Journal of International Arbitration

Volume 9 (1992)

'Amiable Compositeur (Joint Mandate to Settle) and Ex Bono et Aequo (Discretional Authority to Mitigate Strict Law) - Apparent Synonyms Revisited', Issue 1, pp. 5–16
'The Rainbow Warrior Arbitration between New Zealand and France', Issue 1, pp. 17–28
'Why Create the Arab Association for International Arbitration?', Issue 1, pp. 29–33
'The 1991 Geneva Global Arbitration Forum', Issue 1, pp. 35–35
'The Iraq Claims Process-A Progress Report', Issue 1, pp. 37–50
'Lessons to be Drawn from the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal', Issue 1, pp. 51–58
'Cross-Enrichment of Public and Private Law Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in the International Arena', Issue 1, pp. 59–68
'Interstate Political Arbitration: What Lies Next?', Issue 1, pp. 69–78
'Globalization (and Harmonization?) of Arbitration', Issue 1, pp. 79–89
'The Rainbow Warrior Arbitration between Greenpeace and France', Issue 1, pp. 91–93
'Book Review', Issue 1, pp. 95–97
'Books Received', Issue 1, pp. 101–101

'Maritime Arbitration: The Call for a Wider Perspective', Issue 2, pp. 5–30
'What Companies Expect of International Commercial Arbitration', Issue 2, pp. 31–44
'The Arbitration Clause of an International Contract', Issue 2, pp. 45–60
'Production of Evidence through U. S. Courts for Use in International Arbitration', Issue 2, pp. 61–69
'The Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry Adopts Revised Arbitration Rules', Issue 2, pp. 71–85
'Abuse of the Arbitration Process-Delaying Tactics and Disruptions', Issue 2, pp. 87–95
'Quest for a Rational and Proper Method hr the Publication of Arbitral Awards', Issue 2, pp. 97–104
'The Resolution of International Civil Aviation Disputes', Issue 2, pp. 105–122
'Book Reviews', Issue 2, pp. 123–125

'Rules of Ethics for Arbitrators and their Application', Issue 3, pp. 5–26
'The Court's Power to Invade the Arbitrators' Deliberation Chamber', Issue 3, pp. 27–37
'Will the Growth of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in America be Replicated in Europe?', Issue 3, pp. 39–43
'International Arbitration in Syria: Recent Developments', Issue 3, pp. 45–67
'The Arbitrator's Manual', Issue 3, pp. 69–78
'The Training of Arbitrators and Quality Assurance of Arbitration', Issue 3, pp. 99–104
'Rules of Arbitral Bodies Considered from a Practical Point of View', Issue 3, pp. 105–114
'The Evolution of the Doctrine of Separability in England: Now Virtually Complete?', Issue 3, pp. 115–121
'Book Review', Issue 3, pp. 123–126

'The International Arbitrators' Application of Precedents', Issue 4, pp. 5–22
'Dissenting Opinions - Beyond Fears', Issue 4, pp. 23–29
'The Independence and Neutrality of Arbitrators', Issue 4, pp. 31–42
'Fast-Track Arbitration and Fast-Tracking Your Arbitration', Issue 4, pp. 43–50
'"Foreign Award" in the 1958 New York convention', Issue 4, pp. 51–56
'Current Issues in International Arbitration in Australia', Issue 4, pp. 57–92
'A Comparative Survey of the Rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and the Arbitration Rules of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission', Issue 4, pp. 93–119
'The 1992 Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry Arbitration Rules under Scrutiny', Issue 4, pp. 121–139
'State Contracts with Aliens', Issue 4, pp. 141–171
'ICSID Arbitration and Annulment for Failure to State Reasons', Issue 4, pp. 173–198
'Book Reviews', Issue 4, pp. 199–201
'Books Received', Issue 4, pp. 203–204

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