International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 30 (2014)

'Editorial', Mia Rönnmar, Issue 1, pp. 1–3
'One Step Forward or More Window-Dressing? A Legal Analysis of Recent CSR Initiatives in the Garment Industry in Bangladesh', Beryl ter Haar, Maarten Keune, Issue 1, pp. 5–25
'Fundamental Social Rights, Market Regulation and EU External Action', Adalberto Perulli, Issue 1, pp. 27–47
'Revisiting Agency Work in Namibia and South Africa: Any Lessons from the Decent Work Agenda and the Flexicurity Approach?', Stefan van Eck, Issue 1, pp. 49–66
'Employer-Centred Benefits and the Atypical Workforce', Christina Hiessl, Issue 1, pp. 67–85
'Laval and Trade Union Cooperation: Views on the Mobilizing Potential of the Case', Kristina Lovén Seldén, Issue 1, pp. 87–104
'Employee Participation and Quality of Work Environment: Denmark and New Zealand', Raymond Markey, Herman Knudsen, Issue 1, pp. 105–126

'Editorial', Mia Rönnmar, Issue 2, pp. 127–129
'Making the CAP Fit: Responding to the Exploitation of Migrant Agricultural Workers in the EU', Jo Hunt, Issue 2, pp. 131–152
'The EU and the ECHR: Collective and Non-discrimination Labour Rights at a Crossroad?', Nicole Busby, Rebecca Zahn, Issue 2, pp. 153–174
'Human Rights at Work: The Need for Definitional Coherence in the Global Governance System', Janice R. Bellace, Issue 2, pp. 175–198
'What Can Be Done about Strike-Related Violence?', Alan Rycroft, Issue 2, pp. 199–216
'Designing Collective Bargaining Frameworks for Self-Employed Workers: Lessons from Australia and Canada', Shae McCrystal, Issue 2, pp. 217–242

'Guest Editorial', Niklas Bruun, Issue 3, pp. 243–251
'Sanctions for Unlawful Collective Action in the Nordic Countries and Germany', Niklas Bruun, Caroline Johansson, Issue 3, pp. 253–271
'Remedies for Unlawful Collective Action in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain', Sylvaine Laulom, Antonio Lo Faro, Issue 3, pp. 273–291
'Has Polycentric Strike Law Arrived in the UK? After Laval, After Viking, After Demir?', Claire Kilpatrick, Issue 3, pp. 293–318
'Strike and Remedies for Unlawful Strikes in the Legal Systems of Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia', Joanna Unterschütz, Issue 3, pp. 319–338
'Danbury Hatters in Sweden: A U.S. Perspective on the Available Remedies and Sanctions for Employers Who Suffer Unfair Labor Practices by Labor Unions', César F. Rosado Marzán, Margot A. Nikitas, Issue 3, pp. 339–356
'The Internationally Recognized Right to Strike: A Past, Present and Future Basis upon Which to Evaluate Remedies for Unlawful Collective Action?', Tonia Novitz, Issue 3, pp. 357–379

'Editorial', Mia Rönnmar, Issue 4, pp. 381–382
'Guest Editorial: Reflections on Discovering That the International Journal has Attained Its Thirtieth Birthday', Alan C. Neal, Issue 4, pp. 383–389
'The Informal Economy and the ILO: A Legal Perspective', Claire La Hovary, Issue 4, pp. 391–411
'Labour Law and Triangular Employment Growth: A Theory of Regulatory Differentials', Timothy J. Bartkiw, Issue 4, pp. 413–433
'Lock-in Patterns among Employees: A Nordic Comparison', Bengt Furåker, Kristine Nergaard, Antti Saloniemi, Issue 4, pp. 435–458
'On the Uses and Misuses of Worker Participation: Different Forms for Different Aims of Employee Involvement', Marco Biasi, Issue 4, pp. 459–481
'Legal Regulation of Representativeness and the Extension of Collective Agreements in Estonia', Kadi Pärnits, Issue 4, pp. 483–500
'List of Abbreviations', Issue 4, pp. 501–502
'Article Index', Issue 4, pp. 507–510
'Subject Index', Issue 4, pp. 511–523

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