European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 15 (2006)

Volume 15 (2006) / Issue 6

R. Dobie Langenkamp, Rex J. Zedalis, 'International Comparisons of Energy Use and the Environment: Does It Make Sense to Call on Wind Power?' (2006) 15 European Energy and Environmental Law Review, Issue 6, pp. 162–174


By its very nature, the Kyoto Climate Change accord attempts to control greenhouse gas emissions and affect attitudes with regard to both the amount of and methods by which energy is used. Herein, the authors examine the current factual situation concerning comparative energy intensity positions of the world’s major energy consuming regions and their corresponding contributions to carbon dioxide levels. In view of the environmental and economic reasons for improving energy use figures and controlling carbon dioxide emissions, one much talked about alternative energy source has been wind power. The direct greenhouse gas benefits of the electrical energy produced by wind power seem beyond dispute. Nonetheless, it is suggested that the distinct problems associated with looking in wind’s direction for providing assistance on the environmental front present issues that serious policymakers must candidly confront before embarking on any major deployment programme.

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