Volume 30 (2007)

Volume 30 (2007) / Issue 3

Doris Hildebrand, Andrea Schweinsberg, 'Refined Economic Approach in European State Aid Control—Will it Gain Momentum?' (2007) 30 World Competition, Issue 3, pp. 449–462


A new guiding principle in the EC competition rules is the so-called “more economics based approach”. This refined economic approach is based on an effects analysis. The question is now whether this successful modernisation in antitrust and merger control will spill over to State aid. The Commission has already started implementing the refined economic approach to some areas of the State aid provisions. The balancing test in Article 87(3) EC Treaty is one example. However, the economic analysis in Article 87(1) EC Treaty analysis is still rudimentary. The authors think through the potential and consequences of a refined economic approach in Article 87(1) EC Treaty in accordance with the new interpretation of Article 81(1) EC Treaty. An appropriate economic procedure will be developed by applying the lessons learned form antitrust.

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