Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 25 (2008)

'Antitrust/Competition Arbitration in EU versus U.S. Law', Georgios I. Zekos, Issue 1, pp. 1–29
'New Keys to Arbitration in Latin-America', Paul E. Mason, Mauricio Gomm-Santos, Issue 1, pp. 31–69
'Denunciation of the Washington Convention and Non-Contractual Investment Arbitration: “Manufacturing Consent” to ICSID Arbitration?', Julien Fouret, Issue 1, pp. 71–87
'The Most-Favored-Nation Clause in International Investment: Agreements A Tool for Treaty Shopping?', Alejandro Faya Rodriguez, Issue 1, pp. 89–102
'Chorzów’s Standard Rejuvenated: Assessing Damages in Investment Treaty Arbitrations', Manuel A. Abdala, Pablo T. Spiller, Issue 1, pp. 103–120
'The China-Style Closed Panel System in Arbitral Tribunal Formation: Analysis of Chinese Adaptation to Globalization', Weixia Gu, Issue 1, pp. 121–149
'Enforcement Regimes and Grounds for Foreign Judgments and Awards in Russia', Diana Tapola, Issue 1, pp. 150–166
'The Decision-making Mechanism of the Arbitrator vis-à-vis the Judge', Mauro Rubino-Sammartano, Issue 1, pp. 167–170
'Discovery, Judicial Assistance and Arbitration: A New Tool for Cases Involving U.S. Entities?', Peter B. Rutledge, Issue 1, pp. 171–180
'A Procedural Road Map for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Romania', Irina A. Pongracz, Ileana M. Smeureanu, Issue 1, pp. 181–195
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 1, pp. 197–200

'Special Number on Arbitration in the Arab World: Editorial Note', Nadia Darwazeh, Issue 2, pp. 201–202
'Arbitration in the Arab World: An Interview with Professor Ahmed Sadek El–Kosheri', Nadia Darwazeh, Ahmed Sadek El–Kosheri, Issue 2, pp. 203–210
'The DIAC Rules and the New U.A.E. Arbitration Law', Essam Al Tamimi, Emma van Son, Issue 2, pp. 211–217
'Arbitration in Jordan: From Old to New', Omar Aljazy, Issue 2, pp. 219–229
'ICC Arbitration in the Arab World', Lara Hammoud, Sami Houerbi, Issue 2, pp. 231–240
'Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Maghreb Countries', Ahmed Ouerfelli, Issue 2, pp. 241–256
'How Bilateral Investment Treaties Can Protect Foreign Investors in the Arab World or Arab Investors Abroad', Robert Greig, Claudia Annacker, Roland Ziadé, Issue 2, pp. 257–273
'Arab Arbitration v. International Arbitration? The Case for a Reconciliation', Jalal El Ahdab, Ruth Stackpool–Moore, Issue 2, pp. 275–288
'Towards a Reflexive Sociology of the Arbitration Field in the Arab World', Abdulhay Sayed, Issue 2, pp. 289–294
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 2, pp. 295–297

'Confidentiality in English Arbitration Law: Myths and Realities About its Legal Nature', Ioanna Thoma, Issue 3, pp. 299–314
'Fixing a Hole Where the Rain Gets In: New Legal Framework in Cuba for Interim Measures of Protection in Support of Arbitration', Johannes San Miguel Giralt, Issue 3, pp. 315–327
'U.S. Discovery and Foreign Private Arbitration: The Foreign Lawyer’s Perspective', Martin Illmer, Ben Steinbrück, Issue 3, pp. 329–343
'Online Arbitration', Sami Kallel, Issue 3, pp. 345–353
'The Authenticity of Online Alternative Dispute Resolution Proceedings', Haitham A. Haloush, Issue 3, pp. 355–364
'EC Competition Law and International Arbitration in the Light of EC Regulation 1/2003—Conceptual Conflicts, Common Ground, and Corresponding Legal Issues', Sotiris I. Dempegiotis, Issue 3, pp. 365–395
'Case Note: Termorío S.A. E.S.P. et al. v. Electranta S.P. et al.', Fernando Mantilla-Serrano, Issue 3, pp. 397–405
'Two Steps Forward, One Step ... Sideways — Recent Developments in Arbitration in China', Robert , Michael Polkinghorne, Issue 3, pp. 407–414
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 3, pp. 415–420

'Challenges to International Arbitral Awards The French Approach', Robert B. Kovacs, Issue 4, pp. 421–432
'Pathological Arbitration Clauses and Indian Courts', Alok Jain, Issue 4, pp. 433–448
'The Private Dimension of the International Customary Nature of Commercial Arbitration', Ilias Bantekas, Issue 4, pp. 449–460
'Arbitration and Crime', Dragor Hiber, Vladimir PaviÇ, Issue 4, pp. 461–478
'Integrating Mediation into Arbitration:Why It Works in China', Gabrielle Kaufmann–Kohler, Fan Kun, Issue 4, pp. 479–492
'The CMS Case: A Lesson for the Future?', José Rosell, Issue 4, pp. 493–502
'The Tribunal in Malaysian Historical Salvors v. Malaysia Adopts a Restrictive Interpretation of the Term “Investment”', Yulia Andreeva, Issue 4, pp. 503–506
'Commentary on the Indian Supreme Court Judgment in Venture Global Engineering v. Satyam Computers Services Ltd', Sarosh Zaiwalla, Issue 4, pp. 507–512
'Watch Out and Act! Recent Case Law on Due Process in Light of Austrian Law and the 1958 New York Convention', Barbara Steindl, Issue 4, pp. 513–520
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 4, pp. 521–528

'Party Autonomy in International Commercial Arbitration: Popular Fallacy or Proven Fact?', Mia Louise Livingstone, Issue 5, pp. 529–535
'Party Autonomy in Mainland Chinese Commercial Arbitration', Graeme Johnston, Issue 5, pp. 537–544
'State Responsibility and Investment Arbitration', Kaj Hobér, Issue 5, pp. 545–568
'Arbitration in Equity and Amiable Composition under Portuguese Law', António Sampaio Caramelo, Issue 5, pp. 569–581
'Section 37h of the German Securities Trading Act and its Non–compliance with European Law', Dr. Roman Jordans, Issue 5, pp. 583–594
'The Need for Speed in International Arbitration:Supplementary Rules for Expedited Proceedings of the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS)', Klaus Peter Berger, Issue 5, pp. 595–612
'Finality over Choice:Hall Street Associates, L.L.C. v.Mattel, Inc.(U.S. Supreme Court)', Timothy Tyler, Archis A. Parasharami, Issue 5, pp. 613–621
'A Pro Domo Pleading: Of In–House Counsel, and their Necessary Participation in International Commercial Arbitration', Jean–Claude Najar, Issue 5, pp. 623–630
'Recent Arbitration–related Developments in the UAE', Reza Mohtashami, Issue 5, pp. 631–639
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 5, pp. 641–646

'Special New York Convention Number', Michael J. Moser, Issue 6, pp. 647–647
'Narrow Exceptions: A Review of Recent U.S. Precedent Regarding the Due Process and Public Policy Defenses of the New York Convention', Lucy F. Reed, James Freda, Issue 6, pp. 649–656
'Enforcing Foreign Arbitral Awards in the United States: The Non–Arbitrable Subject Matter Defense', Abby Cohen Smutny, Hansel T. Pham, Issue 6, pp. 657–668
'The Implementation of the New York Convention in Canada', Henri C. Alvarez, Issue 6, pp. 669–679
'Application of the New York Convention A Report from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden', Annette Magnusson, Issue 6, pp. 681–690
'Implementing the New York Convention in Switzerland', Elliott Geisinger, Issue 6, pp. 691–706
'New York Convention of June 10, 1958: the Application of Article V by the Courts in Italy', Piero Bernardini, Marco Perrini, Issue 6, pp. 707–719
'Arbitrability, Due Process, and Public Policy Under Article V of the New York Convention Belgian and French Perspectives', Bernard Hanotiau, Olivier Caprasse, Issue 6, pp. 721–741
'Current Issues on the Application of the New York Convention A German Perspective', Dr. Wolfgang Kühn, Issue 6, pp. 743–757
'Application of Article V of the New York Convention in the Netherlands', D. Brian King, Alexandra Schluep, Issue 6, pp. 759–770
'Application of the New York Convention in Austria and Eastern Europe', Dr. Christoph Liebscher, Issue 6, pp. 771–786
'Interpretation of Article V of the New York Convention by Russian Courts Due Process, Arbitrability, and Public Policy Grounds for Non–Enforcement', Ilya Nikiforov, Issue 6, pp. 787–808
'Application of Article V of the New York Convention A Central Asian Perspective', Noah Rubins, Gorsha Sur, Issue 6, pp. 808–819
'The Influence of the New York Convention on the Development of International Arbitration in Nigeria', Dorothy Ufot, Issue 6, pp. 821–836
'Recognition and Enforcement of Awards under the New York Convention China and Hong Kong Perspectives', Nadia Darwazeh, Friven Yeoh, Issue 6, pp. 837–856
'Japanese Court Decisions on Article V of the New York Convention', Yasuhei Taniguchi, Tatsuya Nakamura, Issue 6, pp. 857–863
'Article V of the New York Convention and Korea', Seung Wha Chang, Issue 6, pp. 865–871
'Survey of South East Asian Nations on the Application of the New York Convention', Michael Hwang S.C., Shaun Lee, Issue 6, pp. 873–892
'Application of the New York Convention in India', Fali S. Nariman, Issue 6, pp. 893–898
'Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Awards under the New York Convention in Australia and New Zealand', Richard Garnett, Michael Pryles, Issue 6, pp. 899–912
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 6, pp. 913–915

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