–238
'Has Australia’s Road to Workplace Partnership Reached a Dead End?', Keith Townsend, Adrian Wilkinson, John Burgess, Kerry Brown, Issue 2, pp. 239–256

'Editorial', Mia Rönnmar, Issue 3, pp. 257–258
'Labour Trafficking in China: Analysis and Recommendations', Sophia Kagan, Issue 3, pp. 259–282
'The Principle of Effet Utile and Its Impact on National Methods for Enforcing the Rights of Posted Workers', Miriam Kullmann, Issue 3, pp. 283–303
'Mandatory Retirement in the EU and the US: The Scope of Protection against Age Discrimination in Employment', Anja Wiesbrock, Issue 3, pp. 305–324
'Integrative Employment and Social Security Rights', Lilach Lurie, Issue 3, pp. 325–347

'Editorial', Mia Rönnmar, Issue 4, pp. 349–353
'The Human Right to Non-discrimination as a Legitimate Part of Workplace Law: Towards Substantive Equality at Work in Australia?', Beth Gaze, Anna Chapman, Issue 4, pp. 355–373
'The Contribution of Labour Law and Non-discrimination Law to Empowerment and Social Justice in an Unequal Society: A South African Perspective', Nicola Smit, Issue 4, pp. 375–390
'The EU Ban on Age-Discrimination and Older Workers: Potentials and Pitfalls', Ann Numhauser-Henning, Issue 4, pp. 391–414
'An EU Perspective on Age as a Distinguishing Criterion for Collective Dismissal: The Case of Belgium and The Netherlands', P. Foubert, E. Langhendries, N. Marocchi, J. Peeters, Issue 4, pp. 415–432
'List of Abbreviations', Issue 4, pp. 433–434
'Subject Index', Issue 4, pp. 433–455
'Article Index', Issue 4, pp. 439–441

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