Volume 30 (2009)

Volume 30 (2009) / Issue 5

Catherine Tay Swee Kian, 'New Developments in Casino Gaming Business: Singapore’s Approach to Responsible Gambling' (2009) 30 Business Law Review, Issue 5, pp. 116–119


Gambling is ancient leisure pursuit. In Asia, the practice of casino gaming is spreading in recent years. Now, even the idea of a casino in the sky is becoming a reality as passenger aeroplanes become fully fitted casinos.

Casual, recreational gambling can become a compulsive and pathological activity. Gambling addicts live a chaotic life, using an average of 25 credit cards by the time they declare bankruptcy. Their families are disrupted, with many members developing stress-related health problems. The social problems that accompany compulsive gambling include loss of time and productivity in the workplace, theft and embezzlement.

This article looks at how Singaporean legislation has introduced new measures not only to deal with the law and order aspects of casino operations but also to contain social problems by imposing corporate social responsibility on casino operators.

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