International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 5 (1989)

'Editors’ Foreword', Issue 1, pp. 1–1
'New forms of Employment and their use in The Employment Policies of The Member States of the European Community', Annie Bouder, Issue 1, pp. 1–16
'Employment Systems in the United States: Competing Models and Contingent Employment', Paul Osterman, Issue 1, pp. 17–48
'New Forms of Employment in Japan', Iwamura Masakiko, Issue 1, pp. 49–60

'Editors’ Foreword', Issue 2, pp. 60–60
'Atypical Employment in EEC Countries', Danièle Meulders, Bernarf Tytgat, Issue 2, pp. 61–81
'A Comparative Study of Rules Concerning International Employment Contracts', Anatolij Dovgert, Issue 2, pp. 82–99
'Autonomy and Individual Labour Law: A Comparative Analysis', Martin Vranken, Issue 2, pp. 100–119

'Editorial Foreword', Issue 3, pp. 120–120
'Towards an Understanding of Political Democracy and the Trade Union System in Spain', Elias Gonzala-Posada Martinez, Issue 3, pp. 121–127
'Flexible Working Time', Jean-Emmanuel Ray, Issue 3, pp. 128–142
'Industrial Relations, Tripartism and Concerted Actions: Where do we Stand?', Tiziano Treu, Issue 3, pp. 143–155
'Conference Report', Issue 3, pp. 156–165

'Editorial Foreword', Issue 4, pp. 166–166
'Workforce Re-structuring in Europe in the 1980s', Catherine Hakim, Issue 4, pp. 167–203
'The Proposed Reform of the Tunisian Labour Code and Flexibility of Employment', Mohamed Zemni, Issue 4, pp. 204–209
'Features of Trade Unionism in the Countries of Eastern Europe and Recent Trends in this Area', Micchal Sewerynski, Issue 4, pp. 210–221

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