International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Volume 9 (1993)

'Editorial’s Foreword', Issue 1, pp. 2–2
'Adjustment Problems of Trade Unions in Selected Industrialised Market Economy Countries: The Unions’ Own View', Alfred Pankert, Issue 1, pp. 3–14
'Trade Unions in Europe - Dusk or a New Dawn?', Ulrich Zachert, Issue 1, pp. 15–26
'Implementing the “Social Dimension” of the Single European Market', Issue 1, pp. 27–31
'Council Directive 92/85/EEC on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health at work of pregnant workers and workers who have recently given birth or are breastfeeding', Issue 1, pp. 32–41
'European Migration, Free Movement of Workers, and the Community Labour Market', Issue 1, pp. 42–43
'The Schengen Agreement', Issue 1, pp. 44–50
'Between the Member States of the European Communities on the Crossing of their External Frontiers', Issue 1, pp. 51–71
'Equality in Employment and Occupation', Issue 1, pp. 72–88
'Diary', Issue 1, pp. 89–90

'Editors' Foreword', Issue 2, pp. 92–92
'Theft as Cause for Employment Discipline: Some Comparative Observations', Bernard L. Adell, Roy J. Adams, Issue 2, pp. 93–114
'Recession and the Labour Market: Training for Flexibility – The Italian Case in a Comparative Perspective', Marco Blage, Issue 2, pp. 115–129
'Legal Flexibility versus Social Cohesion? The Overall Regulatory Complex for the Freedom of Expression of French Employees', Alain Chouraqui, Issue 2, pp. 130–144
'Second Report from the Commission on the application of the Community Charter of the Fundamental Social Rights of Workers', Issue 2, pp. 145–163
'Democracy and (In)Security in Polish Social Security', Issue 2, pp. 164–175
'Books Received', Issue 2, pp. 176–178
'Diary', Issue 2, pp. 179–180

'Editors’ Foreword', Issue 3, pp. 182–182
'Borrowing and Bending: The Development Of South Africa's Unfair Labour Practice Jurisprudence', Clive Thompson, Issue 3, pp. 183–205
'Union Organisation: Why Countries Differ', Jelle Visser, Issue 3, pp. 206–226
'Amending the Collective Dismissals Directive: A Case of Re-arranging the Deckchairs?', Colin Bourn, Issue 3, pp. 227–243
'Opinion 2/91, delivered on 19th March 1993, in relation to Convention No. 170 of the International Labour Organisation concerning safety in the use of chemicals at work', Issue 3, pp. 244–257
'Preparing for the European Labour Market of the Future', Issue 3, pp. 258–258
'Economic and Social Committee', Issue 3, pp. 259–265
'Resolution of the European Parliament of 11 February 1993', Issue 3, pp. 266–268
'Resolution of the Council of 11 June 1993', Issue 3, pp. 269–273
'Council Resolution of 40 June 1993', Issue 3, pp. 274–275
'Diary', Issue 3, pp. 276–276

'Editors Foreword', Issue 4, pp. 278–278
'European Collective Bargaining: A Triumph of the Will?', Antonio Ojeda-Aviles, Issue 4, pp. 279–296
'The Social Dimension after Maastricht: Setting a New Agenda for the Labour Market', Martin Rhodes, Issue 4, pp. 297–325
'Labour Law and German Unification: Transition from Central Planning to a Market Economy', Otfried Wlotzke, Issue 4, pp. 326–350
'The German Federal Constitutional Court's Approach to Maastricht', Issue 4, pp. 351–355
'International Labour Conference Geneva, June 4 1993', Issue 4, pp. 356–356
'Text of the Convention Concerning the Prevention of Major Industrial Accidents, Submitted by the Drafting Committee', Issue 4, pp. 357–365
'Text of the Recommendation Concerning the Prevention of Major Industrial Accidents Submitted by the Drafting Committee', Issue 4, pp. 366–367
'Diary', Issue 4, pp. 369–370
'Index - Volume 9 (1993)', Issue 4, pp. 371–372

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