Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 30 (2013)

'Contract Interpretation in International Arbitration', Jonas Rosengren, Issue 1, pp. 1–16
'Should an Arbitral Tribunal Order Security for Costs When an Impecunious Claimant Is Relying upon Third-Party Funding?', William Kirtley, Koralie Wietrzykowski, Issue 1, pp. 17–30
'Punitive Damages in International Commercial Arbitration: A Conflict of Laws Lesson', Markus Petsche, Issue 1, pp. 31–47
'International Public Policy and Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Brazil', Leonardo V. P. de Oliveira, Isabel Miranda, Issue 1, pp. 49–70
'Extension of Petroleum Arbitration Agreements to Non-signatories in Egypt', Fatma Salah, Issue 1, pp. 71–79
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 1, pp. 81–83

'The 2013 Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre Kaplan Lecture – Arbitral Decision-Making: Art, Science or Sport?', Lucy Reed, Issue 2, pp. 85–99
'Are Challenges Overused in International Arbitration?', Mark Baker, Lucy Greenwood, Issue 2, pp. 101–112
'The New Saudi Arbitration Law: Modernization to the Tune of Shari’a', Jean-Pierre Harb, Alexander G. Leventhal, Issue 2, pp. 113–130
'Investor-State Arbitration in Sovereign Debt Restructuring: The Role of Holdouts', Felipe Suescun de Roa, Issue 2, pp. 131–154
'The ‘Pre-Hearing Checklist’ – A Technique for Enhancing Efficiency in International Arbitral Proceedings', Michael J Moser, Issue 2, pp. 155–159
'Optional Additions to Standard Arbitration Agreements Issued by the European Court of Arbitration', Mauro Rubino-Sammartano, Issue 2, pp. 161–164
'Forum non conveniens: A Hidden Ground to Refuse Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in the United States', Victor Bonnin Reynes, Issue 2, pp. 165–175
'RecentTrends in the Conduct of Arbitrations', Denis Brock, Laura Feldman, Issue 2, pp. 177–193
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 2, pp. 195–196

'Towards a Truly International Court of Arbitration', John Templeman, Issue 3, pp. 197–220
'Will Australia Trust Arbitrators with Antitrust?', Colette Downie, Issue 3, pp. 221–265
'The Use and Misuse of the Corruption Defence in International Investment Arbitration', Tamar Meshel, Issue 3, pp. 267–281
'Nullity and Jurisdictional Excess as Grounds for Non-Enforcement of Foreign Awards in Bahrain and the UAE', Mohamed Al-Nasair, Ilias Bantekas, Issue 3, pp. 283–301
'The Chinese European Arbitration Centre', Eckart Brödermann, Issue 3, pp. 303–327
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 3, pp. 329–332

'ICSID Annulment Committee Appointments: Too Much Discretion for the Chairman?', David Collins, Issue 4, pp. 333–343
'Why Good Arbitration Cannot Compensate for Bad Courts', Jan Paulsson, Issue 4, pp. 345–360
'House of Cards: The Relevance of Legitimate Expectations under Fair and Equitable Treatment Provisions in Investment Treaty Law', Christopher Campbell, Issue 4, pp. 361–379
'Ex Parte Interviews of Party-Appointed Arbitrator Candidates: A Study Based on the Views of Counsel and Arbitrators in Sweden and the United States', Niklas Elofsson, Issue 4, pp. 381–405
'Voluntary Third-Party Intervention in International Arbitration for Construction Disputes: A Contextual Approach to Jurisdictional Issues', Keechang Kim, Jason Mitchenson, Issue 4, pp. 407–430
'Colombia Enacts a New International Arbitration Law', Fernando Mantilla-Serrano, Issue 4, pp. 431–441
'Recent Developments in Third-Party Funding', Victoria Shannon, Issue 4, pp. 443–452
'HKL Group Ltd v. Rizq International Holdings Pte. Ltd. and HKL Group Co. Ltd. v. Rizq International Holdings Pte Ltd. ', Jason Fry, Issue 4, pp. 453–461
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 4, pp. 463–464

'International Commercial Arbitration in Australia: What’s New and What’s Next?', Luke Nottage, Issue 5, pp. 465–494
'Collective Consumer Arbitration in Spain: A Civil Law Response to US-Style Class Arbitration', S.I. Strong, Issue 5, pp. 495–510
'The Inconvenience of Principle: Separability and Kompetenz-Kompetenz', Phillip Landolt, Issue 5, pp. 511–530
'The Appeal of Appeal Mechanisms in International Arbitration: Fairness over Finality?', Rowan Platt, Issue 5, pp. 531–560
'Inconsistent Awards in Investment Treaty Arbitration: Is an Appeals Court Needed?', Anders Nilsson, Oscar Englesson, Issue 5, pp. 561–579
'Are Russian Courts Able to Keep Control over the Unruly Horse?', Anton Asoskov, Alyona Kucher, Issue 5, pp. 581–589
'The ‘Arab Spring’ and Arab Approaches to International Arbitration', Nassib G. Ziadé, Issue 5, pp. 591–595
'New Belgian Arbitration Law of 24 June 2013 and New CEPANI Arbitration Rules of 1 January 2013', Herman Verbist, Issue 5, pp. 597–618
'International Arbitration Events Calendar', Issue 5, pp. 619–620

'International Commercial Arbitration in Asia and the Choice of Law Determination', Harisankar K.S, Issue 6, pp. 621–636
'A Fabulous Discovery: The Arbitration Offer under the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Agreement Related to Investment', Walid Ben Hamida, Issue 6, pp. 637–663
'Recent Trends in Commodities Arbitrations', Jason Clapham, Issue 6, pp. 665–688
'Game of Thrones: A Narrowing Immunity?', Nicholas A. Brown, James D.A. Lewis, Issue 6, pp. 689–699
'The IBA Guidelines on Party Representation in International Arbitration', Jean-Christophe Honlet, Issue 6, pp. 701–709
'Reference of Non-Signatories to Arbitration in Composite Transactions: Did the Indian Supreme Court Get it Right?', Kartikey Mahajan, Malak Bhatt, Issue 6, pp. 711–726
'A Tale of Two Arbitration Clauses: The Lessons of Oxford Health Plans LLC v. Sutter for the Future of Class-Action Arbitration in the United States', B.Ted Howes, Hannah Banks, Issue 6, pp. 727–734
'Article Index', Issue 6, pp. 735–737
'Subject Index', Issue 6, pp. 739–752

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