European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 12 (2003)

'Country Reports: Sweden', Annika Nilsson, Issue 1, pp. 2–5
'The European Community's Evolving Precautionary Principle – Comparisons with the United States and Ramifications for Doha Round Trade Negotiations', Thomas J. Daemen, Issue 1, pp. 6–19
'Shifting the Burden of Proof in Chemicals Legislation: the Guiding Principle of the Reform Debate under Scrutiny', Horst von Holleben, Guido Schmidt, Issue 1, pp. 19–30
'Eurobrief', Issue 1, pp. 30–32

'Conference Report: The Avosetta Resolution', Issue 2, pp. 34–36
'Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in EC Environmental Law: the Case of Certain Plans and Programmes', Anders S. Mathiesen, Issue 2, pp. 36–52
'The EU Directives on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and on the Restriction of Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment: Adoption Achieved', Martin Hedemann-Robinson, Issue 2, pp. 52–60
'Eurobrief', Issue 2, pp. 60–64

'Country Reports: Belgium: 1 October – 31 December 2002', Kurt Deketelaere, Issue 3, pp. 66–69
'Foreign direct investment and the protection of the environment: the border between national environmental regulation and expropriation', Ignacio Madalena, Issue 3, pp. 70–82
'Emissions trading as a new dimension to European environmental law: the political agreement of the European Council on greenhouse gas allowance trading', Marjan Peeters, Issue 3, pp. 82–92
'Book Review: Liability and Environment: Private and Public Law Aspects of Civil Liability for Environmental Harm in an International Context by Lucas Bergkamp', Maria Lee, Issue 3, pp. 92–94
'Eurobrief', Issue 3, pp. 94–95

'Country Reports: Hungary', Remo Savoia, Issue 4, pp. 98–99
'Country Reports: The Netherlands', Lidy F. Wiggers-Rust, Issue 4, pp. 100–103
'The EC State Aid Regime regarding Renewables: Opportunities and Pitfalls', Bram Delvaux, Issue 4, pp. 103–112
'Financing Environmental Improvement: the Use of Environmental Funds in EU and CEE Countries', Neil Hawke, Pamela Hargreaves, Issue 4, pp. 113–120
'Access to Justice in Environmental Matters in the EU/Accès à la justice en matière d;environnement dans l’EU', Bernard Vanheusden, Issue 4, pp. 120–123
'Eurobrief', Issue 4, pp. 124–127

'Country Reports: Spain', Hector Rodriguez Molnar, Issue 5, pp. 133–135
'Environmental Liability of Parent Companies and Subsidiaries under German Law', Claus-Peter Martens, Issue 5, pp. 135–147
'Criminal Environmental Law and Community Competence', Françoise Comte, Issue 5, pp. 147–156
'Eurobrief', Issue 5, pp. 156–160

'Country Reports: United Kingdom', Alan Wells, Issue 6, pp. 162–168
'Fog and Acid Rain Drifting from Luxembourg over Art. 95(4) EC: Case C-3/0 Kingdom of Denmark v. the Commission of the European Communities Danish Food Case', Pål Wennerås, Issue 6, pp. 169–178
'Towards a Legal Framework in the EU for Brownfield Redevelopment', Bernard Vanheusden, Issue 6, pp. 178–186
'Book Review: Environmental Principles by Nicolas de Sadeleer', Geert van Calster, Issue 6, pp. 187–187
'Yearbook of International Environmental Law by Jacob Werksman and Geir Ulfstein. The European Convention and the Future of European Environmental Law edited by Prof. Jan H. Jans. Integration of Environmental Protection into other EC Policies; Legal Theory and Practice by Dr. Nele Dhondt', Issue 6, pp. 187–188
'Eurobrief', Issue 6, pp. 188–192

'Country Reports: Belgium', Kurt Deketelaere, Bernard Vanheusden, Issue 7, pp. 194–197
'Access to Letters of Formal Notice and Reasoned Opinions in Environmental Law Matters', Ludwig Krämer, Issue 7, pp. 197–203
'Opening Pandora', David Pocklington, Issue 7, pp. 204–215
'Book Review: The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. Reconciling Trade in Biotechnology with Environment & Development? Edited by Christopher Bail, Robert Falkner & Helen Marquard', Paolo Galizzi, Issue 7, pp. 215–217
'Eurobrief', Issue 7, pp. 217–224

'Country Reports: Italy', Mary Ellen Sikabonyi, Issue 8/9, pp. 226–227
'International Report', Geert van Calster, Issue 8/9, pp. 227–232
'Smart Regulation and the Revised Batteries Directive: The Future of Voluntary Agreements', Zen Makuch, Issue 8/9, pp. 233–249
'Eurobrief', Issue 8/9, pp. 250–256

'Country Reports: Hungary', Remo Savoia, Issue 10, pp. 258–259
'Smart Regulation and the Revised Batteries Directive: Legislated Taxation Systems and Collection Schemes', Zen Makuch, Issue 10, pp. 259–272
'Shout to the Top: Environmental Liability of Companies and Directors under Belgian and UK Law', Bram Delvaux, Issue 10, pp. 273–283
'Eurobrief', Issue 10, pp. 284–288

'Country Reports: Denmark', Helle Tegner Anker, Issue 11, pp. 290–292
'Prior Informed Consent for Hazardous Chemicals Trade – Implementation in EC Law', David Langlet, Issue 11, pp. 292–308
'Hungary and the Green Accession', Remo Savoia, Issue 11, pp. 308–315
'Eurobrief', Issue 11, pp. 316–320

'Country Reports: Belgium', Bernard Vanheusden, Kurt Deketelaere, Issue 12, pp. 322–325
'Country Reports: Germany', Christian Scherer-Leydecker, Issue 12, pp. 325–328
'ECJ Case Reports: Case C-114/01: AvestaPolarit Chrome Oy and Case C-322/00: Commission of the European Communities v Kingdom of the Netherlands', Jos Janssen, Issue 12, pp. 328–329
'ECJ Case Reports: Case C-322/00: Commission of the European Communities v Kingdom of the Netherlands', Hans Somsen, Issue 12, pp. 329–330
'The EC Directive on Strategic Environmental Assessment: A Much-Needed Boost for Environmental Integration', William Sheate, Issue 12, pp. 331–347
'Annual Index', Issue 12, pp. 348–352

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