Journal of European Consumer and Market Law

Volume 7 (2018)

'Uber Spain and the “Identity Crisis” of Online Platforms', Alberto De Franceschi, Issue 1, pp. 1–4
'Resale Price Maintenance, Competition Law and the Identifiable Need for Flexibility in Vertical Restraints Index', Zia Akhtar, Issue 1, pp. 5–14
'Green Pictograms on EU Foods: A Legal Study Informed by Behavioural Science', Eva van der Zee, Arnout Fischer, Issue 1, pp. 15–22
'Inferred Defect from Causation? Some Observations on CJEU, 21 June 2017, C-621/15, Sanofi Pasteur v Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie des Hauts-de-Seine', Geraint Howells, Issue 1, pp. 23–24
'Crown Jewels for Consumers in the 1992 Civil Code: The Making of Consumer Law in the Netherlands', Thom van Mierlo, Issue 1, pp. 24–30
'The Sale of Consumer Goods and Associated Guarantees in Ukraine: A Comparative Analysis with EU Law', Liudmyla Savanets, Issue 1, pp. 31–36
'Digital Inheritance in Belgium', Bram Maeschaelck, Issue 1, pp. 37–41
'Digital Inheritance in Germany', Mark-Oliver Mackenrodt, Issue 1, pp. 41–47

'Hitting the Tip of the Iceberg – Challenges of Data Protection and the Data Economy', Christiane Wendehorst, Issue 2, pp. 49–50
'Consumers Claiming Compensation for Competition Law Infringements', Mary Catherine Lucey, Issue 2, pp. 51–57
'The Role of Economics in Competition Law: The “effects-based approach” after the Intel-judgment of the CJEU', Rupprecht Podszun, Issue 2, pp. 57–65
'Some Thoughts on the Proposed Directive on Certain Aspects Concerning Contracts for the Sales of Goods', Friedrich Graf von Westphalen, Issue 2, pp. 66–74
'Lucky4all? Pyramid Schemes under the UCPD: Observations on CJEU 15 December 2016, C-677/15 - Nationale Loterij', Joyce Vandenbulcke, Issue 2, pp. 74–78
'Does the Amazon Dash Button Violate EU Consumer Law? Balancing Consumer Protection and Technological Innovation in the Internet of Things', Christoph Busch, Issue 2, pp. 78–80
'Implementation of the Consumer ADR Directive in the EU Member States', Jorge Morais Carvalho, Kristin Nemeth, Issue 2, pp. 81–82
'Consumer ADR in Spain and the United Kingdom', Pablo Cortés, Issue 2, pp. 82–88
'Consumer ADR in Portugal', João Pedro Pinto-Ferreira, Joana Campos Carvalho, Issue 2, pp. 89–91
'Book Review: The Dieselgate. A Legal Perspective, edited by Marco Frigessi de Rattalma. (Springer, 2017)', Evelyne Terryn, Issue 2, pp. 92–92

'Towards a European law on unfair B2B trading practices?', Christian Twigg-Flesner, Issue 3, pp. 93–95
'Right to Housing and Unfair Contract Terms', Luca Ettore Perriello, Issue 3, pp. 96–103
'The transfer of consumer deposits in case of bank recovery and resolution in the EU: three Greek examples', Iakovos E. Venieris, Issue 3, pp. 104–108
'Why Uber is an information society service', Martien Y. Schaub, Issue 3, pp. 109–115
'Consumer ADR in Hungary', Andrea Fejős, Issue 3, pp. 116–120
'Consumer ADR in Germany', Peter Rott, Issue 3, pp. 121–125
'Consumer ADR in the Republic of Cyprus', Soterios Loizou, Issue 3, pp. 126–129
'Book Review: Central Bank Regulation and the Financial Crisis: A Comparative Analysis, by Miao Han. (2016, UK: Palgrave Macmillan)', Lerong Lu, Issue 3, pp. 130–131
'Book review: Convergence in European Consumer Sales Law. A Comparative and Numerical Approach, by C. Goanta. (Cambridge: Intersentia, 2016)', Marco B. M. Loos, Issue 3, pp. 131–132

'Digital age: time to say goodbye to traditional concepts', Joasia Luzak, Issue 4, pp. 133–135
'Data ownership and consumer protection', Eric Tjong Tjin Tai, Issue 4, pp. 136–140
'Some thoughts on data portability in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal', Paul Przemysław Polański, Issue 4, pp. 141–146
'Competition and Data Pools', Björn Lundqvist, Issue 4, pp. 146–154
'Citizens as Consumers in the Data Economy: The Case of Smart Cities', Sofia Ranchordás, Issue 4, pp. 154–161
'Designing for Consent', Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Issue 4, pp. 162–171
'The Sharing Economy at the CJEU: Does Airbnb pass the ‘Uber test’? Some observations on the pending case C-390/18 – Airbnb Ireland', Christoph Busch, Issue 4, pp. 172–174
'Book Review: Social Networks and Private Law, by C. Perlingieri. (Napoli, Edizioni scientifiche italiane, Naples, 2017)', Michael Lehmann, Issue 4, pp. 175–175
'Book Review: A celebratory blog for Udo Reifner – a wonderful homage to one of Europe’s great scholars (Eva Kocher, Doris Neuberger, Luca Nogler, Dirk Ulbricht)', Christine Riefa, Issue 4, pp. 175–176

'Geoffrey Woodroffe 1934-2018:An obituary to one of consumer law’s founding fathers', Geraint Howells, Issue 5, pp. 177–178
'Concluding Consumer Contracts via Smart Assistants:Mission Impossible Under European Consumer Law?', Karin Sein, Issue 5, pp. 179–188
'Procedural Justice in Alternative Dispute Resolution:Fairness judgments among users of Financial Ombudsman services in Germany and the United Kingdom', Ben Bradford, Naomi Creutzfeldt, Issue 5, pp. 188–200
'Personal Data and Digital Assets after Death: a Comparative Law Perspective on the BGH Facebook Ruling', Giorgio Resta, Issue 5, pp. 201–204
'Germany’s Supreme Court Rules in Favour of “Digital Inheritance”', Dr. Lucas Wüsthof, Issue 5, pp. 205–208
'Online Platforms as Gatekeepers to the Digital World – A Preliminary Issue on Business Freedom, Competition and the Need for a Special Market Regulation', Marco Cian, Issue 5, pp. 209–210
'Service Contracts and EU Directive 1999/44 on Consumer Sales Some reflections on CJEU Schottelius and on the proposed Directive on the sale of goods', Lorenzo Bertino, Issue 5, pp. 211–216

'Planned Obsolescence challenging the Effectiveness of Consumer Law and the Achievement of a Sustainable Economy:The Apple and Samsung Cases', Alberto De Franceschi, Issue 6, pp. 217–221
'The EU’s Proposals for Regulating B2B Relationships on online platforms Transparency, Fairness and Beyond', Christian Twigg-Flesner, Issue 6, pp. 222–233
'Debt Collection Practices under Croatian Enforcement Law – Is there a way out for over-indebted consumers?', Paula Poretti, Issue 6, pp. 233–240
'Perspectives on the Growth of DIY Legal Services in the European Union', Siegfried Fina, Irene Ng, Roland Vogl, Issue 6, pp. 241–246
'Mediation by the Polish Trade Inspection – The Implementation of Consumer ADR in Poland', Agnieszka Serlikowska, Issue 6, pp. 247–250
'Regulating Airbnb in Austria', Kristin Nemeth, Marco Scharmer, Issue 6, pp. 251–253
'Regulating Airbnb in the Netherlands', Rosalie Koolhoven, Issue 6, pp. 253–256
'Regulating Airbnb in Portugal', Jorge Morais Carvalho, Pedro Policarpo, Issue 6, pp. 256–258
'Book review: The Impact of the Mortgage Credit Directive in Europe Contrasting View from Member States, edited by Miriam Anderson & Esther Arroyo Amayuelas. (Europa Law Publishing)', Irina Domurath, Issue 6, pp. 259–260
'Conference Report', Christina Breunig, Tereza Pertot, Issue 6, pp. 261–263

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