Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem

Volume 11 (2014)

Volume 11 (2014) / Issue 44

Romain Dupeyré, 'The Paris Arbitration Rules: A New Kind of Ad Hoc Arbitration Rules for Sophisticated Users of International Arbitration' (2014) 11 Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem, Issue 44, pp. 84–99


ABSTRACT: The main purpose of this commentary is to present the new Paris Home of International Arbitration Rules, questioning which its main objective is considering the significant number of arbitration rules from a different number of institutions. From this perspective, the author studies the different topics in the Rules, as the role of Paris as place of arbitration and the influence of this new set of norms for the strength of the city attraction. Therefore, the article examines the function of the Secretary-General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the deadlines to render an award, the modern possibility of using an interim arbitrator in an ad hoc arbitration, the celerity of the procedure and the rules that protect its fairness, the arbitrator's obligations and its broad freedom to determine the necessary evidences. Finally, the author studies the articles related to truncated tribunals, costs, arbitrator's fees, the short deadlines for post-awards recourses and the problems regarding arbitrators' liabilities.

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