BCDR International Arbitration Review

Volume 1 (2014)

Volume 1 (2014) / Issue 1

'Construction Company International (C.C.I.) v. The Government of the Democratic Republic of Sudan, Court of Cassation of Dubai, Cassation No. 156/2013 Civil, 18 August 2013 (Arabic Original)' (2014) 1 BCDR International Arbitration Review, Issue 1, pp. 1061–1066


"The international jurisdiction of courts is part of the public order, and State Courts shall have no competent jurisdiction to consider claims filed against a foreigner who has no domicile or address in the State, unless such claim is related to a commitment concluded, executed, or conditioned to be executed in the State, or the foreign entity whose head administrative office is located abroad has a branch in the State, provided that the dispute is related to such branch."

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