European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 15 (2006)

Volume 15 (2006) / Issue 8/9

Zen Makuch, Karen MacDonald, 'The Tree-lined Road to EU Accession – The Approximation of Environmental Law in Lithuania' (2006) 15 European Energy and Environmental Law Review, Issue 8/9, pp. 248–263


In March 1998 the European Union (EU) formally launched a negotiation process by which to further enlarge the EU, having, in the preceding years, invited several former Soviet-influenced countries from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), along with Cyprus, Malta and Turkey, to participate in accession to the EU if they so wished. This article is concerned with Lithuania’s accession to the EU, the process of approximating EU environmental law and the legislative intricacies involved therein. The paper critiques the process of enlargement of the European Union from a largely pragmatic legal perspective through a legal case-study examination of Lithuania’s efforts in approximating the environmental acquis into national law. Lithuania was an accession state from Central Europe and acceded to the EU on May 1st 2004. This paper provides insight into and guidance upon the process of the approximation of environmental law as it may relate, or has related, to other accession countries. It highlights the practical steps and the route of accession to the EU along with the legal requirements contained therein.

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