World Trade and Arbitration Materials

Volume 17 (2005)

'WTO Trade Policy Review: Rwanda', Issue 1, pp. 3–32
'WTO Trade Policy Review: Norway', Issue 1, pp. 33–56
'WTO Trade Policy Review: European Communities', Issue 1, pp. 57–91
'European Communities – Conditions for the Granting of Tariff Preferences to Developing Countries', Issue 1, pp. 95–125
'ICSID, Hussein Nuaman Soufraki vs. The United Arab Emirates', Issue 1, pp. 129–163
'UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules: Occidental Exploration & Production Co. v. Republic of Ecuador: Final Award', Issue 1, pp. 165–242
'United Kingdom: Westland Helicopters Ltd v. Al-Hejailan: 9 July 2004', Issue 1, pp. 245–259
'International Bechtel Company Limited vs. Department of Civil Aviation of the Government of Dubai', Issue 1, pp. 261–273

'(WTO) Trade Policy Review: Switzerland and Liechtenstein', Issue 2, pp. 3–50
'(WTO) Trade Policy Review: Brazil', Issue 2, pp. 51–96
'Rules for Expedited Arbitration of the Arbitration Institute of the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland', Issue 2, pp. 99–111
'Chartered Institute of Arbitrators: Guidelines for Arbitrators Dealing with Jurisdictional Problems in International Cases', Issue 2, pp. 113–124
'North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Arbitral Tribunal constituted under Chapter Eleven GAMI Investments Inc. v. United Mexican States: Final Award', Issue 2, pp. 127–183
'Luzon Hydro Corp. v. Transfield Philippines Inc.', Issue 2, pp. 187–195
'Raytheon Company v. Ashborn Agencies, Ltd.', Issue 2, pp. 197–201

'Trade Policy Review Mongolia', Issue 3, pp. 3–36
'Trade Policy Review Qatar', Issue 3, pp. 37–60
'Trade Policy Review Sierra Leone', Issue 3, pp. 61–96
'Trade Policy Review Japan', Issue 3, pp. 97–132
'Trade Policy Review Jamaica', Issue 3, pp. 133–160
'International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID): Lucchetti v. Republic of Peru', Issue 3, pp. 161–188
'International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID): Československá Obchodní Banka, A.S. v. The Slovak Republic', Issue 3, pp. 189–316

'Trade Policy Review Mechanism: Nigeria', Issue 4, pp. 3–34
'Trade Policy Review Mechanism: Paraguay', Issue 4, pp. 35–64
'Dispute Settlement Body: European Communities?Export Subsidies on Sugar', Issue 4, pp. 65–213
'Plama Consortium Limited versus Republic of Bulgaria: Decision on Jurisdiction', Issue 4, pp. 215–293
'United Kingdom: Republic of Ecuador versus Occidental Exploration and Production Company', Issue 4, pp. 295–326
'Comparison Chart on Arbitrators’ Standards of Conduct', Issue 4, pp. 327–343

'World Trade Organization: Trade Policy Review-The Philippines', Issue 5, pp. 3–30
'World Trade Organization: Trade Policy Review-Ecuador', Issue 5, pp. 31–62
'CMS Gas Transmission Company and the Argentine Republic', Issue 5, pp. 63–211
'Impregilo S.p.A. v. Islamic Republic of Pakistan', Issue 5, pp. 213–313
'ICC International Court of Arbitration', Issue 5, pp. 315–359

'World Trade Organization Trade Policy Review - Egypt', Issue 6, pp. 3–31
'World Trade Organization Trade Policy Review - Trinidad and Tobago', Issue 6, pp. 33–58
'NAFTA Arbitral Award - Methanex Corp. v. United States', Issue 6, pp. 61–214
'UK Court Decision - Occidental Exploration & Production Co. v Ecuador', Issue 6, pp. 215–247

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