European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 27 (2018)

'Critical Success Factors in Transboundary Water Management: a US-EU Comparison', Cathy Suykens, Issue 1, pp. 2–14
'Large-scale Water-related Innovative Renewable Energy Projects and the Habitats and Birds Directives: Legal Issues and Solutions', Sander van Hees, Issue 1, pp. 15–36
'Book Review: Energy, Governance and Sustainability Jordi Jaria I. Manzano, Nathalie Chalifour and Louis J. Kotze, Editors, IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Series, Edward Elgar, 2016.', Dylan Furszyfer, Issue 1, pp. 37–44
'Books for Review', Issue 1, pp. 45–45

'Decentralized Application of the BAT Conclusions', Jędrzej Maśnicki, Issue 2, pp. 48–59
'European Law on the Energy Communities: a Long Way to a Direct Legal Framework', Maciej M. Sokołowski, Issue 2, pp. 60–70
'Book Review: Environmental Criminal Liability and Enforcement in European and International Law by Ricardo M. Pereira', Vanessa Kisseler, Issue 2, pp. 71–75
'Books for Review', Issue 2, pp. 76–76

'The Hunting of Strictly Protected Species: The Tapiola Case and the Limits of Derogation under Article 16 of the Habitats Directive', Yaffa Epstein, Guillaume Chapron, Issue 3, pp. 78–87
'The Role of Permits in Regulating Livestock Installations and Manure Spreading: Experiences from Denmark and Finland', Jussi Kauppila, Helle T. Anker, Issue 3, pp. 88–100
'Book Review: Climate Justice and Disaster Law', Courtnae Bailey, Issue 3, pp. 101–105
'Books for Review', Issue 3, pp. 106–106

'Scientific Knowledge in Environmental Judicial Review: Safeguarding Effective Judicial Protection in the EU Member States?', Tiina Paloniitty, Mariolina Eliantonio, Issue 4, pp. 108–114
'The Impact of EU Law on Access to Scientific Knowledge and the Standard of Review in National Environmental Litigation: A Story of Moving Targets and Vague Guidance', Mariolina Eliantonio, Issue 4, pp. 115–124
'Securing Scientific Understanding: Expert Judges in Finnish Environmental Administrative Judicial Review', Tiina Paloniitty, Sinikka Kangasmaa, Issue 4, pp. 125–139
'Natural Sciences in Environmental Law', Rolf Svedberg, Issue 4, pp. 140–142
'Organizing Technical Knowledge in Environmental and Planning Law Disputes in the Netherlands – the Foundation of Independent Court Experts in Environmental and Planning Law', Chris Backes, Issue 4, pp. 143–150
'The "You Know Better" Dilemma of Administrative Judges in Environmental Matters – A Note on the German Legal Context', Franziska Grashof, Issue 4, pp. 151–157
'Still Searching for a Reliable Script: Access to Scientific Knowledge in Environmental Litigation in Italy', Roberto Caranta, Issue 4, pp. 158–168
'Scientific Knowledge in Environmental Litigation before Polish Administrative Courts: a Problem of Compliance with EU Law?', Magdalena Bar, Issue 4, pp. 169–174
'Book Review: Regulating Shale Gas: The Challenge of Coherent Environmental and Energy Regulation by Leonie Reins. (Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.: Cheltenham, UK, 2017)', Miriam R. Aczel, Issue 4, pp. 175–178
'Books for Review', Issue 4, pp. 179–179

'The Proposed Global Pact for the Environment and European Law', Patrick Thieffry, Issue 5, pp. 182–187
'On the Effectiveness of Germany's Renewable Energy Sources Act', Erik Gawel, Sebastian Strunz, Issue 5, pp. 188–200
'Book Review: The Law of Fracking, by James T. O'Reilly. (2016, Thomson Reuters Westlaw)', Miriam R. Aczel, Issue 5, pp. 201–206
'Books for Review', Issue 5, pp. 207–207

'Dilemmas on the Way to a New Renewable Energy Directive', Theodoros Iliopoulos, Issue 6, pp. 210–222
'Stabilization Mechanisms for Nuclear Investments vs.Electricity Market Liberalization:The Case of Contract forDifference. Lessons from theUnited Kingdom and Romania', Caætaælin Gabriel Staænescu, Issue 6, pp. 223–235
'Implementing Ecological Governance in EU Energy Law:The Role of Technology Neutral Legislative Design in Fostering Innovation', Renske A. Giljam, Issue 6, pp. 236–250
'Access to Justice in Environmental Matters: The Current Situation in the Light of the Recent Developments at the International and Regional Level and the Implications at the National Level with Emphasis on the UNECE Region and the EU MS', Vasiliki Karageorgou, Issue 6, pp. 251–264
'Book Review: EU Environmental Law by Geert Van Calster and Leonie Reins', Jon Truby, Issue 6, pp. 265–268
'Books for Review', Issue 6, pp. 269–270

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