Volume 30 (2007)

Volume 30 (2007) / Issue 1

Moritz Lorenz, 'Guarding the Pass?The Forthcoming Chinese Competition Legislation' (2007) 30 World Competition, Issue 1, pp. 137–152


Competition legislation is soon to be enacted in the People’s Republic of China. It will cover the three

’’classic’’ pillars of competition law: prohibition of anti-competitive horizontal or vertical agreements,

prohibition of the abuse of a dominant market position and merger control. The new law will considerably

alter the legal landscape for the business operations of domestic and foreign undertakings in China. In

addition, it is another milestone on the way to the transformation of the structure of the Chinese economy

from a planned economy to a market economy. In the following article, the core areas of the new provisions

are discussed and comparisons drawn with EU competition law. This article has been shortlisted for the

2nd World Competition Young Writer’s Award.

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