Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 33 (2016)

'A Response to the Criticism against ISDS by EFILA', Gloria Maria Alvarez, Blazej Blasikiewicz, Tabe van Hoolwerff, Keoplatra Koutouzi, Nikos Lavranos, Mary Mitsi, Emma Spiteri-Gonzi, Adrian Verdegay Mena, Piotr Willinski, Issue 1, pp. 1–36
'The Combined Use of Mediation and Arbitration in Commercial Dispute Resolution: Results from an International Study', Dilyara Nigmatullina, Issue 1, pp. 37–82
'Common Pitfalls of Arbitration in the United Arab Emirates: Interference and Enforcement', Mark Padley, Claire Clutterham, Issue 1, pp. 83–98
'Prejudgment Interest: An Economic Review of Alternative Approaches', Aaron Dolgoff, Tiago Duarte-Silva, Issue 1, pp. 99–114
'Third Party Funding in International Arbitration: A Slippery Slope or Levelling the Playing Field?', Derric Yeoh, Issue 1, pp. 115–122
'Book Review', Ernesto J. Féliz De Jesús, Issue 1, pp. 123–124

'Disclosure and Security for Costs or How to Address Imbalances Created by Third-Party Funding', Nadia Darwazeh, Adrien Leleu, Issue 2, pp. 125–149
'Enforcement of Arbitration Clauses in Bills of Lading: Where Are We Now?', Melis Özdel, Issue 2, pp. 151–169
'Qualitative Analytical Models for Arbitration', Iain Sheridan, Issue 2, pp. 171–183
'Appellate Arbitral Rules in International Commercial Arbitration', Mateus Aimoré Carreteiro, Issue 2, pp. 185–216
'Statoil v. NNPC: A Question of Absence of Jurisdiction or Exercise of Discretion Not to Exercise Jurisdiction', Nduka Ikeyi, Jirinwayo Jude Odinkonigbo, Issue 2, pp. 217–228
'Book Review: International Investment Law: A Handbook, by Marc Bungenberg, Jörn Griebel, Stephan Hobe & August Reinisch. (C.H.Beck, Hart, Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2015)', Nikos Lavranos, Issue 2, pp. 229–233
'Book Review: Interaction and Conflict of Treaties in Investment Arbitration, by Ahmad Ali Ghouri. (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2015)', Panayotis M. Protopsaltis, Issue 2, pp. 234–243

'Horror Vacui: Or Why Investment Treaties Should Apply to Illegally Annexed Territories', Richard Happ, Sebastian Wuschka, Issue 3, pp. 245–268
'The Role and Relevance of Awards in the Formation, Identification and Evolution of Customary Rules in International Investment Law', Patrick Dumberry, Issue 3, pp. 269–287
'Lessons from Cuba: Case Commentary on Exemption from Damages and the Right to Interest under the CISG', Justin P. Lee, Issue 3, pp. 289–310
'How Much Assistance Is Permissible? A Note on the Swiss Supreme Court’s Decision on Arbitral Secretaries and Consultants', James Menz, Anya George, Issue 3, pp. 311–323
'Book Review: ICC Arbitration in Practice, 2nd edn, edited by Herman Verbist, Erik Schäfer & Christoph Imhoos. (The Netherlands, 2015)', Sigvard Jarvin, Issue 3, pp. 325–327
'Book Review: Arbitration in China: A Practitioner’s Guide, edited by Wei Sun & Melanie Willems. (Kluwer Law International, The Hague, 2015)', Jonathan Lim, Issue 3, pp. 327–329

'The Future of Intra-European Union BITs: A Recent Development in International Investment Treaty Arbitration against Romania and Its Potential Collateral Damage', Stephan Wilske, Chloë Edworthy, Issue 4, pp. 331–351
'Reinventing the Redfern', Sam Luttrell, Peter Harris, Issue 4, pp. 353–364
'Unilateral Option Arbitration Clauses in the EU: A Comparative Assessment of the Operation of Unilateral Option Arbitration Clauses in the European Context', B. van Zelst, Issue 4, pp. 365–378
'Space – The Final Frontier: Analysing Challenges of Dispute Resolution Relating to Outer Space', Arthad Kurlekar, Issue 4, pp. 379–415
'Colombia: New Presidential Directive Seeks to Increase Governmental Oversight over Arbitration Agreements and the Arbitral Selection Process', Victoria Narancio, Laura Galindo-Romero, Issue 4, pp. 417–423

'Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment: Survival Clauses and Reform of International Investment Law', Catharine Titi, Issue 5, pp. 425–440
'The Implications of International Commercial Courts on Arbitration', Dalma R. Demeter, Kayleigh M. Smith, Issue 5, pp. 441–469
'Transparency in Investor State Arbitration', William Kenny, Issue 5, pp. 471–500
'Foreign Direct Investment Disputes with Unrecognized States: FDI Arbitration in Kosovo', Steven C. Young, Issue 5, pp. 501–523
'Should Expropriation Risk Be Part of the Discount Rate?', José Alberro, Issue 5, pp. 525–547
'Recent Developments in International Arbitration in Ireland and the United Kingdom', Louise Reilly, Issue 5, pp. 549–562
'Settling Disputes in the Nigerian Banking Sector: Why Not Arbitration?', Joseph C. Ifebunandu, Issue 5, pp. 563–575

'Challenge Decisions at the Danish Institute of Arbitration', Johan Tufte-Kristensen, Steffen Pihlblad, Issue 6, pp. 577–651
'Applying the UNIDROIT Principles in International Arbitration: An Exercise in Conflicts', Massimo Benedettelli, Issue 6, pp. 653–686
'Greek Debt Restructuring and Investment Treaty Arbitration: Jurisdictional Stumbling Blocks for Bondholders', Anna O. Mitsou, Issue 6, pp. 687–721
'Recent Developments in International Arbitration in Australia 2015/2016', James Morrison, Mary Flanagan, Issue 6, pp. 723–737
'Book Review', Audley Sheppard, Tim Schreiber, Issue 6, pp. 739–746
'Article Index', Issue 6, pp. 747–749
'Subject Index', Issue 6, pp. 751–774

'Editorial', Maxi Scherer, Johannes Koepp, Issue 7, pp. 425–427
'How Brexit Will Happen: A Brief Primer on European Union Law and Constitutional Law Questions Raised by Brexit', Holger Hestermeyer, Issue 7, pp. 429–450
'An Unamicable Separation: Brexit Consequences for London as a Premier Seat of International Dispute Resolution in Europe', Michael McIlwrath, Issue 7, pp. 451–462
'Brexit’s Chilling Effect on Choice of Law and Arbitration in the United Kingdom: Practical Reflections Between Aggravation and Alleviation', Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab, Issue 7, pp. 463–481
'What Does Brexit Mean for the Brussels Regime?', Sara Masters, Belinda McRae, Issue 7, pp. 483–499
'Anti-Suit Injunctions in Support of London Seated Arbitrations Post-Brexit: Are All Things New Just Well-Forgotten Past?', Kate Davies, Valeriya Kirsey, Issue 7, pp. 501–519
'Impact of Brexit on UK Competition Litigation and Arbitration', Richard Kreindler, Paul Gilbert, Ricardo Zimbron, Issue 7, pp. 521–540
'Brexit and the Future of Intellectual Property Litigation and Arbitration', Annet van Hooft, Issue 7, pp. 541–564
'Possible Ramifications of the UK’s EU Referendum on Intra- and Extra-EU BITs', Markus Burgstaller, Agnieszka Zarowna, Issue 7, pp. 565–575

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