Volume 26 (2003)

Volume 26 (2003) / Issue 1

Christian A. Conrad, 'Strategies to Reform the Regulations on International Competition' (2003) 26 World Competition, Issue 1, pp. 101–121


The question as to the form an international system on competition regulation should take has gained new importance recently due to increasing globalisation, and is heatedly discussed in academic circles. In this article a selection of the most important suggestions for reform of the international system of competition will be presented, comparatively analysed, and evaluated. Scherer’s strategy is awarded in total the highest points for net advantage. However, the comparison shows that there is a clear trade-off between the advantage gained and acceptance of the loss of sovereignty on the one hand, and the organisational expense on the other. It becomes clear that the current system of world trade must be supplemented by a system of competition; to which end a politically realisable common consensus will be formulated as an alternative solution to the undeniable demands for reform. The evaluation of the strategies is subjective to a good degree, because of the unavoidable choice of criteria and weighting system. The value of this analysis thus lies not so much in the end result in the form of a rating, but rather in the differentiated evaluation itself.

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