Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 27 (2010)

'In Memoriam Robert Briner', Bernard Hanotiau, Issue 1, pp. i–ii
'The Proper Law of the Arbitration Clause: A Challenge to the Prevailing Orthodoxy', Ilias Bantekas, Issue 1, pp. 1–8
'Ensuring Party Equality in the Process of Designating Arbitrators in Multiparty Arbitration: An Update on the Governing Provisions', Ricardo Ugarte, Thomas Bevilacqua, Issue 1, pp. 9–49
'National Courts and International Arbitration: A Double-edged Sword?', Sameer Sattar, Issue 1, pp. 51–73
'The Challenges of Enforcing an Arbitral Award Against a Foreign State in the United States', Saloni Kantaria, Issue 1, pp. 75–87
'Multi-tiered Dispute Resolution Clauses: Enforcing Obligations to Negotiate in Good Faith', Simon Chapman, Issue 1, pp. 89–98
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 1, pp. 99–103

'The Kaplan Lecture 2009 – When is an Arbitration Agreement Waived?', Michael Pryles, Issue 2, pp. 105–139
'Foreign Investment Protection and Regulatory Failures as States’ Contribution to the State of Necessity under Customary International Law – A New Approach Based on the Complexity of Argentina’s 2001 Crisis', Alberto Alvarez-Jiménez, Issue 2, pp. 141–177
'Enforcement of Arbitral Awards Annulled in Russia – Case Comment on Court of Appeal of Amsterdam, April 28, 2009', Albert Jan van den Berg, Issue 2, pp. 179–198
'Institutional and Ad Hoc Perspectives on the Temporal Conflict of Arbitral Rules', Simon Greenberg, Flavia Mange, Issue 2, pp. 199–213
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 2, pp. 215–219

'Privacy and Confidentiality Obligation on Parties in Arbitration under Swiss Law', Philipp Ritz, Issue 3, pp. 221–245
'Compensation for Moral Damages in Investor-State Arbitration Disputes', Patrick Dumberry, Issue 3, pp. 247–276
'Punitive Damages in Arbitration: Panacea or Curse?', Kyriaki Noussia, Issue 3, pp. 277–294
'Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in Russia', Patricia Nacimiento, Alexey Barnashov, Issue 3, pp. 295–306
'The Swiss Supreme Court Refits the Frigates—ICC Award Set Aside After More than Thirteen Years', Antonio Rigozzi, Elisabeth Leimbacher, Issue 3, pp. 307–316
'Peeking Through the Form of Uniform Law: International Arbitration Practice and Legal Harmonization', Fabien Gélinas, Issue 3, pp. 317–330
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 3, pp. 331–335

'Pre-arbitral Urgent Relief: The New SCC Emergency Arbitrator Rules', Patricia Shaughnessy, Issue 4, pp. 337–360
'Too Many Forums for Investment Disputes? ICSID Illustrations of Parallel Proceedings and Analysis', Jamie Shookman, Issue 4, pp. 361–378
'Is This a Great Leap Forward? — A Comparative Review of the Investor-State Arbitration Clause in the ASEAN-China Investment Treaty: From BIT Jurisprudential and Practical Perspectives', Wei Shen, Issue 4, pp. 379–419
'Challenge to Arbitrators: Where a Counsel and an Arbitrator Share the Same Office—The Italian Perspective', Pietro Ferrario, Issue 4, pp. 421–426
'Learned Lawyers Attest: It Is Advantageous To Be Right in (an Austrian) Court', Barbara Helene Steindl, Issue 4, pp. 427–437
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 4, pp. 439–442

'When Arbitration Begins Without a Seat', Aníbal Sabater, Issue 5, pp. 443–472
'Swiss Bilateral Investment Treaties: A Survey', Laurence Burger, Issue 5, pp. 473–503
'Challenging Arbitrators in Investment Treaty Arbitrations — A Comparative Law Approach', Charles B. Rosenberg, Issue 5, pp. 505–517
'T.Co Metals, LLC v. Dempsey Pipe and Supply, Inc.: Are There Really No Limits on What an Arbitrator Can Do in Correcting an Award?', Jennifer Kirby, Issue 5, pp. 519–528
'Thomas v. Carnival Corporation: Has the Eleventh Circuit Set International Arbitration Off Course?', Erica Stein, Issue 5, pp. 529–537
'Proper Notification: A Crucial Element of Arbitral Proceedings', Hans Dahlberg, Marie Öhrström, Issue 5, pp. 539–543
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 5, pp. 545–549

'Enforceability of Multi-Tiered Dispute Resolution Clauses', Didem Kayali, Issue 6, pp. 551–577
'Arbitrating Overseas Oil and Gas Disputes: Breaches of Contract Versus Breaches of Treaty', Paul Michael Blyschak, Issue 6, pp. 579–629
'Arbitrating Labor Disputes in Switzerland', Alexandra Johnson, Isabelle Wildhaber, Issue 6, pp. 631–655
'LCIA India: Will It Change the International Arbitration Scene in India?', Sarosh Zaiwalla, Issue 6, pp. 657–665
'The Revised IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration', Detlev Kühner, Issue 6, pp. 667–677
'The Resurgence of Scotland as a Force in International Arbitration: The Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010', David Wilson, Issue 6, pp. 679–687
'ARTICLE INDEX', Issue 6, pp. 691–692
'SUBJECT INDEX', Issue 6, pp. 693–711

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