BCDR International Arbitration Review

Volume 1 (2014)

Volume 1 (2014) / Issue 1

Rashid Abdulrahman Ibrahim, 'Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in the Kingdom of Bahrain' (2014) 1 BCDR International Arbitration Review, Issue 1, pp. 1011–1016


This article discusses the enforcement of local and foreign arbitral awards in the courts of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The article explains the procedures required to give executory force to local arbitral awards according to the Bahraini Civil and Commercial Procedures Law. It also describes enforcement of awards under the Arbitration Procedural Rules of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre and the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution. As to the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, the article outlines the standards and procedures for recognition and enforcement according to the New York Convention of 1958.

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