International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 3 (1987)

'The Position of Workteams under the Labour Law of European Socialist Countries', Ftithjof Kunz, Issue 1, pp. 1–12
'Legal Guarantees of Rights of Labor Collectives a d Personality of the Worker in Czechoslovakia', Jan Kostecka, Issue 1, pp. 13–17
'Status of the Personality and the Labour Collective According to Czechoslavak Labour law', Jan Kostecka, Jaroslav Zacharias, Issue 1, pp. 18–27
'Position of the Workteam and the Worker's Personality in the labour Legislation of the German Democratic Republic', Frithjof Kunz, Heinz Wolf, Issue 1, pp. 28–36
'Work Collectives as a Mode of Workers' Participation in Plant Economic Management in the USSR', Semion A. Ivanov, Issue 1, pp. 37–43
'A Mote on Workers' Self-Management in Poland', Maria Matey, Issue 1, pp. 44–49

'Finland', Issue 2, pp. 51–58
'France', Issue 2, pp. 59–64
'Israel', Issue 2, pp. 65–77
'The Netherlands', Issue 2, pp. 78–83

'Legal Regulation of Wiring and Dismissal', S. Fredman, Issue 3, pp. 85–96
'Hiring and Dismissal under Soviet Labour Law', S. A. Ivanov, Issue 3, pp. 97–108
'Dismissal and Remedies', Barry I. Mordsley, Issue 3, pp. 109–136
'Guarantees of the Legality of Transfer to other Work under Soviet Labour Law', A. I. Shebanova, Issue 3, pp. 137–143
'Conclusion and Dissolution of the Labour Contract at the Worker's Initiative', L. Chikanova, Issue 3, pp. 144–150
'Local Soviets of People's Deputies and the Right to Labour', K. F. Sheremet, Issue 3, pp. 151–157
'Retention of Job in the Event of Change in Structure of the Enterprise—Legal Aspects', B. W. Napier, Issue 3, pp. 158–172
'Retention of Employment under Soviet labour Law when Structure of Enterprise is changed', V. V. Egorov, Issue 3, pp. 173–179
'Wiring and Dismissals - The Role of British Trade Unions', S. Evans, R. Lewis, R. Simpson, Issue 3, pp. 180–195
'Trade Union Control over the Derision to Wire or Dismiss', I. la. Kiselev, Issue 3, pp. 196–201
'Trade Union Supervision of Termination of the Labur Contract on Management Initiatives', V. Kleptsov, Issue 3, pp. 202–208
'The Role of Trade Unions In Wiring And Dismissal', B. A. Hepple, Issue 3, pp. 209–212
'Retention of The Job In The Event of Change In The Structure Of The Enterprise: Comparative Comments', R. W. Rideout, Issue 3, pp. 213–218
'Law of The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics On The State Enterprise (or Association)', Issue 3, pp. 219–221
'Statute of The Procedure For Conducting The Attestation of Executive Workers of The Apparatus of Soviet Agencies', Issue 3, pp. 222–226

'The Work of the OECD in the Labour Field', Oliver Clarke, Issue 4, pp. 227–242
'Integration with a Human Face', Anthony Arnull, Issue 4, pp. 243–260
'Activities of Human Rights Organs in the Field of Labour Law and Industrial Relations', Lammy Betten, Issue 4, pp. 261–274
'Conference Report', Issue 4, pp. 275–279

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