European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 15 (2006)

'The German Packaging Ordinance: A Lost Ca(u)se?', Renate Gertz, Issue 1, pp. 2–12
'Financial Guarantees in the Environmental Liability Directive: Next Time Better', Hubert Bocken, Issue 1, pp. 13–32

'Receivers’ Liability for Contamination in the UK', Georgina Crowhurst, Issue 2, pp. 34–36
'RoHS and WEEE - The New European Directives: Do They Work and Why (Or Why Not?) Current Application and Development in the EU and USA', Iliyana Hristev, Issue 2, pp. 37–46
'Economics of Environmental Conservation, Second Edition by Edward Elgar', Clement A. Tisdell, Issue 2, pp. 47–47
'Eurobrief', Issue 2, pp. 48–60

'RoHS and WEEE - The New European Directives: Do They Work and Why (Or Why Not)? Current Application and Development in the EU and USA', Iliyana Hristev, Issue 3, pp. 61–74
'The Significance of the Proposed Changes to the Waste Framework Directive', David Pocklington, Issue 3, pp. 75–87
'Eurobrief', Issue 3, pp. 88–95

'The Optimisation Approach of ALARA in Nuclear Practice: An Early Application of the Precautionary Principle? Scientific Uncertainty versus Legal Uncertainty and its Role in Tort Law', Steven Lierman, Ludo Veuchelen, Issue 4, pp. 98–107
'The Use of Criminal and Civil Penalties to Protect the Environment: A Comparative Study', Michael Watson, Issue 4, pp. 108–113
'Environmental Taxation Law: Policy, Contexts and Practice', John Snape, Jeremy de Souza, Issue 4, pp. 114–115
'Eurobrief', Issue 4, pp. 116–122

'Country Report: Belgium', Bernard Vanheusden, Issue 5, pp. 126–128
'SEA Guidance: A Reinterpretation of the SEA Directive and its Application to the Energy Sector', Anton Ming-Zhi Gao, Issue 5, pp. 129–148
'Thijs F. M. Etty, Han Somsen, Veerle Heyvaert, Maria Lee and Ludwig Krämer (eds), The Yearbook of European Environmental Law (Volume 5)', Wybe Duma, Issue 5, pp. 149–151
'Eurobrief', Issue 5, pp. 152–155

'Country Report: Denmark', Lasse Baaner, Helle Tegner Anker, Issue 6, pp. 158–161
'International Comparisons of Energy Use and the Environment: Does It Make Sense to Call on Wind Power?', R. Dobie Langenkamp, Rex J. Zedalis, Issue 6, pp. 162–174
'An Evaluation of the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme in Practice', Gerard H. Kelly, Issue 6, pp. 175–185
'Eurobrief', Issue 6, pp. 186–188

'Environmental Crime and the Police in Europe: A Panorama and Possible Paths for Future Action', Françoise Comte, Issue 7, pp. 190–231

'UK’s Environmental Watchdog Brought to Heel', Georgina Crowhurst, Jasmine Murphy, Issue 8/9, pp. 234–237
'Regulating Nanotechnology in the European Union', Geert van Calster, Issue 8/9, pp. 238–247
'The Tree-lined Road to EU Accession – The Approximation of Environmental Law in Lithuania', Zen Makuch, Karen MacDonald, Issue 8/9, pp. 248–263
'Eurobrief', Issue 8/9, pp. 264–264

'The Environmental Liability Directive: A UK Perspective', Georgina Crowhurst, Issue 10, pp. 266–276
'Legal Transposition and Implementation Frameworks for Lithuanian Approximation of EU Environmental Law', Zen Makuch, Karen MacDonald, Issue 10, pp. 277–290
'The MOX Plant Judgment of the ECJ: How Exclusive is the Jurisdiction of the ECJ?', Nikolaos Lavranos, Issue 10, pp. 291–296
'Environmental Reinforcement in European Water Law: Reflections on its Significance in Spain', Santiago M. Álvarez Carreño, Issue 10, pp. 297–303
'Eurobrief', Issue 10, pp. 304–304

'Comitology Under Great Scrutiny', David Pocklington, Issue 11, pp. 306–311
'Article 228(2) EC and the Enforcement of EC Environmental Law: A Case of Environmental Justice Delayed and Denied? An Analysis of Recent Legal Developments', Martin Hedemann-Robinson, Issue 11, pp. 312–342
'Contaminated Land: The Impact of Two UK Landmark Cases', Georgina Crowhurst, Simone Davidson, Issue 11, pp. 343–349
'Eurobrief', Issue 11, pp. 350–352

'Tackling Eutrophication: The Implications of a Precautionary Approach', Brian Jack, Issue 12, pp. 354–368
'The EU Directive on Port Reception Facilities: A Case Study in the Development of an EU Environmental Directive', Angela Carpenter, Issue 12, pp. 369–380
'Book Review: Environmental Regulation and Food Safety: Studies of Protection and Protectionism, Veena Jha; The Law of the Sea: Progress and Prospects, David Freestone, Richard Barnes and David Ong EU Climate Change Policy: The Challenge of New Regulatory Initiatives, Marjan Peeters and Kurt Deketelaere', Nigel Poole, Issue 12, pp. 381–385
'Eurobrief', Issue 12, pp. 386–389
'Annual Index', Issue 12, pp. 390–393

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