Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 3 (1986)

'Editorial', Issue 1, pp. 5–5
'The Manager and Arbitration', Issue 1, pp. 7–18
'The Jurisdiction of an International Commercial Arbitrator', Issue 1, pp. 19–34
'Costs: Poker and Hide-and-seek', Issue 1, pp. 35–46
'International Commercial Arbitration and the Spanish Court of Arbitration', Issue 1, pp. 47–61
'Regional Seminar on International Commercial Arbitration', Issue 1, pp. 63–64
'European International Constructors (EIC)', Issue 1, pp. 65–66
'Court of Arbitration of the Vienna Commodity Exchange', Issue 1, pp. 67–68
'IVth Seminar on East-West Arbitration', Issue 1, pp. 70–70
'Book Reviews', Issue 1, pp. 71–74

'Editorial', Issue 2, pp. 5–5
'Public Policy and International Commercial Arbitration : The Argentine Perspective', Issue 2, pp. 7–27
'Arbitration and Renegotiation Clauses', Issue 2, pp. 29–46
'Frustration, Hardship, Force Majeure, Imprévision, Wegfall der Geschäftsgrundlage, Unmöglichkeit, Changed Circumstances', Issue 2, pp. 47–66
'Canada: No Man's Land no More', Issue 2, pp. 67–75
'Increasing the Appeal of Belgium as an International Arbitration Forum?', Issue 2, pp. 77–86
'Rules of evidence in International Arbitration', Issue 2, pp. 87–91
'The Klöckner v. Cameroon Appeal', Issue 2, pp. 93–99
'Objection to Arbitrators Following the Annulment of a Partial Award: A Potential Jeopardy of Arbitration in Switzerland?', Issue 2, pp. 101–105
'International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes', Issue 2, pp. 107–108
'American Arbitration Association – World Arbitration Institute', Issue 2, pp. 109–110
'Book Reviews', Issue 2, pp. 111–118
'The Law of Industrial Disputes: by Malhotra, o.p. vol. 1 & 2; Pub: Tripathi Publications', Issue 2, pp. 119–120

'Guest Editorialist', Issue 3, pp. 5–8
'Discovery in Arbitration', Issue 3, pp. 9–25
'Arbitration in Saudi Arabia under the New Arbitration Act, 1983 and its Implementation Rules of 1985', Issue 3, pp. 27–56
'The Practice of the Iran-U. S. Claims Tribunal in Receiving Evidence from Parties and from Experts', Issue 3, pp. 57–69
'Canada: A New Forum to Develop the Cultural Psychology of International Commercial Arbitration', Issue 3, pp. 71–93
'Separability in English Law-Should an Arbitration Clause Be Regarded as an Agreement Separate and Collateral to a Contract in Which It Is Contained?', Issue 3, pp. 95–109
'Canada's Determined Move Towards International Commercial Arbitration', Issue 3, pp. 111–116
'ICC Court of Arbitration', Issue 3, pp. 117–124

'Editorial', Issue 4, pp. 5–5
'Arbitration in Hong Kong', Issue 4, pp. 7–22
'Arbitration in Saudi Arabia under the New Arbitration Act, 1983 and its Implementation Rules of 1985', Issue 4, pp. 23–59
'Waiver of Sovereign Immunity in the United States and Great Britain by an Arbitration Agreement', Issue 4, pp. 61–80
'A Swiss Comment on Mistsubisbi', Issue 4, pp. 81–83
'German Institute of Arbitration', Issue 4, pp. 85–87
'International Symposium on "The Complex Long-Term Contract - Structures and International Arbitration"', Issue 4, pp. 90–90
'Book Reviews', Issue 4, pp. 91–92
'Back Numbers of The Journal of International Arbitration', Issue 4, pp. 93–96

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