International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 4 (1988)

'Editorial Foreword', Issue 1, pp. 1–1
'Desperately Seeking Industrial Relations Theory', Roy J. Adams, Issue 1, pp. 1–10
'Industrial Relations Theory and Managerial Strategies', Michael Poole, Issue 1, pp. 11–24
'Labour Process and Consent', Gerd Schienstock, Issue 1, pp. 35–38
'Tripartite Labour Market Policies: Institutional Conditions for an Effective Tripartite Approach Towards Labour Market Problems', Willem Dercksen, Issue 1, pp. 39–52
'Psychology and Industrial Relations: Social Processes In Organisations', Jean Hartley, Issue 1, pp. 53–60

'Foreword', Issue 2, pp. 60–60
'Industrial Relations in Europe: Recent Changes and Trends', Jacques Rojot, Issue 2, pp. 61–70
'The Law and Forms of Trade Union Representation In The 1980s: The British Case', Paul L. Davies, Issue 2, pp. 71–87
'The Impact of Change on Rules Relating to Trade Union Representation In France', Antoine Lyon-Cean, Issue 2, pp. 88–95
'Chance and The Trade Union Movement In Sweden', Alan C. Neal, Issue 2, pp. 96–124

'Foreword', Issue 3, pp. 124–124
'Italian Trade-Unionism Towards The Year 2000: A Journey With no Return?', Marco Biagi, Issue 3, pp. 125–139
'Aids and The Workplace: Some Approaches At The National Level', Kelvin Widdows, Issue 3, pp. 140–162
'Three Unemployment Benefit Schemes Compared: The English, German and Dutch Approaches', Frans Pennings, Issue 3, pp. 163–176
'Industrial Relations Theory and Trade Union Strategy', Walter Müller-Jentsch, Issue 3, pp. 177–190

'Foreword', Issue 4, pp. 190–190
'Deregulation and Labour Law In Britain and Western Europe', Lord Wedderburn, Issue 4, pp. 191–205
'Deregulation, Flexibility and Individual Labour Law In The United Kingdom', Brian Napier, Issue 4, pp. 206–215
'Deregulation and Labour Law In The United States', Samuel M. Maynard, Issue 4, pp. 216–247
'Deregulating Labour Markets and Industrial Relations in British and U.S. Construction', Stephen Evans, Roy Lewis, Issue 4, pp. 248–262

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