Legal Issues of Economic Integration

Volume 38 (2011)

'The Ongoing Business of Treaty Reform', Issue 1, pp. 1–4
'Biomedicine and EU Law: Unlikely Encounters?', Stéphanie Hennette-Vauchez, Issue 1, pp. 5–31
'How Feasible Is the Proposal for Establishing a New European System of Financial Supervisors?', Asen Lefterov, Issue 1, pp. 33–64
'A Product Class Approach to Realigning the International Debate Over Intellectual Property Right Exhaustion', John Cornell Fuller, Issue 1, pp. 65–88
'The Changing Status of Private International Law Treaties of the Member States in Relation to Regulation No. 44/2001 – Case No. C-533/08, TNT Express Nederland BV v. AXA Versicherung AG', Pieter Jan Kuijper, Issue 1, pp. 89–104
'Book Review: Dumping e Antidumping – Una guida per le imprese di fronte alle sfide della globalizzazione, by Farah Paolo e Soprano Roberto', Giacomo Gattinara, Issue 1, pp. 105–106

'Perspectives on the Euro Crisis', Issue 2, pp. 107–114
'Assessing Competition in International Economic Law: A Comparison of ‘Market Definition’ and ‘Comparability’', Nicolas F. Diebold, Issue 2, pp. 115–141
'Securities Fraud Compensation: A Legislative Scheme Drawing on China, the US, and the UK', Mark Humphery-Jenner, Issue 2, pp. 143–162
'Redressing the Legitimacy Deficit within the World Trade Organization: The Aspect of External Transparency', Tamás Pásztor, Issue 2, pp. 163–187
'MFN in the CARIFORUM-EC Economic Partnership Agreement: Policy Blunder or Legal Inconsistency?', Claude S.K. Chase, Issue 2, pp. 189–197
'The Story of the EU and the Happily Roaming Consumers Case No. C58/08, Vodafone Ltd, et al. v. Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform', Isidora Maletic, Issue 2, pp. 199–205

'Two Steps Forward and One Step Back: Harmonizing the Unharmonizable', Issue 3, pp. 207–211
'Taking the Temperature: EU Competition Law and Health Care', Johan van de Gronden, Wolf Sauter, Issue 3, pp. 213–241
'A New Chapter in the European Court of Justice Gambling Saga: A Stacked Deck?', Jotte Mulder, Issue 3, pp. 243–262
'Shifting the Boundaries? European Union Citizenship and the Scope of Application of EU Law — Case No. C-34/09, Gerardo Ruiz Zambrano v.Office national de l’emploi', Peter Van Elsuwege, Issue 3, pp. 263–276
'Standard of Review in SPS after Continued Suspension: The Appellate Body’s Application in Australia – Apples', Issue 3, pp. 277–286
'Book Review: Rafael Leal-Arcas, Theory and Practice of EC External Trade Law and Policy (London: Cameron & May, 2008)', Nikolaos Lavranos, Issue 3, pp. 287–290

'Preferential Trade Agreements: The WTO Speaks . . . Again', Issue 4, pp. 291–295
'National Courts as ‘Guardians’ and ‘Ordinary Courts’ of EU Law: Opinion 1/09 of the ECJ', Roberto Baratta, Issue 4, pp. 297–320
'Liberalization of Legal Services under the CEPA Framework between Mainland China and Hong Kong', Yun Zhao, Issue 4, pp. 321–339
'Comparative Analysis of Technical Assistance Obligations under WTO and FTAs: The Missing Perspective of the Regionalism-Multilateralism Debate', Shintaro Hamanaka, Issue 4, pp. 341–388
'Soft Drugs under Scrutiny: How ‘Easy Going’ Is the Court?', Luke Haasbeek, Issue 4, pp. 389–402
'Book Review: Public Procurement and the EU Competition Rules, by Albert Sánchez Graells', Kamala Dawar, Issue 4, pp. 403–407
'Subject Index', Issue 4, pp. 409–419
'Article Index', Issue 4, pp. 421–424

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