European Review of Private Law

Volume 14 (2006)

Volume 14 (2006) / Issue 1

Sjef van Erp, Isabel González Pacanowska, Ruud Jansen, Achim Schmid, 'Cour de cassation, ass. plén., arrêt No. 520 du 6 décembre 2004 - Le contrat de cautionnement qui garantit le paiement des loyers d’un immeuble donné à bail se transmet-il de plein droit, en cas de vente de cet immeuble, au nouveau propriétaire' (2006) 14 European Review of Private Law, Issue 1, pp. 63–128


In case of sale of a building, is the guarantee which secures the payment of the rents of this building, transmitted automatically to the new owner? Or, on the contrary, if the guarantor fails to show his intention to engage himself towards the new lessor, should the guaranty not be extended towards the latter? Based on numerous articles of the Civil Code, the case comes clearly down in favour of an automatic transmission of the guarantee (see the combined effect of Article 1743 and Articles 1692, 2013 and 2015 Civil Code).

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