Volume 33 (2008)

Volume 33 (2008) / Issue 6

Rochus Mönter, 'Another Mexico: Today’s Challenges of Leasing Aircraft into Mexico!' (2008) 33 Air and Space Law, Issue 6, pp. 430–443


Every aircraft lessor/owner and lender is cognizant of the risks and challenges associated with the leasing of aircraft into jurisdictions with an uncertain political and legal environment. These risks combined with a weak lessee credit may quickly develop into a highly explosive mixture where all can be suddenly at stake if the lessee fails under the lease and the authorities are little supportive during the repossession and export of the aircraft.

This article describes author’s Mexican experience which in the past four years literally took him around the world, involving numerous jurisdictions from Germany to France, from Mexico to the United States and Canada.

His odyssey in an attempt to recover two Boeing 737 from a Mexican airline reminds the author of Graham Greene’s words from his book The Lawless Roads: ‘In Mexico you get used to disappointment’.

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