International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 34 (2018)

'Platform Work, Algorithmic Decision-Making, and EU Gender Equality Law', Miriam Kullmann, Issue 1, pp. 1–21
'How to Operationalize Open Norms in Hard and Soft Laws: Reflections Based on Two Distinct Regulatory Examples', Attila Kun, Issue 1, pp. 23–51
'Presenteeism, Its Effects and Costs: A Discussion in a Labour Law Perspective', Kurt Pärli, Issue 1, pp. 53–75
'Collectively Agreed (Minimum) Labour Conditions as ‘Protection Boosters’', Elisabeth Brameshuber, Verena Zwinger, Issue 1, pp. 77–110

'The Enforcement of Employment Standards in Australia: Successes and Challenges in Aged Care', Sara Charlesworth, John Howe, Issue 2, pp. 111–140
'Special Section: Regulatory Innovation on Decent Work for Domestic Workers in the Light of International Labour Organization Convention No. 189', Adelle Blackett, Anne Trebilcock, Issue 2, pp. 141–141
'Introduction', Adelle Blackett, Issue 2, pp. 141–148
'Challenges in Germany’s Implementation of the ILO Decent Work for Domestic Workers Convention', Anne Trebilcock, Issue 2, pp. 149–176
'The Influence of the ILO Domestic Workers Convention in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay', Lorena Poblete, Issue 2, pp. 177–201
'Regulatory Innovation in the Governance of Decent Work for Domestic Workers in South Africa: Access to Justice and the Commission on Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration', Adelle Blackett, Thierry Galani Tiemeni, Issue 2, pp. 203–230

'The Minimum Wage as a Matter of Tangible Human Dignity: A Comparative Constitutional Law Analysis', Isabelle Martin, Maude Choko, Issue 3, pp. 231–255
'Constitutionalizing Labour Rights: Informal Homeworkers in Global Value Chains', Marlese von Broembsen, Issue 3, pp. 257–280
'A Comparison of Four Experiments in Extending Labour Regulation to Non-Standard and Informal Workers', Shelley Marshall, Issue 3, pp. 281–311
'A Pluralistic Approach to Organizing Migrant Domestic Workers: The Case of the Zimbabwe- South Africa Global Care Chain', Pamhidzai Bamu, Issue 3, pp. 313–344

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