Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 12 (1995)

'Reflections on the Effectiveness of International Arbitral Awards', Georges R. Delaume, Issue 1, pp. 5–19
'Application of Competition Laws by Arbitrators – The Step Too Far', Jacques Werner, Issue 1, pp. 21–26
'Submissions to the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes in Breach of the Convention', Kathigamar V.S.K. Nathan, Issue 1, pp. 27–52
'International Arbitration of Trade Disputes in Mexico – The Arrival of the NAFTA and New Reforms to the Commercial Code', Michael Tenenbaum, Issue 1, pp. 53–78
'Maritime Arbitration: Quo Vadis? – Have Delays and Costs Caused us to Lose the Way?', Michael A. van Gelder, Issue 1, pp. 79–86
'The Revised Arbitration Rules of the Society of Maritime Arbitrators', Lucienne Carasso Bulow, Issue 1, pp. 87–99
'Sources of Law Relating to Maritime Arbitration in Japan', Hironori Tanimoto, Issue 1, pp. 101–111
'Signatories to the 1958 New York Convention', Issue 1, pp. 113–113

'The Ethics of Arbitrators in CIETAC Arbitrations', Huang Yanming, Issue 2, pp. 5–16
'Security for Costs in Domestic and International Arbitration in England and Hong Kong', Katherine Lynch, Issue 2, pp. 17–49
'Singapore’s Adoption of the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration – Some Preliminary Observations', Benny S. Tabalujan, Issue 2, pp. 51–64
'The New Egyptian Arbitration Act in Civil and Commercial Matters', Abdul Hamid El-Ahdab, Issue 2, pp. 65–101
'The New Lex Mercatoria – Reality or Academic Fantasy?', Vanessa L.D. Wilkinson, Issue 2, pp. 103–117
'Conciliation or Mediation during the Arbitral Process – A Japanese View', Kenji Tashiro, Issue 2, pp. 119–133
'The World Bank Inspection Panel – Court or Quango?', Kathigamar V.S.K. Nathan, Issue 2, pp. 135–148
'U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Arbitral Authority to Award Punitive Damages', Mark Augenblick, Michael Stern, Issue 2, pp. 149–152

'Indian Arbitration Law – Existing and Proposed', G.K. Kawatra, S.L. Khurana, Issue 3, pp. 5–38
'Arbitrator Disclosure – Probing the Issues', J. Lani Bader, Issue 3, pp. 39–51
'The New Arbitration Act in Hungary', Eva Horváth, Issue 3, pp. 53–65
'Towards a New Law on International Arbitration in India', A.K. Bansal, Issue 3, pp. 67–71
'Arbitration in Liechtenstein', Markus Wanger, Issue 3, pp. 73–80
'The WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism – Coverage and Procedures of the WTO Understanding', Norio Komuro, Issue 3, pp. 81–171
'U.S. Court Defers Antitrust Issues to Swiss Arbitral Tribunal', Gerald Aksen, Issue 3, pp. 173–175
'Book Reviews', Issue 3, pp. 177–180
'Index 1995 – Volume 12', Issue 3, pp. 181–182

'“Brussels” and Arbitration – Approximation of Judiciary Law within the EU and the Potential Impact on International Arbitration', Christian Wiegand, Issue 4, pp. 5–28
'The Arbitration Act of the People’s Republic of China – A Great Leap Forward', Chen Min, Issue 4, pp. 29–49
'Playing by a New Set of Rules – Will China’s New Arbitration Laws and Recent Membership in the ICC Improve Trade with China?', Sarah Catherine Peck, Issue 4, pp. 51–64
'The 1995 Rules of the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation', Philipp A. Habegger, Issue 4, pp. 65–73
'Overview of the International Arbitration Act and Subsidiary Legislation in Singapore', Lawrence Boo, Charles Lim, Issue 4, pp. 75–89
'The Challenge of Arbitrators in the Inter-American Commercial Arbitration Commission Proceedings', José Luis Siqueiros, Issue 4, pp. 91–97
'Neutrality, Predictability and Economic Co-operation', William W. Park, Issue 4, pp. 99–112
'Prioritizing an Agenda for Trade Dispute Settlement in North America', Andrew D.M. Anderson, Issue 4, pp. 113–134
'Non-Adversarial Mediation', Richard Hill, Issue 4, pp. 135–143
'A Threat to Arbitral Integrity', Amazu A. Asouzu, Issue 4, pp. 145–161
'Nota Bene', Vanessa L.D. Wilkinson, Issue 4, pp. 163–163

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