European Energy and Environmental Law Review

Volume 17 (2008)

'Declassification of Protected Areas under the Habitats and the Wild Birds Directive', Henning Thomas, Issue 1, pp. 3–11
'Regulation of Electricity Markets at the EU Level', Charles F. Zimmermann, Kim Talus, Issue 1, pp. 12–22
'Revision of Environmental Guidelines', Birgitte Andersen, Issue 1, pp. 23–30
'Implementing the EU Communications and the EU Recommendation on Integrated Coastal Zone Management: A Study Developing a Model Series of Indicators to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Process in the East Riding of Yorkshire Coastal Zone', Claire Jones, Karen E. MacDonald, Zen Makuch, Issue 1, pp. 31–62
'United States Supreme Court rules on regulation of greenhouse gas emissions', Charles de Saillan, Claybourne Fox Clarke, Issue 1, pp. 63–67
'The Continuing Story of Environmental Criminal Law in Europe after 23 October 2007', Michael Faure, Issue 1, pp. 68–75

'The Influence of Environmental Quality Standards and the River Basin Approach taken in the Water Framework Directive on the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products', Marleen van Rijswick, Liesbeth Vogelezang-Stoute, Issue 2, pp. 78–89
'The New Proposed EU Legislation on Geological Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): A First Impression of the Commission’s Proposed Framework on CCS', Marijke Schurmans, Alec Van Vaerenbergh, Issue 2, pp. 90–105
'Environmental Liability in a Federal System: A Law and Economics Analysis', Kristel De Smedt, Issue 2, pp. 106–117
'Note Under the Judgment of the Court of First Instance of 7 November 2007: Ex-post Adjustments Downwards are Allowed', Marijke Schurmans, Issue 2, pp. 118–122
'Book Review: Trade in Food: Regulatory and Judicial approaches in the EC and WTO by Alberto Alemanno', Isidora Maletić, Issue 2, pp. 123–124

'The Proposed New EU Renewables Directive: Interpretation, Problems and Prospects', Angus Johnston, Karsten Neuhoff, DoÈrte Fouquet, Mario Ragwitz, Gustav Resch, Issue 3, pp. 126–145
'European Soil Protection Law after the Setback of December 2007 – Existing Law and Outlook', Malte Petersen, Issue 3, pp. 146–155
'Environmental Services, Permits and the “Bolkestein Directive”', Barbara Veranneman, Issue 3, pp. 156–164
'The Chartering of Environmental Protection: Exploring the Boundaries of Environmental Protection as Human Right', Kristof Hectors, Issue 3, pp. 165–175
'Case C–2/07 Paul Abraham and Others v. Région wallonne, Société de développement et de promotion de l’aéroport de Liège–Bierset, T.N.T. Express Worldwide (Euro Hub) SA, Société nationale des voies aériennes– Belgocontrol, État belge, Cargo Airlines Ltd (Judgment of the Court, 28 February 2008, not yet reported)', Dr. Kristof De Cock, Issue 3, pp. 176–180
'The WTO and International Environmental Law: Towards Conciliation', Stephanie Switzer, Issue 3, pp. 181–184

'Passive Access to Environmental Information in the EU – An Analysis of Recent Legal Developments', Sofia de Abreu Ferreira, Issue 4, pp. 186–198
'The Implementation of the Regulation of Electrical and Electronic Products (WEEE and RoHS Directives) – An evaluation of the Belgian situation in light of the review of Directive 2002/96/EC and 2002/95/EC', Greg Jacobs, Issue 4, pp. 199–212
'A Right to a Healthful Environment – Humans and Habitats: Re–thinking Rights in an Age of Climate Change', Karen E. MacDonald, Issue 4, pp. 213–226
'Multilateral Organisations,Fossil Fuels and Energy Law and Policy: The Tower of Babel Re–visited', Kenneth Aidelojie, Zen Makuch, Issue 4, pp. 227–255
'Case C–439/06 – ECJ leaves limited scope for exemptions from third party access obligations for so–called operational networks', Wouter Geldhof, Stefan Tormans, Issue 4, pp. 256–259
'Summary of the Recently Departed Climate Security Act:A look at what’s coming in US federal climate change law?', Claybourne Fox Clark, Issue 4, pp. 260–263
'Climate Change Protection and Monitoring in Strategic Environmental Assessment: Offshore Wind Energy Use in the Exclusive Economic Zone', Prof. Dr Ludwig Krämer, Issue 4, pp. 264–264
'Manual on REACH and Substances Law', Prof. Dr Ludwig Krämer, Issue 4, pp. 264–265

'Implications of a Carbon Ratings Agency on the European Union Exchange Trading Scheme', Peter Yeoh, Issue 5, pp. 268–279
'A Grand Bargain or an “Incomplete Contract”? European Union Environmental Policy after the Lisbon Treaty', David Benson, Andrew Jordan, Issue 5, pp. 280–290
'Possible Irish Responses to Climate Change', Rónán Kennedy, Issue 5, pp. 291–305
'The Brazilian Tyres Case: Competing Trade and Non–Trade Interests and Competing Jurisdictions between MERCOSUR and WTO', Nikolaos Lavranos, Nicolas Vielliard, Issue 5, pp. 306–318
'Handbook of EU Waste Law By Geert van Calster', Arturo Castillo–Castillo, Issue 5, pp. 319–322
'The Culture of Flushing: A Social and Legal History of Sewage By Jamie Benidickson', Victoria Rowsell, Issue 5, pp. 322–325

'The EU and Carbon Leakage: How to Reconcile Border Adjustments with the WTO?', Francesco Sindico, Issue 6, pp. 328–340
'The Application of the European SEA Directive to Carbon Capture and Storage Activities: the Issue of Screening', Anton Ming–Zhi Gao, Issue 6, pp. 341–371
'On the Legality of the Ship–Source Pollution 2005/35/EC Directive – The Intertanko Case and Selected Others', Ricardo Pereira, Issue 6, pp. 372–383
'Court clarifies rules for pesticides: Case T–75/06, Bayer CropScience AG and Others v. Commission', Peter Turner–Kerr, Issue 6, pp. 384–388
'The European Court of Justice Decision in Case C–206/06, Essent Netwerk Noord BV', Bent Ole Gram Mortensen, Issue 6, pp. 389–393
'The Market for Pollution Rights Public Law Regime for Emissions Trading in Spain', Iñigo Sanz Rubiales, Issue 6, pp. 394–396

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