European Foreign Affairs Review

Volume 19 (2014)

Volume 19 (2014) / Issue 1

Simon Duke, 'Reflections on the EEAS Review' (2014) 19 European Foreign Affairs Review, Issue 1, pp. 23–44


The EEAS Review leaves plenty of questions open, not the least of which are what it implies for organizational changes, modifications to legal texts, budgets and personnel. The review makes it clear that there are a number of reasonably straight forward adaptations that can be made within the Service. These 'quick wins' are necessary to help the EEAS move beyond its difficult birth and to boost morale. Those recommendations that require more extensive reform and adaptation have yet to be faced, but at least the review makes it clear that there are limits to what can be accomplished by internal reorganization. The review marks the end of transitional phase and it is now up to the EU institutions and the Member States to respond and, in so doing, to decide what kind of Service they want.

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