European Business Law Review

Volume 24 (2013)

Volume 24 (2013) / Issue 2

Sir William Blair, 'Board of Appeal of the European Supervisory Authorities' (2013) 24 European Business Law Review, Issue 2, pp. 165–171


This article is about an appeal board recently set up by the European Union to hear appeals in respect of decisions of the three new European Supervisory Authorities. This is the first time that such a body has been established at the European level in the field of financial regulation, and considerable responsibility has been vested in it.

Developments at the European level in this field are potentially of great significance, and are continuing, with proposals from the Commission as regards a banking union announced on 12 September 2012. This article gives a brief account of these developments, explains how the appeal board fits into the structure, and finally describes how the board will conduct appeals.

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