International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 6 (1990)

'Europe '92 - A Challenge for Labour Law: An Introduction', Manfred Weiss, Issue 1, pp. 1–2
'Labour Law Looking Ahead to 1992: A French Viewpoint', Antoine Lyon-Caen, Issue 1, pp. 3–11
'Labour Law and Europe 1992: An Italian Perspective', Marco Biagi, Issue 1, pp. 12–25
'Social Europe in Delay', Antoine Jacobs, Issue 1, pp. 26–35
'Labour Relations and Human Resource Management in a Non-Union Nigerian Company', Tayo Fashoyin, Issue 1, pp. 36–54

'Council Directive 89/39l/EEC on the Introduction of Measures to Encourage Improvements in the Safety and Health of Workers at Work', Issue 2, pp. 55–66
'From Conflict to Participation in Safety: Industrial Relations and the Working Environment in Europe 1992', Marco Biagi, Issue 2, pp. 67–79
'The European Framework Directive on the Health and Safety of Workers: Challenges for the United Kingdom?', Alan C. Neal, Issue 2, pp. 80–117

'The Industrial Relations of Occupational Health: The Impact of the Framework Directive on the Federal Republic of Germany', Manfred Weiss, Issue 3, pp. 119–128
'Safety at Work in French Firms and the Effect of the European Directives of 1989', Mane-France Mialon, Issue 3, pp. 129–145
'Health and Safety Provision in Italy: The Impact of the EEC Framework Directive', Luigi Montuschi, Issue 3, pp. 146–158
'Health and Safety at Work in the European Economic Community and the Impact on Spain', Elias Gonzales-Posada Marlinez, Issue 3, pp. 159–167
'Council Directive 89/654/EEC Concerning the Minimum Safety and Health Requirements for the Workplace', Issue 3, pp. 168–181
'Council Directive 89/655/EEC Concerning the Minimum Safety and Health Requirements for the Use of Safety Equipment by Workers at Work', Issue 3, pp. 182–189
'Council Directive 89/656/EEC on the Minimum Health and Safety Requirements for the Use by Workers of Personal Protective Equipment at the Workplace', Issue 3, pp. 190–202
'Council Directive 90/269/EEC on the Minimum Health and Safety Requirements for the Manual Handling of Loads Where there is a Risk Particularly of Back Injury to Workers', Issue 3, pp. 203–208
'Council Cirective 90/270/EEC on the Minimum Safety and Health Requirements for Work with Display Screen Equipment', Issue 3, pp. 209–215

'Participation of Employees' Representatives in the Protection of the Health and Safety of Workers in Europe', Hubert Krieger, Issue 4, pp. 217–227
'Flexibility and Security in Employment: The Japanese Case', Yasuo Suwa, Issue 4, pp. 229–267
'International Seminar for Comparative Labour Law and Social Security, Szeged, Hungary', Marlene Schmidt, Ulrike Schweibert, Issue 4, pp. 269–272

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