Volume 33 (2008)

Volume 33 (2008) / Issue 1

Olivier Onidi, 'A Critical Perspective on ICAO' (2008) 33 Air and Space Law, Issue 1, pp. 38–45


During the first 50 years of its existence, ICAO made an indisputable contribution to the development of worldwide aviation. However, for the past decade ICAO seems to be losing ground in tackling the main challenges posed by modern aviation, in a context of growing complexity. It remains nevertheless in the interest of Europe to contribute to a revival of ICAO and help the institution to refocus its work on key competencies such as the implementation of critical worldwide standards, technical assistance and promoting regional integration. Although a modernization of the Chicago Convention is essential, most of the practical changes needed are achievable in the short term. The work towards such a revival should start now.

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